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  1. My first thought, having stalked this thread and not entirely sure whether any team name ever used aside from top-tier major-league teams would be disqualified, I'd suggest Voodoo. (FYI there was a roller team called the Vancouver Voodoo IIRC and the Arena Football League's New Orleans Voodoo, but there's still a lot of 1990s potential in such a brand. But Mojo also works in that way.)
  2. For the masses: Fan-freaking-tastic. This is a textbook case of how to properly do a cover. Also, given its melancholy, farewell tone, I feel that this is also an appropriate song to post:
  3. Baby brave swingin' a tomahawk. So...Brandiose.
  4. There's a few tweets that say that the option to go ahead with a rebrand in 2019 are still on the table: My money's still on when the new stadium opens (now 2020), but maybe they can go ahead with it. Granted, I still don't see the reason why they couldn't at least go to the Royal/Yellow throwbacks at home full-time (even with the incongruity of Navy/Gold/White on the road), but the NFL loves its micromanaging.
  5. The Thunder definitely has potential, but what about either A. Keeping the yellow stripe and making both sides of that stripe the same color (my preference is the red-orange) with the other color, or B. Making both sides of the stripe one color, making the yellow stripe the other color, and outlining that stripe with yellow? (This could also open up the door to coloring the "OKC" on the pants, say, light blue on the red-orange field, outlined in white.)
  6. And seeing Golden State beating down San Antonio (well, after Kahwi Leonard got injured) makes me feel better about Utah's effort.
  7. Still, it's an improvement. I normally don't condone teams to simply go back to a logo/uniform set full-stop (with a couple small tweaks like putting the streaking sun logo in a ROUNDEL), but it would work wonders for the Suns. That said, the Suns' current uniforms are a few tweaks (purple on home uniforms, putting the front number in a simplified sun which could help utilize a third color on their regular home/road uniforms, removing the back stripes, etc.) from having a good modernization of their 1990s look.
  8. It's a shame. The music of Soundgarden was a large part of my youth, as was that of Audioslave, and in whatever band (or solo), he could sing in just about any situation. It sucks even more that, not uncommon for those from the 1990s Seattle grunge scene, it looks like he took his own life.
  9. If you're sick of Team Predator, there's always Team Alien. They have about 10% new blood...
  10. So have they laid off Mike Golic too? I'm really looking forward to Mike & Mike. Either way, with the Golic/ESPN split, his son Jake tweeted this: Couldn't have said it better myself. EDIT: Apparently Golic will remain with ESPN, but he and Greenberg will split. Still, not a good look to spread your assets thin like that.
  11. Yep. Sonic games have a far better track record with 2D games than 3D (or even 2.5D) games.
  12. Warriors win 136-100. At this point I wouldn't mind seeing them #basketballreasons-ed down a peg or 3. It's not going to happen, but I can dream, can't I?
  13. RE: Utah's Uniforms: I like the inclusion of the stripes on the shoulder caps. I also like them extending about 7/8 the way down the pants like traditional football pants stripes should. But that contrasting bottom pants panel and back-bending stripe needs to go, like, yesterday.
  14. You do have a point here, as the intensity ramps up within about 10 minutes to go and if the score is within about 10. But if the Cavs pull within 1 point with 2 minutes to go after being down 18, then every single point--and stop--matters. Don't get me wrong, I also like (and appreciate) more conservatively-scored game like hockey (and defense in general) where every score matters throughout, but basketball has its runs throughout the game and has the closing minutes which could go any which way. 1. You watched the playoffs in the wrong mountainous NBA city. 2. That said, I, too, have a love-hate relationship with the NBA as a league, mostly stemming from officiating. It's either terribly inconsistent or biased, and most of the time favors superstar-laden or otherwise large-market teams. That, in turn, leads to players like James Harden and the bulk of the current Clippers and Warriors rosters (I may admit some bias here) to drop on the deck and flop like a fish. Then, in the last decade or so, we've gotten the Superteam™, where competitive balance has been thrown out the window and exacerbated to the point where only 2-3 teams have a legitimate shot at a championship instead of about 5-8. One of the NBA's largest faults--and could possibly prove its downfall at a point in time in the relatively distant future--is its insistence to put these #narratives ahead of the actual gameplay or competitive balance. You had the Lakers and Celtics in the 1980s, Jordan and the Bulls in the 1990s, Kobe and the Lakers in the 2000s (and at the end of the decade, the Celtics--again--with theri "Big 3"). In this decade, you had The Decision™, it was LeBron and the Heat, then the Warriors, then LeBron and the Cavs. Granted, there are some exceptions (Dallas winning in 2011 with San Antonio and Detroit effectively playing spoiler here and there), but I believe the NBA has the smallest amount of its teams to win at least one title (something like 10-12; correct me if I'm wrong). (I might also admit to San Antonio being effectively my 3rd favorite NBA team behind Utah and Phoenix due to their more "team-first" approach.) Anyways, the NHL hasn't been without its officiating faults that somehow benefits the team with the biggest name (See this year's Columbus-Pittsburgh series), but that league doesn't to have the kind of history that the NBA has. After all, I don't recall Wayne Gretzky winning a title after leaving Edmonton.