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  1. Until it springs a leak, like all pipelines eventually do.
  2. I would have kicked Vince in his grapefruits after something like that.
  3. DID I REALLY JUST SEE THAT TRUMP INVITED GENNIFER FLOWERS TO THE DEBATE? Seriously Trump, we get it. Apparently Bill sticking his saxophone in other women is Hillary's fault.
  4. Can they bring back "broken" Cody (where he was wearing a mask and handing out paper bags to the audience)? Make a Broken Alliance to end MeekMahan with Broken Matt.
  5. double post
  6. I was floating on the Express Boat to Lofoten earlier, and these views floated my boat.
  7. I found a Trump supporter in Norway.
  8. Mr. Wildfire Tommy Rich once asked me to get him Vicodin from the pharmacy when he did a signing and wrestled at a local wrestling promotion show back when I was in high school. He said he was joking, but I kind of doubt he was. Also Big E isn't ready. WM33 would be too early for it. He needs a long sustained rise.
  9. I'll give you one. I agree with Trump on not passing TPP. I don't agree with anything else he's said. Therefore, I'm not voting for him.
  10. Totally get you on that, but provisions A and C are overly broad, and so is B(i). Using those provisions a robbery or a carjacking can be terrorism.
  11. Say it with me: not everything bad that happens in this country is automatically terrorism.
  12. Yep. If WWE buys them, TNA will cease to exist except for the few people that WWE picks up and the library.