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"Sun" design on back of mid-90s MLB hat?


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I recently bought a lot of hats from Ebay, included was a white (navy bill) mid-90s Houston Astros hat. It has this sun design over the MLB logo on the back:


Here are the only possibilities I can think of so far - it's a Spring Training hat, a Venezuelan or Dominican Summer League hat, or a hat from an Astros promotion. As you can see, the sun is teal and gold, not Astros colors.

The only thing with the Venezuelan/Dominican league is I'd assume those hats would have the MiLB logo on the back, not the MLB. But who knows, I've never seen a VSL/DSL hat.

Anybody seen this before and can verify what it is?


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No.... the sun in that A's logo has different rays, and they also used that in the regular season on their batting practice hats.

Which also was used during spring training. Well, whatever. To me that A's logo is underrated

The Spring Training logos are actually compasses, with sun rays filling in the 22.5 degree diagonals. The overall idea is kinda like the Mariners' compass. The A's sun logo is just a sun. Great logo though.

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I believe that is a hat from the Arizona Fall League. Over the years, rather than spending money on jerseys and hats, players have worn uniforms and hats (sometimes both, sometimes one or the other, sometimes a variation of one or both) from the club that sent them there with accents like these added.

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