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My German Soccer Concept


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You're right, they could do better. On the other hand, they could also do a lot worse, which is what you have come up with here.

^^ There's nothing constructive about this criticism.

Anyway, for me, the shade of yellow you've picked here is too bright and doesn't contrast enough with the white, rendering it almost invisible. Darken it up a little and it will work better.

Also, the striping is inconsistent between the pattern on the sleeves and the chevron on the chest. If you're looking to change things up from the current kit, I'd take the striping pattern from the sleeves and work it into some kind of element on the chest, whether that's straight across or angled or whatever. That would just make for a more coherent look overall. I think just the simple addition of a black collar would do wonders as well in tying everything together.

Overall, some of the elements just feel a little too big. The adidas logo on the shorts, the back number, the front number, the shorts number, the flag on the back collar, the name ... they're all just a bit too large for to really wrap my head around in a practical application. Scale them all down to about 80% and I think it will all look a little better/more realistic.

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Like upperV03 said, Germany could do better, but it could be worse. I'm going to say you've made something that is on par with what they currently have. Maybe if you got rid of the sleeve stripes, and put on what they currently have on their sleeves (the three "adidas stripes"), or something to that effect, I think that would benefit the concept. Also, I think a black collar would look good as well. It just looks too plain right now.

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A few things:

1. German kits should ALWAYS be white with black shorts. I know they aren't this year, and I hate it, but its one of the most traditional kits out there.

2. The gradient look along with the chevron doesn't work. They aren't consistent. One is VERY old school and the other is modern. Both looks could work, just not together.

3. The flag on the back doesn't look right. Maybe too big, or not even necessary at all.

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