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Titans concept


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I've been posting here for years, but never put up one of my concepts. Not entirely sure why... I guess they seemed a little low rent to me, when compared to the Photoshop versions I see on here. This is just thrown together in paint, with a cobbled-together template.

But earlier today, I posted a mock-up the the Vikings new uniform thread, and got some nice feedback, so I figured what the hell... I'll see what you guys think about one of my concepts.

Let me have it...


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I don't think you need to worry about the "low-rent"/no Photoshop thing. That's a nice, clean, well-conceived concept that's easy to judge. Better than a lot that gets posted.

I'm not a huge fan of more red being added to the Titans, nor them keeping the current primary logo, but I think you make it all look pretty good.

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I think you nailed it when it comes to the color order. This is near exactly what I'd do.

I'd actually try to stick to a white helmet (maybe a red flame for the helmet), and maybe keeping the yoke. Excellent job all around!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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