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NFL International: Arizona special event unis, (USA 1/40),


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This thread will have concepts very soon. I had to take a break from this thread as it needed a lot of reformatting and foundation to be consistent. Instead of doing this league by league I will do it by letter. I won't do it exactly alphabetically but more of which team I feel is best to do next within that letter. You can check the spreadsheet for reference: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DDOMjHLbM0CL8J-78P-W3m25aQmNyYZvgKmtfo5nQMQ/edit?usp=sharing As you can see not every team has been named. Instead of having the teams named here I felt it would be better to do it this way. PM me your email so I can share it with you if you have name suggestions for team names for AT LEAST 5 teams. Also PM me if....

  • you have a suggestion to improve this series
  • there is a problem with the spreadsheet
  • you feel that a certain city/place should be added to the teams (it needs good reasoning)

This series is back and running again, expect concepts soon. Sorry for the wait.

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*Sees that Columbus has a team, then froths from the mouth and faints

I'm not a fan of the alt helmet, it looks like bushy eyebrows to me. I would use the the sunburst from the state flag for inspiration on the helmet.

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I'll repeat what has been said, I really like the striping of the special-event uni (I think you could even make their normal unis have that striping), but I am not at all a fan of the helmet. It just doesn't make sense to me why you would cut the beak off of the Cardinal.

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I'm concerned about the scope of this project: I don't see any way you're going to finish 182 teams given the current rate of progress. Also, some of the locations of teams make no sense. For example, the entire Virgin Islands (US, UK, and Spanish) has a total population of under 150,000. There is no way you are ever going to fill a 60,000-seat stadium unless you pay people to come to the games.

The Cardinals look good. It doesn't immediately strike me as a fantastic identity, but it's better than most Cardinals concepts I've seen. I do agree that the alternate helmet looks bad, though.

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