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  1. He had a purpose?
  2. I think that's the thing I hate most about ladder matches.
  3. Oh you could see that coming from a mile away, but it was the right call. #assesoutforAJ
  4. I want Alexa Bliss to emasculate me. Not in the medieval way.
  5. Y'all I think I'm skipping TLC tonight.
  6. Day of the New? Wasn't that a :censored:ty 90s alt-rock band?
  7. I poured out a packet of soy sauce for my Chinese Chicken making homie when I had my leftovers for lunch.
  8. I had General Tso's Chicken last night without knowing this until after.
  9. I have 2 issues with 205 Live. The purple WWE logo on the turnbuckle pads and Drew Gulak's knees.
  10. #dicksoutforlazytown
  11. Might as well turn that McDonalds into a parking lot.
  12. Yeah, his Big Mac was a Whopper of an idea.
  13. My phrasing was very intentional.
  14. Kaientai was very underrated. Choppy Choppy Pee Pee was the moment Val Venis came over the crowd.
  15. The difference with Lesnar is that they let him win for a long time, plus he could go in the ring. Once you let a monster lose, you can be in trouble if there isn't anything else to the character.