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  1. You're no fun since you moved to Cali.
  2. The :censored:? Get out of here with that :censored:. My post was very clearly in response to Hedley saying we should have the ability to like those suspension announcement posts and nothing more. Y'all took it in a different direction. I actually have no issues with Hedley outside of not seeing eye to eye with him on things.
  3. Hedley, I'm gonna like the post saying you're banned.
  4. Ummmmm....you missed out on a threesome.
  5. Anything that gets Joe Hendry and Wolfgang on my screen is alright with me.
  6. So the unofficial nickname of Marcus Alexander Bagwell and 2Cold Scorpio's tag team was the Cocaine Express?
  7. This was the best of early 90s WCW and you know it.
  8. Nice! I'm taking a break from working on another one so here's a progress pic. It's the Hamsunsenteret by Steven Holl. So essentially one of my favorite architects + one of my favorite authors + my favorite country = Mingsgasm. Still have a lot of the detail work to do on building, trees, grasses, etc... Sky is kind of done maybe. Going to see how everything looks before adding clouds.
  9. The best part about the Booker T clip was his reaction immediately after he said it.
  10. LIGHTEN THE :censored: UP
  11. I wonder if my landlord will let me have an elephant.
  12. The Texans should have went with the drummer from Def Leppard at QB.
  13. I don't see an issue with that, but what about African and Australian/Oceania championships? Kamala and Nathan Jones can win championships! (I'm well aware Kamala has severe health problems and is down a limb...I'm an :censored: for making that joke)
  14. I go both ways on it, but it could be that maybe she dies in VIII and won't be in 9 outside the force ghost scene at the end (assuming that's one of the call backs to Jedi). I just saw Rogue One because I've been busy lately. I enjoyed it. Jumped around too much in the beginning but found a groove. Last 30 minutes were pretty great, but not close to the greatness of the last hour of Force Awakens (which is just a :censored:ing cinematic masterpiece). It was a little darker to me. Not TFA and Empire level, but holds up on the Jedi and New Hope levels (with Sith and Clones being the third tier and :censored: Phantom).