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Web Sites For Lettering And Numbering Your Jersies


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I would like to start a thread on the pages here of places to get uniforms customized. And to start...

City Sports Lettering - Does MLB and NHL Authentic and replica jersies and sells them, too. They do the Blackhawks' lettering and the Cubs' gift shop customizing as well.

Feel free to add any other sites if you please.

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Some people on this bolard have told me to do just that.

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This is a terriffic idea.

I have several jerseys that I want to get numbered, and I HATE the miserable iron-on letters they do at the arena.

I would LOVE to see places who will work on jerseys THEY didn't sell!

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River City Sports will do jerseys that you mail to them. I've had pretty good luck with them.



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I bought an authentic Dontrelle Willis jersey off ebay and they were able to get me one of those 10th Anniversary patches for the sleeve.

very cool of them.

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Are there any places where they can send you the finished nameplate and numbers instead of having to send your jersey(s) away to be personalized? I already shelled out a hundred or more for and then have to mail it away. I have no problems having to sew stuff myself onto my jerseys myself, I've already done it (and a damn good job too).

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