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NCAA Yakball


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Less than 8 hours! Here are people I haven't heard from

mcrosby - Wisconsin

JimmyNutini - Boston College

Bucknut40 - Wright State

CDixonDesign - North Carolina

Fifty8_Black O - East Carolina

And here are people I asked to fix their courts

ChrisClement - USC

crkraider22 - Robert Morris

C2, and crk if I don't get a revision, I'll just take the ones you sent me. The other 5, if I don't get a concept, the person you're up against moves on. You can PM me or email me, whatever works.

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Yup, you all did really good! I didn't get everyone's, but I know two of the guys reached out to me and said they would send it as soon as they got home.

I'll post the concepts around 930 tomorrow after my 8am class, and we'll have it open until Wednesday after my 8am class, then do that round until Friday at the same time. Short voting will keep interest, and I know everyone wants to know who wins.

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