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Wonka's NHL Redesign : Philadelphia Flyers 3rd idea.


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Going to start a series that will interest me. I always have trouble finishing these things, mostly because I get bored. I really got bored with the CHL one because I really don't know a lot about those teams. I don't know which teams are known to have liked jerseys or disliked, or if a team has history with their jersey. But with the NHL I know a lot about it, and well, it's my favorite league. So I'll start it off. First I'll do requested teams, so spout out your team you would like me to attempt!

Anaheim Ducks Ducks 3rd

Boston Bruins Bruins 3rd

Buffalo Sabres Sabres 3rd Buffalo 2.0

Calgary Flames Flames 3rd Calgary 2.0

Carolina Hurricanes Hurricanes 3rd
Chicago Blackhawks Blackhawks 3rd

Colorado Avalanche Avalanche 3rd

Columbus Blue Jackets

Dallas Stars Stars 3rd (1) Stars 3rd(2)
Detroit Red Wings Detroit 2.0

Edmonton Oilers

Florida Panthers
Los Angeles Kings
Minnesota Wild
Montreal Canadiens
Nashville Predators
New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

New York Rangers

Ottawa Senators Senators 3rd Ottawa 2.0 Senators 3rd 2.0

Philadelphia Flyers Flyers 3rd Flyers 3rd 2.0

Phoenix Coyotes

Pittsburgh Penguins Penguins 3rd

San Jose Sharks

St. Louis Blues Blues 3rd

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs
Vancouver Canucks Canucks 3rd

Washington Capitals
Winnipeg Jets


Hartford Whalers

Atlanta Thrashers

Colorado Rockies

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I miss the green, but I like that you're trying something a little different for Vancouver's set. The arms of this with the diagonal v-shaped stripes are my favorite part of the look. I think subtle V's for Vancouver are a distinctive and appealing design theme and definatelty help any Canucks set in my opinion.

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Think black yoke and hem bottom on the Hawks away would look a bit better. The yoke works for the home jersey though. Also why is the tomahawk C only on one stripe?

New Jersey - a 'new' jersey for them, eh? :P

Think the striping on the yoke of the away and regular stripes could match a lil better.

Everything looks quite clean tho.

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Really like the Dallas set. The grey/silver stripes really help them not just look like the St. patricks day Hawks. I like the arm yoke as well, nice nod to à previous jersey set of theirs. My only thought would be a straight yoke might look better than the curve. But think this set might be the best of the lot so far.

LA- can't really tell the gradient is there. Set looks alright.

Nashville- interesting... The white yoke actually works with the blue edges. The stripes and slashes seem à little inconsistent atm. i think it would look better if they were similar in size/line weight. Definately has potential though. Kudos for trying to integrate their logo design into the set.

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