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  1. I’m going to give all this a 9 out of 10. Those jerseys are fantastic.
  2. That’s Atlanta level garbage. F Nike and their horrid designs and for most teams taking them.
  3. Wait...are the helmet logos on the throwbacks actually leaning forward like that?
  4. Seeing the garbage Nike throws out there with terrible side panels, gradients, etc. makes me wonder how hard Bucs management fought to have a traditional look brought back. There’s no way there wasn’t another attempt to Nike-fy the Bucs uniforms. Like others have said, it’s highly likely the Rams will look like hot garbage.
  5. Quite the reach IMO.
  6. Where was this person posting? Morbid curiosity wants to see what it takes to get banned on the first offense.
  7. Can’t agree enough with this statement. I consider him to be nothing more than a jock sniffing bandwagon jumper.
  8. Best part is Toronto winning in Oakland meant not having to see that dildo Drake celebrating like he’s on the team.
  9. This clown is proof that George McPhee was an idiot. Erat for Forsberg was an epically bad trade, even at the time it went down.
  10. When did JBL get hired by the Vikings?
  11. Now the drama will focus on who’s going to be the coach after next year if they don’t win the division. There’s always drama in Washington.