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  1. DustDevil61

    Cursed Uniforms

    Similar to the Broncos IIRC the Carolina Panthers have not done well in the playoffs wearing their black jerseys. A couple games that come to mind are Super Bowl 50 (against the aforementioned white-clad Broncos) and the 2014 NFC Divisional Round, while at home to the Colin Kaepernick-led San Francisco 49ers (they also went mono-black in that game, too, IIRC).
  2. Broncos? Not so much, as I consider their look a modern classic. But the Cardinals? Hoo boy, both with their uniforms and their performance. Those jerseys are bad enough to make the entire matchup look worse.
  3. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 7 Thursday Denver at Arizona Sunday Tennessee "at" LA Chargers Buffalo at Indianapolis Detroit at Miami Cleveland at Tampa Bay New England at Chicago Houston at Jacksonville New Orleans at Baltimore Carolina at Philadelphia Minnesota at NY Jets LA Rams at San Francisco Dallas at Washington Monday NY Giants at Atlanta Feels good to get that Thursday Night pick in.
  4. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Another missed Thursday pick! I need to get get that time to do them. (A lot of things-good things-are happening in my life, but that’s a story for another day.) Week 6 Sunday Seattle “at” Oakland Indianapolis at NY Jets Chicago at Miami Arizona at Minnesota Tampa Bay at Atlanta Buffalo at Houston LA Chargers at Cleveland Carolina at Washington Pittsburgh at Cincinnati LA Rams at Denver Jacksonville at Dallas Baltimore at Tennessee Kansas City at New England Monday San Francisco at Green Bay
  5. DustDevil61

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I've heard somewhere that the Jazz's Earned™ set is going in similar pattern to that of the gold Statement™ set except for the fact that it is primarily green.
  6. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    I really need to get my Thursday picks back on track... Week 5 Sunday Green Bay at Detroit Atlanta at Pittsburgh Tennessee at Buffalo Miami at Cincinnati Baltimore at Cleveland Denver at NY Jets Jacksonville at Kansas City NY Giants at Carolina Oakland at LA Chargers Minnesota at Philadelphia Arizona at San Francisco LA Rams at Seattle Dallas at Houston Monday Washington at New Orleans
  7. DustDevil61

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    The Raiders' branding as-is works perfectly well for a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-esque identity.
  8. DustDevil61

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    I prefer Royal Blue to Navy, but I don't mind Navy as long as you can tell that it's blue (i.e., not too dark)...and goes along with yellow.
  9. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 4 Sunday Detroit at Dallas Buffalo at Green Bay Miami at New England Philadelphia at Tennessee NY Jets at Jacksonville Houston at Indianapolis Cincinnati at Atlanta Tampa Bay at Chicago Seattle at Arizona Cleveland at Oakland New Orleans at NY Giants San Francisco at LA Chargers Baltimore at Pittsburgh Monday Kansas City at Denver
  10. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Oops...missed tonight’s game. Probably would’ve missed it anyways. Week 3 Sunday Indianapolis vs. Philadelphia Tennessee vs. Jacksonville San Francisco vs. Kansas City Buffalo vs. Minnesota New Orleans vs. Atlanta NY Giants vs. Houston Cincinnati vs. Carolina Green Bay vs. Washington Oakland vs. Miami Denver vs. Baltimore LA Chargers vs. LA Rams Dallas vs. Seattle Chicago vs. Arizona New England vs. Detroit  Monday Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay
  11. DustDevil61

    Minor League Baseball News

    Does not surprise me as the AAA Missions franchise (formerly the Colorado Springs Skysox) was already the Brewers' AAA affiliate. (Sorry for the consecutive post.)
  12. DustDevil61

    Minor League Baseball News

    It doesn't make the most geographical sense, but I love how the Diamondbacks are, in a roundabout way, honoring the franchise lineage of the Aces as their predecessor by doing this.
  13. DustDevil61

    NFL 2018 changes

    I liked the Ravens purple pants, and we desperately need stripes on the black pants. I'm not too sure about them being a a full-time option (that should be the white or even possibly properly striped black pants), but I love them as an alternate option. I can't help but think how black over purple would look. As for the Ravens in general, I echo @Buc's sentiment--I might not love absolutely everything about them, but I've grown to like and gain a greater appreciation for the neo-traditional looks that came about in the 1990s and whose bases designs have remained virtually untouched for last two decades, like the Ravens, Panthers, and even Eagles. That's not to say that I would make some tweaks to them (I'd make the Eagles green, well, greener, and drop black in favor of a mid-dark gray or just use silver, I'd change the Ravens' helmet logo and possibly add a purple/white/purple or Brashier stripe to it, and I'd either drop the Panthers' white pants or completely drop silver from the Panthers' palette), but there's something to say about sticking with what you have instead of throwing everything out the window to chase trends [see: Buccaneers, Tampa Bay and Jaguars, Jacksonville (though to their credit they've come back in the right direction), and Browns, Cleveland]. It's also ironic that the old Browns are respecting their equity far more than the current team named the Browns, even after being forced to change their name, colors, and uniforms (not to mention their primary logo twice--owing to the fact that the original Browns never had much of a logo then).
  14. DustDevil61

    Unpopular Sports Opinions

    Here are some thoughts of mine, snipping the quotes to keep the post a little more streamlined. Football - NCAA's pass interference is 1000x better than the NFL's. There have been too many times where an offense is bailed out and a game's flow completely changed by a ticky-tack PI call. I could maybe tolerate a spot foul if it's especially flagrant, but otherwise, 15 yards is enough for your average PI. While we're at it, let's also get rid of automatic first downs except in only the most flagrant situations? No need to issue an automatic first down when it's only a 5-yard penalty. (I guess the general rule of thumb is "No moving the chain backward unless in the most extreme cases.") - Agreed. An NFL catch should be just one foot inbounds as well...it's more natural to land on one foot than to try to bring down both. If someone jumps a gap and lands safely but with just one foot on the other side, do we not say that they've landed and push them back over the edge? (OK, kinda rubbish analogy, but the number of rules designating what is and isn't a catch needs to be trimmed.) Baseball - I think I like @OnWis97's approach to Interleague the best. Under the current Interleague format, we don't need to force the Yankees and Mets, Cubs and White Sox, Dodgers and Angels, A's and Giants, and so forth to play regional rivals every single year. That said, I think I'm a little more open to Interleague than most on these boards and would actually like see every team play every other team in at least a two-game series in a given season. I feel that this can be accomplished even trimming back the MLB schedule from 162 games per year to, say, 150-155ish games. Also, I really like the idea that someone (I think it was ESPN's Michael Wilbon) suggest that the rules should be based on the road team's league. This would give the home fans just a taste of the other league's brand of baseball. Speaking of which... - I think that the DH rule should remain the way it is between the AL and NL. - I understand the need to let the intentional walk be played out, but this is one situation where I side more with making some tweaks to speed up the game, especially if the end result is the same. - Pete Rose should be reinstated. Betting on games, while certainly not admirable even if you're not throwing games, is a far lesser issue and a far less slippery slope than legalized PEDs. (Sorry, I just can't get behind the use of PEDs.) Basketball - I'm also not a fan of the restricted area. It comes across as a ploy that allows more wiggle room for superstar calls. Hockey - I think there should be less of an emphasis on players to police themselves, but I don't think it needs to be outright eliminated from the sport. - Not sure if it's unpopular or not, but I prefer white jerseys at home. Soccer - I've never been to a game in person, but I've lived within earshot of a stadium (both in England and now near where Real Salt Lake plays), and seen games on TV. I love soccer culture, what with team chants, team songs, fan club banners, etc and wished that elements of that would be ported (where reasonable) to North American Big 4 leagues and fanbases. Uniform/Stadium/Business/Franchise (AKA General) - Teams should go with an approach more akin to soccer (minus the "let's change every single year) with white, color, and a couple of clash sets with less of an emphasis on what is primary and secondary. Note that I did not say anything about reducing the emphasis on home and road, as the NBA has pretty much thrown that out under Nike, and it is a mess. I'd prefer having the average NBA and NHL team having 4 jersey options--Regular Home (Generally White), Alternate Home (Lighter color, like Yellow, Light Blue, Orange, etc.), Regular Road (Primary team color), and Alternate Road (Secondary darker team color). Obviously, teams like the Detroit Red Wings and New York Yankees can stick to the regular Home and Road that they have most year through their histories, but I think you get the gist. - I'm OK with the "Cleveland Deal" right up to the point where actual franchise continuity is muddied. Sport team names, colors, uniforms, records, etc. are but a title that can be bestowed upon multiple organizations/entities/people/etc., not unlike Caesar or Donkey Kong, but let's not forget the franchise continuity. The Baltimore Ravens franchise is the original Cleveland Browns franchise that was forced to give up its title when it left Cleveland after the 1995 NFL season while the current Browns franchise took upon itself the Cleveland Browns title when it began operations in 1999. - I wouldn't mind multi-use stadiums if they are given some aspect of character...that said, a small part of me will be sad when the Raiders are no longer playing on a combined baseball/football stadium.
  15. DustDevil61

    2018 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Week 2 Thursday Baltimore at Cincinnati Sunday Philadelphia at Tampa Bay Indianapolis at Washington Cleveland at New Orleans Kansas City at Pittsburgh Minnesota at Green Bay Carolina at Atlanta Miami at NY Jets Houston at Tennessee LA Chargers at Buffalo Detroit at San Francisco Arizona at LA Rams New England at Jacksonville Oakland at Denver NY Giants at Dallas Monday Seattle at Chicago