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NCAA Yakball


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I think it's a little too late to try that, I have 8 submissions all on different stuff. And I'm sure everyone has already started atleast.

Counting the 2 that just messaged me about it, three teams out of 10 have used a lay out like how my concepts are

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Nope, there's a bunch. Here is the list. Chris submitted his, but wanted to change the field because he did it as a rectangle. Also, I've talked to a few of the remaining guys about the concept, so we'll just have to wait.

McCarthy - Ohio

mcrosby - Wisconsin

ChrisClement - USC

crkraider22 - Robert Morris

JimmyNutini - Boston College

Missouri Tigers - Missouri

Bucknut40 - Wright State

steff002 - Minnesota

dbroalexander - Alabama

CDixonDesign - North Carolina

CJworks - Gonzaga

Fifty8_Black O - East Carolina

New.Era. - TCU

It also bears repeating PUT YOUR CONCEPT ON ONE IMAGE. Seriously. The way voting is gonna work is I'm going to put the match ups side by side, and link the concept on the artist's name and team. One image will be so much easier for voters, and me to put it together.

Also, no one said you needed a logo sheet. Just kits and a field. It's nice, but not necessary.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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