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  1. DustDevil61

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    True. I'll give you that. It's just funny how both teams have taken some elements of each other's designs over the years.
  2. DustDevil61

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    The logo set is really growing on me. It's easily the best part of this logo set. The skyline logo is the best logo of the bunch and a great callback to their 1980s look. That said, that roundel looks awfully familiar: Of course, you can't do a lot with a roundel. (On the flip side, it might be a good idea for the Jazz to drop their roundel and go with a team-colored version of their state-outline logo. Much of the same can be said of just about every NBA roundel, though.) The two biggest things about the jerseys for me are (A) The color balance, and, related to it, (B) The armhole/collar striping, or lack thereof. The road Icon uniform has the best color balance out of all 3 jerseys, but that awesome dark red is virtually nonexistent. I feel that making the mountains on the shorts dark red would go a long way to bring out all the Nuggets' team colors while being an awesome reference to Denver's awesome city flag. The armhole/collar striping on the road Icon uniform should also be either dark red or gold. Red mountains on the shorts mountains, along with more gold in general (between the beltline tripes on the shorts, perhaps?), would also help out the color balance of the home Association and Statement uniforms. I'd also put the city skyline logo on the buckle of all jerseys and probably go with one shade of blue (I'd go with the dark royal) for the base color for both the road Icon and Statement uniforms, but I'd be more inclined to go with a gold Statement jersey. *Clears throat*
  3. DustDevil61

    IHOP Name Change Coming 6/11

    Burgers, huh? I know another place that their logo reminds me of: IHOPB better hope that a lawsuit "b" not coming...
  4. DustDevil61

    Terrible names, amazing uniforms

    Unpopular opinion alert: The biggest issue with the Vegas Golden Knights' name isn't the adjective "Golden," it's the slangy city name. As has been discussed at length before, "Vegas" comes across as too gimmicky, too minor-league. "Las Vegas Knights" or even "Las Vegas Golden Knights" (while a mouthful) sounds much better and much more professional. We've had an NHL team with Golden in their name before and I'm actually kinda OK with seeing that descriptor return. They picked the best adjective by far, even though I'd say that going with just "Knights" would work far better. I will also say "Silver Knights" wouldn't sound too bad, either, given that Nevada is the Silver State, though they would risk looking too much like the LA Kings. "Black Knights," as also explained, smacks of trying to be too Army-like, and don't get me started with "Desert Knights."
  5. DustDevil61

    Hurricanes to Unveil New Third Jersey for 2018-19

    My thoughts exactly, other than the fact that I like the subtle shoulder patch. That's probably an unpopular opinion. That said, I would hope that if they go in another direction, they either go with a gray jersey that flips the gray and black of that black alternate--except they fill in the hurricane warning flag pattern and make the bottom stripe black (using a colored-in logo would probably look better than the black/gray main logo). But this could be a place where new owner Tom Dundon surprises us and gives us Whalers throwbacks or something inspired by the Whalers.
  6. DustDevil61

    Your favorite color combinations

    (In no particular order) For color schemes that have been used at one point by a top-level team: - Brown/Orange - Green/Yellow/White - Light Blue/Red (or Maroon) - Teal/Purple (or the similar Purple/Light Blue) - Black/Light Blue (or the similar Navy/Light Blue) - Red/Silver (or Dark Gray) - Black/Orange - Orange/Blue Color schemes that have been used very rarely if at all but I think would look great: - Red/Orange/Dark Gray (or Black) - Brown/Light Blue (or Teal) - Black/Copper - Dark Green/Orange (or the similar Red/Dark Green) Now, a little clarification...when I say Green, I generally mean Kelly Green or a similar shade (think of the Dallas Stars' "Victory Green"). Asfor Red/Orange/Dark Gray, I'd either have a standard scarlet and creamsicle orange or have a slightly darker orange and a more standard shade of orange. Or Brick Red/Black and Black/Red-Orange on their own work, too. Orange/Blue has a number of different shades, but I've really grown on Orange/Navy, especially when orange is the main color (Denver Broncos, 2017-18 Edmonton Oilers). Another variation of Orange/Blue that I really would like to see is Red-Orange/Light Blue, with a very near burnt orange and a powder blue. As for Red/Orange/Graphite, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have come close, but even with their 1997-2013 uniforms the pewter was a few shades too warm. Remove that warmth or even make it a slightly cool gun-metal gray and IMO the color pallete is improved dramatically and pops even more when compared to the much, much warmer red and orange. I'm surprised that, aside from the 1999-2003 Utah Jazz alts, 2000s Edmonton Oilers, and the arena/indoor football Arizona Rattlers, there have been no pro/college teams that have tried a predominantly Black/Copper (or even Navy) look, given how well black goes with metallic colors (though getting the shade right might have something to do with it. The deeper, richer shade of copper that the Jazz and Rattlers employed worked much better than the washed-out pink-ish/gold-ish/bronze-ish Edmonton Oilers of the 2000s). Finally, there's got to be some honorable mentions for color schemes that I like but aren't among my very favorites: - Purple/Black - Brown/Yellow - Blue/Yellow - Maroon/Yellow - Black/Silver (or the similar Black/White, yes I'm serious) - Teal/Gold/Black - Dark Gray/Gold - Black/Yellow - Red/Black
  7. DustDevil61

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    These colors schemes are about the only ones that I don't like, particularly the Blue/Black/Red. There's just not a lot of pop coming from such a scheme. (Navy/Black is even worse, being all drab where there only should be one of those colors in a color scheme). I'd also put the Edmonton Oilers' Navy/Copper look as well, but the one redeeming factor to those uniforms is the use of copper. I've long felt that a primarily Black/Copper or Navy/Copper look would do well (a third color to balance out the look wouldn't hurt if done right), should they get the right shade of copper. The BFBS alternates that the Utah Jazz used from 1999-2003 showed how to properly use copper in my opinion, right shade and all: (Of course, I didn't like the BFBS aspect to the Jazz's jerseys with what was their color palette then. They had light blue and turquoise at their disposal and they went with black? All that said, I liked the way they employed copper as well as the copper shade, and a full set with copper-sided white and purple jerseys could've looked cool). Kelly Green/Orange doesn't look all that great, either, at least in the shades FAMU uses. Now, a darker green works with that shade of orange, like what the University of Miami uses, or even better, a dark, forest green and deep red-orange would look incredible, particularly for a team named "Dragons." Light Blue/Yellow (or Gold) is all right by me, but those Eagles throwbacks didn't bother me as they were one- (or two-) off throwbacks. The famed Chargers throwbacks managed to keep the light blue and gold separated enough so as to not come into direct conflict and keep a good balance:
  8. DustDevil61

    What expansion teams mascot could have been.

    Las Vegas Desert Knights
  9. DustDevil61

    "Fan Favorite" Players

    Even further back? Antione Carr. You also have, to an extent, Mehmet Okur towards the end of Harpring's playing career. There's also DeMarre Carroll and Trevor Booker.
  10. DustDevil61

    Buccaneers Concept Revision (Cannon Ball Set Update 5/12/18)

    What about, instead, having the cannonball logo having the cannonball coming through the fabric, as if it were being shot through a flag? (Ironic, I know, but if done right it could be a creative, possibly slightly humorous, logo when worn on a shirt or on the sleeve?)
  11. DustDevil61

    The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Great series so far! I'm looking forward to seeing what you have in store with Utah, Memphis, Minnesota, and New Orleans!
  12. DustDevil61

    MLB changes 2018?

    While the Royals have had a lot of history with their current "KC" hat logo, I wouldn't mind at all if they went to using the Monarchs' "KC" logo.
  13. DustDevil61

    2018 NBA Post Season

    How do you go from 19-28 in January to being in the second round of the playoffs?
  14. DustDevil61

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Yet it still looks better than what they actually wear. The Browns, man...
  15. DustDevil61

    Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I should've added that caveat. Still cream/off-white or lightish gray are the only colors that the Browns should ever consider adding their palette.