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Seattle Seahawks helmet concept


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This Seattle Seahawks' concept is basically a combination of the two eras of the team. I originally planned on using a gray mask on the helmet, but after playing around with all the colors I decided on a blue one. Also, the helmet I'm using, and more than likely future helmets that I'll use as templates, come from the website Sports Logos and Screen Savers. And yes, I've been given permission to use the helmets as templates.


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I failed to mention before that one of the reasons why I was doing a Seahawks concept was that even though I like their new logo, I'm not a fan of its colors, and I'd prefer that they use something more like their original green and blue. Having said that, and since no other team in the league uses what I'd call a green helmet-- No, the Eagles' helmet doesn't count-- my goal was to make a greenish helmet using their current logo.

After going back and forth between different colors (adding green to the blue & vice versa, and using lighter and darker shades of colors), and then experimenting with different ways to incorporate these colors into the logo, I came up with a number of different edits and decide on the following:


I do prefer the one with the blue mask, but I posted the gray mask as well for comparison. And I also did a gray helmet out of curiosity, and of course I like it better than the rest! Maybe because it reminds me of their original helmet which I never thought they should have changed in the first place. :rolleyes:


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