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Looking for Good Wordmark for this Logo


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I am coaching high school baseball this year and we are getting new jerseys. This is our hat logo (which can't be changed for this year). Sorry for the large size.


I am wondering if those of you who have studied this more than I have have good ideas for what to do for a wordmark for this. What would work well with this logo? The wordmark would say Atmore or Atmore Christian.

Suggestions of specific fonts, general families of fonts, or general ideas of what would work well with this would be great.

Also, if you have suggestions for updating this logo, please comment.

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Typically teams with interlocking letter logos go a completly different direction with their wordmark. The Cardinals (stl) Yankees and Giants(sf) for example have a script font for their word mark despite block lettering in their monogram.. So your options are wide open. The only thing you should avoid IMO is using a block font that is close but not exact.

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