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Blue Jays Concept


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I know for a fact that I like the old blue jay, but I like the new color scheme better as powder blue is a tad overdone. I thought that maybe I could make the Ravens head work as a blue jay, but that might have been a complete and utter fail. I really liked the Blue Jays script you see below, but I don't want to come across as just a recoloring jerk. I just wanted to refresh and retro look.


C&C before I come up with some jerseys?


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The Toronto Blue Ravens?

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I think a full on face shot of a blue jay would be unique. I just don't think recoloring the Ravens logo is the way to go.


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I've always had the same idea when it came to the old Blue Jays logo. It actually resembles a Blue Jay thus I've liked it for that reason. Really, not much originality here. I see recolours, try going back to the drawing board and think about possibly combining the two logos you recoloured but make it your logo.


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