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  1. ...or it could be a typo on RBronish's part. I think he acutally meant to have the 49ers finish 6-12 and the Express finish 2-16.
  2. Going with the old WFL. Birmingham Americans (the only champion in WFL history): Birmingham Vulcans (replaced the Americans in season 2): Detroit Wheels (played only 13 games in season 1 before folding): Florida Blazers (moved to San Antonio and became the Wings in season 2): New York Stars (played only 13 games before moving to Charlotte and becoming the Hornets): Philadelphia Bell: Washington Ambassadors (never played; moved to Norfolk, VA, and then later Orlando, FL, and became the aforementioned Florida Blazers):
  3. ROFL
  4. My vote for the NJ Sharks color option goes to Orange/Blue
  5. 1981

    Well, this is unexpected! The NFA shuts down operations, but after a week, it somehow resumes operations. Crazy, isn't it?!
  6. NBA: I'd put Atlanta in the Atlantic and Memphis in the Southeast. NHL: I think the Eastern Conference's Central Divsion should be renamed the Northeast Division, while the Western Conference's Plains Division should be renamed the Central Division; makes more sense that way.
  7. 1981

    Pretty sad it had to end just as it was about to get interesting. But it was fun while it lasted. Think there's going to be a replacement league for the NFA anytime soon? And if so, will it be using Canadian-style rules, American-style rules, or a hybrid of both? Also, who's going to run this new league? And will any of the teams be carried over from the NFA to this new league? But the more important question... What's going to happen to the Canadian Football Protection Act?
  8. So you merge the NHL with the WHA, and YOU DON'T INCLUDE THE MONTREAL CANADIENS?! That's blasphemy! The Montreal Canadiens are an Original Six franchise, and you can't have an NHL without the Canadiens! All I can see is a jumbled mess.
  9. Brooklyn Bruisers Logo (a simple uppercase letter "B"): Wordmarks (inspired by the Giants wordmark): Uniforms (basically a combination of the current uniforms and the Parcells-era uniforms):
  10. And besides, Syracuse is much closer to Buffalo than it is to New York City. Therefore, the Syracuse team would be affiliated with the Bills instead of the Giants. With that said, here's my submission: Team: Brooklyn Bruisers Affiliation: New York Giants Colors: Dark Royal Blue, Red, White Stadium: MCU Park
  11. I'm not sure that a pro football D-League team playing in a minor league baseball park would be a good idea. I think it would be better to have them play in one of those MLS soccer-specific stadiums (i.e.: MAPFRE Stadium, StubHub Center, Red Bull Arena) or a small college (preferrably FCS level or lower) football stadium. Well, basically, any stadium with less than 40,000 seats.
  12. So far, the teams are looking exceptionally fantastic. Keep up the good work..
  13. Oh, just realized I missed the error in the same Team Description for the Bronx Pinstripes where it says "They will feature all of the Bengals and Vikings practice squad members for the 2016 season." So I fixed it for ya.