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Creative Input Needed!


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Alright. I need your help gentlemen (and gentlelady robots).

I, as some of you know, play lacrosse. I play box lacrosse up here in Canada. I am a special breed however. I am a goalie. I am about to get a new mask and I need ideas for what to put on it! I want to stay away from some cheesy stuff like flames and such. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I thought I'd come here because I know you all have creativity running through you. I don't want to to be related to my team at all. Incase I move to a different team.

If you could come up with any ideas or designs, that would be amazing! Thank you all for your time.


(anyone also know where to find a nice mask template?)

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this idea is so crazy it just might work...the Texas flag :D

j/k, i'd figure just put a dancing meatloaf on there and be done with it :hockeysmiley:

disclaimer: this post was a result of being slightly tired still. :therock:

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Yeah, steve... use the women's mask!

Maybe you can ask Ms Nitrobot to use her design sensabilities to make you a nice female helmet.

Haha, I actually wouldn't mind if Ms. Nitro-bot helped. I don't know what direction I should go with this. I kinda wanted to do Superman, Taz or the Ninja Turtles but I don't know if that is really what I want. Does that seem kind of kiddie to you? Like too kiddie?

I was also thinking I might go in the direction of a dog. It would look a lot like Nitro's redesign of the Michigan Panthers logo but a dog. I think that would look wicked. Then put it in silver on a black mask. Then maybe some lacrosse sticks on the bottom chin. I don't really know.

I'm open to tons of suggestions

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hey hey, im in grade 6 :P, lets not make fun of me.

Anyways, 'that was my idea.........wheres yours?'-Family Guy

I quote any post I see that has a Family Guy line in it, because seriously you guys (and robomafembots), Family Guy is the best ever. Allow me to make myself a little more clear. Best. Show. Ever.

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