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  1. You can still love your wife while using cigars in creative ways, so I've been told.
  2. You know, it's kind of :censored:ty that you guys are mocking this young lady. It shows that she is invested in the process and in politics and that's what we need in this country instead of apathy.
  3. I have this sinking feeling that the Universal title was named so to appease NBC Universal. If so, then you can call it the TV title (which should come back anyway).
  4. I grew up on welfare and in low-income housing with a mother I didn't see much because she had two jobs and was working her way towards her GED and an Associates, and my father was a drug addict for an early portion of my life. Wanna know what I learned? Hard work gets you off drugs, a good paying job that allows you to get off welfare and eventually buy a house, and not to drug and rape women. I then went on to a very good school and by most standards am a relatively successful architect designing affordable housing. But I guess I can't be helped because I grew up in the ghetto.
  5. Don't you dare be sour. That ain't booty.
  6. Bischoff is going to come back and give Triple H the title again. I think the "thinness" of the Smackdown roster is deliberate and there's about to be some surprises heading our way.
  7. You know, that would have been a good time to add a new member or 3 to the Club. Have them be on both brands.
  8. What member blocks people from the Lounge Report on Twitter?
  9. If you have leftover change from a $20, you're doing it wrong.
  10. Since it has been a few days, here is an in progress work. It's a fire station in my hometown.
  11. They better come out with the old school hard plastic ring with elastic ropes for these guys. Ah, the memories.
  12. It's too bad Cliff Huxtable wasn't an eye doctor. He would have seen it coming.
  13. Yeah, someone might get really pissed and leave the boards for three years.