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new mighty ducks concept


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I'm kind of tempted to laugh--the striping pattern is odd--but I'd have to see them in action to really say either way...

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I like it, although the colours do look different then the ducks'

I like different stripings, and this is a little different.

Reminds me of Czech Republic's lines.

Try to play with the colours, make it eggplant, or Black...

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I like it. The logo looks fine to me. In fact I think I prefer it without the yellow sticks.

There's not enough contrast between the eggplant and jade. Maybe if you separated them with some white, they'd be easier to see. :grin:

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The thing with the Mighty Ducks colors is that in every photograph, the jade looks way more lighter and paler than it really is. So when I made my templates, I used a shade that looks closer to the real thing. It still isn't the real thing, but it's the closest I can get.

I'm not getting a feel for this jersey though. It reminds me a bit of the old Nike alternates, and I never likes them much at all. IMO, hourglass striping only works on sleeves and even then, you can't have anything dividing it and you must only use it once over the whole sleeve (three examples, the old purple and gold Kings, the current Flyers and the current Sharks). While curved stripes are never bad, if you curve more than one stripe, they should all be curving in the same direction. I also feel the jade and eggplant colors should never actually meet. because they are two dark colors. They use the silver and white to divide them. If you notice, the only time on any of the Ducks jerseys that jade and eggplant actually meet is only on the numbers on the eggplant jersey, and even then, it's only a small amount. (And I think that those numbers would look better if it was silver-jade-white instead of jade-eggplant-white.)

Good try though. Keep 'em coming.

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