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^^ the logo on the right is our current logo/colour scheme. The logo on the left is a newer simplified logo, with a different colour scheme. Below are other possible colour schemes.

I'm partial to the current colours because I don't want to change them so soon after creating the team.



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Hey Chris, it's Adam.

I like the new scheme and the logo looks good with your changes. Even classier than we already are!

I still like our old version but this is nice too, and it will give us some good opportunities for jerseys!

Maybe you could piece them together a little more and incorporate some of the details from the original. I think the white detail around the eyes from the original would look better, and maybe a little bit of the jaggedness from the forehead stripes.

I also would love if you could fix the points on the ears to not be so angular and more flowing like the jowel parts.

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Wow did I ever screw this up. Wrong forum, and duplicate threads :P

Alaska sucks. Go Terrebonne.

Alaska sucks. Terrebonne sucks. Go Vancouver!

I really like the modification of the logo, although I prefer the old colors. The new ones look washed out for some reason and the original orange was awesome. Though I think there's no need for a modification afeter only one BHL season. :P

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