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R.I.P. Merlin Olsen


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Hall of famer Merlin Olsen has died. SI Link.

Being one of the old guys around here has it's benefits. I actually got to see him play. He was one of the famous "Fearsome Foursome" with the Rams. It consisted of Olsen, Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, and Rosey Grier.

My guess is most of the community is more familiar with Merlin Olsen the broadcaster and actor.

The Fearsome Foursome.





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I feel like a bad person for saying this, but...

"I'm friends with merlin olsen, too. he comes over on occasion."



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As one that goes to Utah State, I wish I had the opportunity to meet the guy face-to-face and talk, but I was there at the basketball game when Utah State named the football field after him. It was good to see him get the field named after him while he was still alive.

My dad was also a big Rams fan back in the day of the Fearsome Foursome (and that was, of course, before the Seahawks came around); I wonder if he knows.

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I never got to see him play but through reading about him and watching what the NFL Network had just shown about him he probably would have been my favorite player back in the day.

Made the Pro Bowl in 14 seasons out of a possible 15, Apart of the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team, and a main cog in one of the most feared front fours the NFL has ever seen.

RIP Mr. Olsen




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What?! I thought it was a joke at first.

While I never had the privilege of meeting the man, he always came across as a genuinely nice guy. Sad...really sad.cry.gif


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