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Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Frankford Yellow Jackets and Canton Bulldogs added


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I've been posting my NFL concepts for a few months, but I've been doing them just one at a time.  I've gotten some nice feedback (thanks) but a single concepts they do seem to disappear rather quickly.  I've decided to gather them altogether, along with a few new ones (like the following Cowboy concept), which seems to be the preferred way most of us do this.  As always, let me know what you think.


Starting with the NFC East,
















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Very nice start.

I like the Cowboys. My only suggestion would be to try incorporating the star a little more prominently.

The Redskins look nice too, though there would probably be riots if they ever tried to wear this. Interestingly enough, this color scheme is similar to something I thought up for the Broncos. My only suggestion would be to ditch the bright red pants and make the top highlight on the spear yellow instead of white.

The Eagles uniforms are a huge upgrade from what they currently wear. I think I'd get rid of the yellow beak (maybe make it silver instead) because it just seems a little out of place to me. Maybe also try incorporating a thin white outline around the numbers on the home jerseys.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the teams.

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Would go with navy for the boys, I don't think the red contrasts with the burgundy enough to be used effectively. I like what you have done with the eagles though

I'll never get why so many people want to see the Cowboys in navy, full time. Navy and silver is a color scheme I feel like I've seen a million times. Their old scheme of dark royal blue and metallic blue-silver? Unique.

Washington reminds me of a WFL uniform.

Yeah, when I first posted that, I said it was a little out there. If someone somehow handed me the magic wand, I doubt this is the Skins uniform I'd actually go with.

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Love the Eagles and the Cowboys are an upgrade, but the bright red on the Redskins really doesn't work, especially with keeping the burgundy. The red pants hurt my eyes. :D

"2 outta 3 ain't bad".

Where's the G-Men?

They were evicted from the NFC East for being so bad...

Beat me to it!

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I like the direction for the eagles. Kelly and gray is a great, underrated scheme. For the helmet, I'd go closer to the old wing...more gray, less green/white.

Is it just me or are the numbers on the green jersey a bit too large? In any case, I think that jersey could use white outlines on the numbers. I am a sleeve logo fan, but I think the yellow beak just sticks out too much here. I'd rather see that toned down (to gray, I guess) or the logo removed in favor of some kind of stripes. This really makes me hope that sometime the Eagles realize that their uniforms are overdone and dated.

Dallas looks good. And should they decide to go with one shade of blue, this is a good choice.

I am not liking the mix of colors with Washington.

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The major problem I see with the Cowboys concept is that all the blues are the same shade and the silvers are the same shade. (I'm kidding.)

My favorites are the Cowboys, Cardinals, and Eagles. Would especially love to see the Eagles in that shade of green, and it would be great to see the Cowboys get rid of the hideous extra stripe around the numbers on the blue jerseys. Well, that's just one of many things wrong with the current Cowboys uniforms, but you've addressed them all.

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Cardinals looks just like Louisville, which isn't a bad thing

That's kinda true, which is a weird thought. My guess would be that, for the most part through the years, Louisville was following the NFL Cardinals looks, not the other way around.

That is probably why I was hating this concept...you know because I despise U of L.

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