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Helmet Finishes


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With all the different helmet finishes that HGI is able to bring us, I figured I would try to throw a chart together to help people differentiate the different paint jobs used. Now this is a really rough chart that I plan on updating once I get some help from you guys. Most of the finishes are probably named wrong but I tried to categorize them the best I could. Now what I need from you guys is help with getting these names right and letting me know if there are certain styles that I had left out.


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"Shiny matte" is a satin finish. Also include the seahawks. Texas A/M also have a satin finish but HGI developed that one to actually be between a standard matte and satin. The Vikings is the same way but i think they might have a metallic flake in theirs. Still unsure about that

The metallic matte looks like a satin finish over a metallic paint. Which is what i think the Vikings have

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