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Casper Cutthroats new baseball team in Wyoming


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Cutthroats to bring baseball back to Casper

By Tim Monroe

April 5, 2012 --

CASPER ? Baseball will be back in Casper this summer with the arrival of the Casper Cutthroats, a new team formed to compete in the Mountain Collegiate Baseball League, said one partner at an announcement event today.

At the Casper Events Center, Aaron McCreight, one of four partners starting the new team, said the Casper Cutthroats will play a 40-game season beginning June 2 at Fort Collins, Colo. Casper will play June 3 in Cheyenne and their opening home game will be June 4 at Mike Lansing Field. The Cutthroats will rent the field from Casper Legion Baseball for an undisclosed fee.

The Cutthroats will play the Fort Collins Foxes, Cheyenne Grizzlies and Laramie Colts. McCreight said that since animals are used by the teams as their mascots, Casper thought that a prominent sport fish like the cutthroat trout would be a unique label. He said the league is seeking additional teams and has been talking to organizations in Nebraska and Colorado.

The team is currently recruiting players and a coaching staff.

"We want a good mix of players from around the country and different colleges," McCreight said.

The City of Casper has promised $20,000 to the Casper Cutthroats for equipment purchases. These include, according to City Manager John Patterson, baseballs, bats, catcher?s equipment and all other supplies needed to field the team. If the team folds in less than five years it will have to repay the city.

McCreight said the quality of play will equal college all-star events.

"We?ll have players in junior colleges who will be seeking exposure to scouts for four-year universities and we?ll have players from four-year schools hoping to be recognized by scouts for professional teams," he said.

Besides McCreight, who is also CEO of the Casper Area Convention and Visitor?s Bureau, partners include his wife April, hospitality executive Rita George and Shawn Houck of Adbay, a prominent Casper advertising and marketing firm.

The Cutthroats replace the Casper Ghosts, a semi-professional team that dropped its contract with the City of Casper after 11 years to move to Grand Junction, Colo., where it will be known as the Rockies.

Ticket prices will reflect the Cutthroats' goal of providing a family-friendly activity.

On the Web: www.caspercutthroats.com

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Digging the typeface for "Cutthroats." It looks like something you'd see on an old pulp novel like I Was Attacked By Alligators! or something.

♫ oh yeah, board goes on, long after the thrill of postin' is gone ♫

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I disagree. It's bad. The word mark is terrible, so menu layers, and so many uneven lines. THe capital C i s from the Cubs and it doesn't work well with script font. THe fish is too detailed, specially the eye and fins. Those spots are too much. And this blue thing underwent the text is just disgusting. All in all, not so good.

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Hey, I like the name (I used it a few years ago for an NFL fantasy league on these boards.)

The logo's okay--I don't need the baseball in the mouth though.

I came up with this-


And it was cleaned up by Nick 1733 to be this-


Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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