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  1. The last line of your post is essentially my argument. I thought the one thread only experiment was good too. Oh well.
  2. I think it's a combo of WWE seamstresses and some outside companies that wrestlers go to. I'm assuming the wrestlers pay for and keep all their various gear.
  3. Thanks Man. Not leaving, just a bit of a sour taste.
  4. At this point - whatever. You've soured me a bit again on this place though. I'm not going to refrain from posting a crappy current event that I think is relevant to the topic, so do what you must.
  5. It won't accomplish anything. Also I'm not sure I care at this point. I only come here to talk wrestling with you guys anyway. I'm fine with being banned.
  6. Quit editing my posts Ice Cap. It's an important topic that has worldwide implications. It's quite appropriate to express concerns for the administration's actions in a World is going to crap thread.
  7. What in the holy :censored: did I just read?
  8. Ugh... but at least it was quite a good match.
  9. Once again, at this point it is no longer politics. It's about basic human rights and the administration's trampling of them. Board policy be damned.
  10. This is no longer political. It's about human decency. If you can't see that, I don't know what else to say. Suspend me if you want.
  11. Seriously Ice_Cap? Human rights are being violated but we can't talk about it?
  12. I feel you on this. Had one triggered by Christmas/family that not even Wellbutrin could keep up with.
  13. Only if I get to eat a Peach.