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  1. That detail is fine with me. The rest of the numerals (and the 5 for that matter) are an improvement over the over-serifed serpentine block numerals of the current era Bills.Insert image from URL
  2. Are the Bills getting new numbers on their jerseys? Their practice shirts now have the Jim Kelly-era Champion-style numerals, notable for the diagonal 2. I hope this isn't just a "training camp" thing. This style above is superior to the numbers they've used since the Bledsoe-era Bills disaster uniforms. If they stick with the number style above I wouldn't be surprised, but I would be a little bummed after seeing these practice shirts!
  3. Can anyone explain this pic? I WISH AND PRAY that the Sabres adopt these duds full time! These are the best Sabres unis I've ever seen. Please Mr. Pegula, make this a full time jersey!
  4. What if the Rams make the Super Bowl and have to wear the mismatched garbage unis and not the GORGEOUS throwbacks or Color Rush options? I hope they wouldn't wear the old gold and white and navy drab jerseys in the playoffs!
  5. Hmmm.... Blue graphic with Red streak from left to right? Looks like the Bills logo! Let's go Buffalo! I mean we can take pride in this if not our team this year, right? I always have claimed the Bills logo is the archetypical pro football mark. Born of the 70s, classic graphic, aggressive, motion, simple and bold.
  6. Titans Jags looked like an intrasquad scrimmage. Couldn’t tell who was who. Titans are an embarassment!
  7. Yeah the Titans sucked all the life out of that uniform COLUMBIA BLUE R.I.P. 1960-2017
  8. NY Giants helmet numbers. I think only the Steelers do this as well, but I'm not sure they still do!
  9. 1) Bears 2) Bills 3) Cowboys 4) Raiders 5) 49ers
  10. Also this is classic 90s too... the "dark and fade" in the form of Blue and Red becomes Teal and Brick... and Gold and Black! Also lots of vectors and beziers! CORELDRAW!!!
  11. The unis weren't so bad but this is a pretty bad 90s logo. This couldn't have been made without COREL Draw LOL!
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