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New South Dakota Identity


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The grey fill under his belly seems odd.. shouldn't that show through, past his back legs, to the sky behind, thereby be white? Maybe that wont appear like that everywhere.

Its not bad. Not inspired, but a decent dog rendering.

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A few flaws you all have pointed out, but much better than than their old logos - A friend of mine worked for the Univ. of S.D. for awhile.

I like their logo package - Anywhere we can get larger versions of these logos? :D

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I don't much care for the straight-ahead view logos, but the profile is alright.

The U-Paw is tight, though I'm of the opinion that only Miami can pull of just a U.

I think Paynomind hit it on the head: Uninspired.

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Hey everybody, I think this may be first post on here, but have been lurking for sometime. As a USD alum this set is actually a step up from what they had when I was there in the early 90's. When I was there we had a mascot that basically was a grey copy of Wile E. Coyote. I like that they kept a paw with the U in it. Actually I was pretty partial to their old paw logo, since I used that as my second tatoo.

Overall, not a bad identity packacge, yet nothing too exciting.

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