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Nba First Round Predcitions


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Heres the moment you were waiting for its my NBA first round predictions. :D

Enjoy and debate and add yours in the replies.

NBA First Round

And once again big thanks to EZstreet for the great background



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Heres the moment you were waiting for its my NBA first round predictions. :D

Enjoy and debate and add yours in the replies.

NBA First Round

And once again big thanks to EZstreet for the great background

i agree with most of those, BUT i do think the kings will win because of the Mavs lack of defense, and the miami heat WILL surprise everyone this year (just placing myslef in position to look like a complete idiot or a god) :grin:

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Call me crazy, but I think the Nuggets gets will give the T-Wolves a run for their money...

I still am undecided between the Kings-Mavs. The Kings have great depth and better defence though, so I'll agree with GMS on that one. BUT the games will be close.

The Heat are really streaky IMO, and from what I've seen of the Hornets, they're overrated. If the Heat are hot, it'll be over in 4 or 5. If the Heat are cold, this will be the most boring worst played series in the playoffs, with the Hornets winning in 6, but getting SWEPT in the 2nd round.

I would LOVE to see Yao shut down Shaq, but I doubt it will happen. I think the Lakers will have an easier time with the Rockets as Tank thinks.

Just my 2 cents.


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Personally, I think the NBA is the realist sport there is, this side of the WWE. With that being said, Im sure Ill get flamed a bit, but beeing the eternal NBA pessimist, heres how stern could want it to go down.... I have watched zilch basketball this year. If nothing else, read it for my conspiracy jumble.

West Round 1

1-Minnesota over 8-Denver - With Carmello Anthony on the Nuggets, its practically a 3rd team in the NY area. With some interest from the big market, this series lasts longer then expected, but the T-Wolves take it. Carmello Anthony will probably end up meeting LeBron in the Finals on a regular basis in a few years, so dont feel too bad for him.

2-Los Angeles over 7-Rockets - Ha! Its LA. Too important for ratings.

3-Spurs over 6 Grizzlies - Nobody is going to watch memphis play anybody in the second round. Spurs take the series.

5-Mavericks over 4-Kings - Every round needs an upset. This isnt much of one. Im going with Dallas, because with one Cali team allready defeating a Texas team, there is not need to eliminate the entire interest in the Texas market, so mavs win.

West Round 2

1-Minnesota over 5-Dallas. This is a tough one to call, I think the Dallas market is bigger, but KG vs shaq in the conf. finals makes up the difference.

2-Los Angeles over 3-San Antonio. The Lakers avenge the playoff loss from last season and move on.

West Finals

Los Angeles over Minn. The Lakers with shoot FTs all the way to a series win. KG and T wolves will be back next season, the Lakers last West championship for at least a few years to come.

East Round 1

1-Pacers over 8-Celtics - Seeing that NY or NJ will for sure be in the next round, no need to keep the celtics. Jermaine O'Neal is good for ratings, even if he is in bumblefart, nowhere.

2-Nets over 7-Knicks -The knicks are as beloved by the league as the lakers, for obvious reasons, and even though the NBA bullplop the Knicks to the finals a few years ago as an 8 seed, having a convincing squad in NJ is just as good. The Knicks will aquire Kobe, or Carmello, somthing in that nature, and will be in the next few years like the nets of the last few, and they will allow this series to go the distance, or close, but it should be NJ in the end. I never know with the NY market.

3Detroit over 6Milwaukee - Ah, yes. My hometown bucks. Too bad we play in the smallest market of them all. Funny how they fall from 4 to 6 in 3 games following a 4 game winning streak. When they get raped by the officials in this series, they will just be added to the LONG list of whiny bitch teams who dare question the officiating.

4Heat over 5Hornets - does it matter, there not letting one of these two take out Indiana. Ill take Miami because of Riley, a Ny guy, he's still the coach, right?

Round 2

New Jersey over Detriot - Detroit is a good team, but New Jersey is, well, just outside NY. They are basically the Mets/Jets/Islanders of the NBA

Pacers over Heat - If there had to be an upset, this would be it, since neither team is going to beat NJ. Pacers make better matchup on paper.

Round 3

New Jersey over Indiana - New Jersey takes in, probably in 7, as most or seemingly darn near all of these series have been going the distance in the later rounds the last few years. Move on to rematch LA.

NBA Finals - Im going to take New Jersey, just because LA has won so many titles. Either way, this is LA's last ho-rah, and will probably disband for the most part. NJ fans, who have had to deal with being the whipping boy in the NY area will get their title, and will then go back to being dormant for another 30 years or so.

Thats my theory. If its wrong, oh well, I probably wont pay enough attention to know if it happens or not. I just think basketball, for the most part, has become as predictable as seeing "WWE face" defeat "wwe heel" and "wwe ppv" using the"enter the WWE face finisher here".

I dont blame them if they do favor markets, but the appeal to me is the idea that anybody could potentially win at any given time. I think the NBA game is too influenced by the officiating. The officiating is used to slow games down, keep them close, and the draft lottery, well, when jordan came out of retirement, and the wizards beat pretty good odds to get the first pick, to play along side him, no explanation needed there.

If your an NBA fan, ignore me.

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I agree with you that there are conspiracies going around in the NBA. A few years ago when the sixers played the bucks. The sixers got the lousiest calls to go there way, just because the NBA wanted a philly-LA final



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I like the Twolves over the Nuggets in seven

Lakers over Rockets in five

Spurs over Grizzlies sweep

and... Mavs over Kings in seven

And in the East

Pacers over Celtics in five

Knicks over Nets in seven B)

Detroit over Milwaukee in six

Miami over New Orleans in six

Lakers or Spurs to take it all over Pacers




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Pacers-Celtics: all i know is the Celtics looked like a team with one horse today...oh, right-they ARE a team with one horse. that ain't gonna cut it against the Pacers. Indiana in 5 at most.

Nets-Knicks: the Knicks, at least tehy played one half instead of one quarter. hey Starchild, how bout your boys play the whole game next time out? i think the Knicks will wake up...the question is when. cus if they play Game 2 like they did Game 1, this series is over.

Pistons-Bucks: you know, i gotta hope my boys pull a rabbit outta their hats. They blew a chance to cement 4th seed and now, instead of hosting New Orleans or Miami, they gotta go to Motown...Damon Jones...er, "Playoff" Jones lookin stupid cus of just that, i gotta hope the Bucks at least look respectable this time out. My heart says the Bucks will find a way, but my head says the two Wallaces will be two much in the end. heart pick: Bucks in 7...head pick: Pistons in 6

Heat-Hornets: two favorites of mine, ex-Buck Skip to My Lou (aka Rafer Alston) and Racine native Caron Butler, so this time out i'm rootin for the Heat. Just hoping the refs don't decide to wave off a shot with two seconds left, as happened two years ago in the Hornets-Magic series if anyone recalls. Heat in 5, as the Hornets are a teal infirmary.

Spurs-Griz: Memphis has a real chance to pull off the upset, which is more than i can say for the Celtics vs Indiana. Maybe the NBA should use the CFL's system, then the Jazz and Blazers would be playing instead of golfing. anyways, this is my bold prediction: Grizzlies in 7

Lakers-Rockets: this will be war. Shaq vs Yao. i won't predict anything but that this will be decided in Game 7. You'll see who when that day comes.

T-Wolves-Nuggets: Carmelo and the Nugs have done a hell of a job this year. They won't beat the Wolves, only cus KG is hungry and he's not about to let Melo, Nene or any other Nugget stop him. T-Wolves in 6

Mavs-Kings: the Kings utilize a dandy new invention...it's called Defense. The Mavs have heard of it, but it's not really a major focus for them. Kings in 6.


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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Nets-Knicks: the Knicks, at least tehy played one half instead of one quarter. hey Starchild, how bout your boys play the whole game next time out? i think the Knicks will wake up...the question is when. cus if they play Game 2 like they did Game 1, this series is over.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. lol.

Can't say I'm surprised, afterall, it's been the story for quite some time. The odd thing is, the Knicks were completely in a position to win the game in the 1st half by playing the type of game the Nets wanted. The moment they switched to the half-court game, which normally favors NY, they collapsed. Basically, it's because of Allan Houston's missing presence. The b!tch needs to suck it up and just get on the court. His presence alone will open things up for the Knicks, regardless if he makes, or even attempts a shot. Bottom line, you have to respect his ability as one of the premiere shooters in the league, injured or not. So having him just standing there allows for more movement, and for Stephon to have a little less pressure on his back, and be able to play the point effectively. It also takes pressure off of Tim Thomas to put up big numbers.

But, it's not out of reach. Need I remind anyone about the Knicks 8th-1st upset over Miami in '99? IMO, Miami was a MUCH more dangerous team than NJ currently is (how so? They had a solid starting lineup from the 5 to the 1 spot, a solid bench, one of the best coaches in history in Riley, and they had REAL FANS who supported their team and made the Knicks feel unwelcome). And the Knicks still came out on top. Basically, the Knicks need to get 1 game in NJ... with the loss today, obviously on Tuesday they need a win. MSG will be on fire, and hopefully it'll neutralize the hype on NJ's side... I just want someone to wipe the smirk off of Richard Jefferson's face... (he'd better be suspended for Game 2 b/c of his leaving the bench during the Kidd/Frank Williams incident... they did it to NY in 1998, the league better do it to NJ in 2004) die-hard Knicks fans and every-day NYers should do the trick. Also, Stephon will be more pumped than ever back at the Garden. And come playoff time, MSG is the most intimidating place to play in, and only 2 men have really stepped to the plate and taken the challenge of MSG head on - Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller, neither of whom are represented physically or even by similar talent on the Nets.

Basically what I'm trying to say is... NJ is getting ahead of themselves. It takes 4 wins, not 1. They may have won the battle, but the Knicks have a solid shot at winning the war and pulling the upset. It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings :D

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else has got to be, in some sense, kidding."

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