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Washington Wizards blue?


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Am I crazy or is the blue different this season?


Probably has to do with the new fabric. All the colors seem to be a bit brighter. Look at the diamond on the Bulls' shorts. Looks a tiny bit more 'red-orange' than the bull head in the center of the diamond, no?

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It's the same as it has been since the 1997-1998 season:

Solid/spot color:


Fabric/textile color:


Differences could be in material changes, photography or lighting.

The Hornets away jersey looks very "tealish" with the new fabric, a vast difference compared to how the "creole blue" looked before.

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NYYNYR will be here in a moment to tell us how wrong we all are, and that it's actually brown or some :censored:ing thing.

"But I don't understand. Both of those shots are taken indoors. Neither one is outdoors. How could they be different?"


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That color is not close to either teal or carolina blue. It is more a slate or Prussian blue. Teal has elements of green, while I think this color is just a faded blue. Carolina blue is much lighter, like a sky blue. I know all of these terms are ambiguous, but I don't think either name applies to the Wizards' color.

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