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  1. BigBalls McLargeAss
  2. Public ownership of a football team. What a socialist concept.
  3. Crooked Ice_Cap, such a liar. You're wrong. Bigly wrong. I'll show you. I'll make the CCSLC great again and throw you in jail.
  4. Where has Nia Jax been lately? I want her to beat me up.
  5. I'm dangerous as :censored:.
  6. It would be like if Dick Murdoch called out Gorilla Monsoon. #dicksoutforHarambe
  7. He's not wrong. I had an ex that wanted me to tell her this one night off an exit in BFE Louisiana.
  8. Sounds like a bunch of bull :censored: to me.
  9. So you're one of the :censored:s that thinks it's ok to park in the handicapped space?
  10. We did a pumpkin carving contest at work and I did the scariest thing I could think of, and a 4 year old selected it as scariest pumpkin. #trumpkin
  11. James Ellsworth isn't the hero we deserve, he's the hero we need. #anymanwithtwohandshasafightingchance
  12. So I don't think he said this last night, but I say Trump thinks there should be term limits and I feel like Ace Ventura after he found out Einhorn is Finkle because I agree with him on that,
  13. I love the idea of having Battlebowl, or even bringing back War Games for one of the traditional SS matches.
  14. My friends went to Puerto Rico for their honeymoon and the island was without power for half their trip. I blame the Shining Stars.
  15. If Carlito were in WWE right now, he'd spit in the face of the Shining Stars because they don't want to be cool.