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  1. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    @hugevolsfan already did an MLF minor league project. It's called the MLF Spring League.
  2. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    I think they were originally the Seattle Thunderbolts
  3. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Wasn't expecting the Stallions to switch from Purple & Gold to Silver & Black. But nonetheless, the new look is quite impressive. Also, excellent work with the new Purple & Black look for the San Francisco Hawks (though you might wanna fix the "Atlanta Blazers" typo in the header of their style guide)
  4. Bumping it up to keep this alive in hopes the NY Imperials break their long Championship drought
  5. JH42XCC

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Wait, didn't the A's move from Philadelphia to Kansas City in real life?
  6. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    Jeld-Wen Field is now called Providence Park Also, you should give the Pioneers green pants for the road and yellow alternate uniforms. But nonetheless, the logos are great.
  7. Nope, it's still alive. At this point, it's currently dormant as the author of this thread is busy with everything else.
  8. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    If I'm right, then Portland is next
  9. JH42XCC

    American Football Association (NFL minor league)

    Ooh, a new concept series! This should be interesting! Anyway, off to a really good start. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for this series.
  10. JH42XCC

    Minor League Baseball team names

    The Brooklyn Cyclones were named for the famous Coney Island Cyclone roller coaster. IMO, they have one of the best team names in Minor League Baseball.
  11. JH42XCC

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    With the 12 markets officially chosen for the Continental Driveball Allliance, the new rival league to the NDA, I have made up a list of stadiums that have been rumored or confirmed to be the home venue(s) for those teams; I also came up with some ideas for the nicknames of the other as-of-yet-unnamed teams (in italics): EAST Boston Unicorns: Braves Boston University Field* (CONFIRMED) Pittsburgh Knights: Forbes Field (CONFIRMED) Detroit Roadsters: Briggs Stadium (CONFIRMED) Minnesota Stags: University of Minnesota Memorial Stadium or Nicollet Park New Jersey Stallions: Rutgers Stadium, Ruppert Stadium, or Roosevelt Stadium Washington Ambassadors: Griffith Stadium WEST Houston Marshals: Rice Stadium, Public Schools Stadium, or Buff Stadium Los Angeles Jaguars: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum or Rose Bowl Stadium Dallas Longhorns: Cotton Bowl Stadium Denver Cougars: Bears Stadium Kansas City Rustlers´╗┐: Blues Stadium (CONFIRMED) San Francisco Grizzlies: Kezar Stadium (*=By that point, Braves Field will have been purchased and rebranded by Boston University)
  12. JH42XCC

    Major League Football is back and better than ever

    A week without comments? C'MON MAN! But anyway, the Tigers uniforms are simply fantastic. Can't wait for the rest of the teams.
  13. JH42XCC

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    The proposed venues for my proposed rival league to the NDA: EASTERN DIVISION Baltimore (Memorial Stadium, home of the International League's Orioles) Boston (Braves Field, vacant since the Braves are now leaving for Milwaukee) Detroit (Briggs Stadium, home of MLB's Tigers and NFL's Lions) New York/New Jersey (Rutgers Stadium, home of Rutgers Queensmen* college football; or Yankee Stadium, home of MLB's Yankees) Pittsburgh (Forbes Field, home of MLB's Pirates and NFL's Steelers) Washington, DC (Griffith Stadium, home of MLB's Senators and NFL's Redskins) WESTERN DIVISION Dallas (Cotton Bowl Stadium, home of the Cotton Bowl Classic and SMU Mustangs college football) Houston (Rice Stadium, home of Rice Owls college football) Kansas City (Blues Stadium, home of the American Association's Blues) Los Angeles (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of NFL's Rams; or Rose Bowl Stadium, home of the Rose Bowl Game) Minneapolis-St. Paul (Memorial Stadium, home of Minnesota Golden Gophers college football) San Francisco (Kezar Stadium, home of NFL's 49ers) (*=Rutgers University's teams did not officially become the Scarlet Knights until1955)
  14. JH42XCC

    Driveball Redux (Chicago Gaels tweaks for '55)

    Name: Danny Copeland Age: (Must be 18 or older): 40 Occupation: Founder/Owner of Delaware Valley-based Copeland's Steakhouse Favorite NDA Team (Optional): Philadelphia Brawlers Bio: Born in Trenton, NJ, Copeland went to college at Princeton University, where he was a standout single-wing fullback for the Tigers. He also earned a Baccalaureate degree in Economics. Today, he is the founder and owner of Copeland's Steakhouse, which started in Camden, NJ, and has since expanded throughout Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey. Copeland is greatly interested in helping to expand Driveball throughout North America. League name idea: North American Driveball League (NADL) Alignment ideas: 2 Divisions (Eastern and Western), each with six teams Rule change ideas (Optional): I would go with the ideas proposed by @LA_Angels, @NoE38, and @MBurmy Also, here are the teams that would be set up for the new 12-team rival league: EASTERN DIVISION Baltimore Boston Detroit New York/New Jersey Pittsburgh Washington, DC WESTERN DIVISION Dallas Houston Kansas City Los Angeles Minneapolis-St. Paul San Francisco
  15. JH42XCC

    Ask A Moderator

    CCSLC has been compromised! Have we been hacked?