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State Farm modernizes logo


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Here's my only beef with the logo, unfortunately, I think it makes a big impact.

If you look at the old logo below, the three ovals actually flow together. It's a really, really nice effect that activates a rather simple concept. In the new logo, the three ovals are simply stacked on top of each other. It looks dead. It lacks energy.

I think they were on the right track here, they just called it a day a little too soon.


For what it's worth, the logo above is actually just PART of their current logo. That was their old logo. Then a few years back they introduced a new word mark and made the above logo more of an icon. That word mark, I believe, has been modified VERY SLIGHTLY for the new identity. The full current logo is below.


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Not entirely a wiff, more like a botched hit and run. This is one of those things where we are probably the only people in the world that will notice it and care.

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