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  1. FC #dicksoutforHarambe United
  2. Same in New Orleans. That mid-day summer rain sucked boudin balls. New Orleans Summer's were the only time I ever had under-moob sweat marks.
  3. We all have our :censored:, man. That's what makes dating hard. You have to find something where your collective :censored: lines up correctly and doesn't scare each other off/piss you off and work from there. Of course, now that I have a new whip I'm gonna get all the ladies.
  4. That too. Took me years to get over that, and it still comes around when I go on dates. Not that I've had many dates this year. Dated a lady librarian for a bit, and when there was some semblance of getting serious, and me asking to hang out more than once a week, she bolted. Left a sour taste in my mouth that is still there.
  5. So that's what bagged milk will get you? PASS
  6. Definitely. I've been flakey with my friends lately due to Ménière's episodes popping up and working super long hours. I'm not saying ignore the girl, but let her make the let's hang out suggestion.
  7. It's like Laces Out, but for.....
  8. Harambe would get so much gorilla ass right now.
  9. Yeah, I mean if it was WGTT, I'd be for it. But it's two dudes in skirts that were famous for a minute.
  10. Probably. Let her initiate the new date. If she doesn't, you know that they were bad excuses.
  11. I got a better rate from Toyota than my bank. I now have a 2016 Toyota Prius C in my garage! now I have to sell my old car.
  12. Also, none of y'alls religion is the right one. Hail the one with many noodley appendages and meatballs made of divine sacrifices!
  13. Wait...wasn't BiB a comedian of some kind? Surprised he didn't catch that joke.