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  1. 2018 Spengler Cup retool

    The Spengler Cup is something to watch yearly as I love to watch on tv.. but the jerseys with the ads can be annoying as hell to deal with. .just need a clean good jersey to see on tv every time.. but ohh man..
  2. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    If halifax is mentioned for the expansion team, what about others like quebec city or moncton or london (ontario) and windsor? I also wonder if saskatoon could get into that but hmm.. any other places could be worth mention for the CFL to expand to?
  3. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    I hope so.. would the name Atlantic Schooners be brought back or new name althought?
  4. IIHF/Olympic Hockey Redesign (93 teams!)

    I gotta say this, all these jerseys of the countries ya did, WOW!!! I'm blown away for sure.. some cool ones, some wtf ones (but very interesting!!)
  5. NHL City Mashup Series (Finished)

    All these team jerseys in here. .wow!!! some impressive ones.. and the Bombers-Jets jersey?? holy cow... definitely a cool one!
  6. NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    All I can say is holy !!!! these jerseys are soooo badly awesome!!!!! wow.. I'm so speechless now wow..
  7. NHL 90s Series (Atlanta Thrashers added 35/35 COMPLETED)

    OH MY GOD.... these jerseys in here.. wow!!! Some outrageous ones.. some really fantastic ones!! AND I do love the Winnipeg Jets jersey look!!! oh mannn... great job man!
  8. NHL Redesign? (Capitals added 5/4)

    I like that improved Penguins logo! Much better than the current logo the Penguins now have.. some of the glove areas have been cleaned up good enough to notice so that I'm pretty sure it is doable..
  9. NHL Defunct Series

    These jerseys are so awesome!! I do like the Hamilton Tigers jerseys and logo.. if Hamilton ever managed to get back in to the NHL that jersey look should go with that... but wow great work!! Cant wait to see the rest of the other old teams.. I wonder, will there be a WHA version of the jerseys?
  10. What happened to the Diamond Uniform Databases web site?

    My guess is the domain website has expired and the owner is not paying for that .. or probably moving some stuff over to new website. .only time will tell what happened...
  11. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Damn.. that Jets Heritage Classic jersey sure is beautiful... wouldnt mind taking a chance on buying one later on...simply awesome to see it back!!
  12. All I can say is.. WOW!!! These jerseys ya designed, man.. simply beautiful.. and some are really needed to be used in real life but amazing to see in pictures.. I'm stunned at the details and etc.. always wanted to try something like that but ehh no idea as how to go around on that lol..keep up the great work..
  13. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    That is awesome... wow nice job on the clean up of that logo!! I gotta wonder about that Padres prototype jersey.. would love to see the home and road versions of that jersey.. certainly an interesting find for sure..
  14. Wow I gotta say this, I'm impressive with your work so far, man.. yeah I am thinking the helmets should reflect the older eras but ya are doing a great job at showing your imagination of how the league has evolved over the years.. keep up the good work!!
  15. MJHL Redesign (Updated: Winkler and Neepawa)

    As i am a fan of the MJHL.. I have gone to a few games but not since for a while now due to full time work commitments.. but I like what ya did for the Steinbach Pistons logos and jerseys.. thumbs up...