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Cole's "Dallas Stars Logo Challenge" Voting...


Which of the below logos would best represent the Dallas Stars hockey team?  

50 members have voted

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well, only 4 people entered, which either means that people don't give a crap about this contest, or that i was correct all along, and there really aren't any good ideas left for the Dallas Stars name, that aren't already being used. :)

this is my first challenge that i ran, so i'm not sure how long to let the voting go on.... so everyone vote as fast as soon as you see this... once it appears that everyone who wanted to vote has voted (IE, it's dropped to page 3, or so), i'll crown the champion on this dinky little contest.

i'd like to thank all of the people who entered... i saw some really nice ideas that seem pretty obvious now, that i'm suprised no one had ever really chased after... and i stand by my statement that ANY of these ideas, with a few touch-ups, a shiny coat of paint, and a little bit of love, could become 50X a better logo than what the Stars crapped out onto their alternate sweaters.

all entries can be viewed here:


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Wurld got my vote, too... and I ENTERED this contest. That's an awesome pair of logos Wurldwyde submitted. Very nice.




The world's foremost practitioners of professional tag-team wrestling.



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well, voting has ended..... i wonder who won? :)

good job, cherny. you know how i feel about those logos (and the jersey that they were designed to go on)

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