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Civil War Poster


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this looks really good. i love the overlayed pictures on the "wall", id like to see it stretch across the wall even more. id make the team names a bit smaller because its competing with "civil war" for top hierarchy focus.

i think it would be better to have the players larger as well, but theres not much room to work with right now. if you flipped the positions of the logos/name with the players that could work




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it is very very good. But you lose some of the detail with those small dimensions. It would look amazing actually printed and on the wall. I don't really know why someone (a fan of one of those teams) would want to hang that poster up though as it features a rival team's player, and is dependent on the outcome of the game. If you lose, it just reminds you. If you win, it doesn't have the score to showcase it.

But the GRAPHIC is incredible

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