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GP'S BACK! He has risen!

I can already tell that TT is gonna look great. Welcome back GP. Whereya been? The Concepts forum hasn't been quite the same without ya. Glad to see you've made a comeback.

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Yes I'm back after a long restful hiatus. I once gave sage advice to a fellow designer here to get outside and soak up the sunshine. I took my own advice. A few things before I get rolling with this series. NFL Project 40 and NFL2 are done. For me, it just ran it's course. This is not to say that I wont still do Wicked Alts though. We will see how it goes. As of now, I'm dedicated to this series. A lot of work has already gone into it.

Now for The Lone Star Series. There are 12 D-1 Football teams in Texas. In this fictional series, Nike will have control of each in 2015. So that's it. Texas Tech will get the most attention to begin with because that's my team.

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