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  1. They put Starkvegas on the court? thats kind of sad
  2. Texas A&M will be wearing 1956 throwbacks when they play at South Carolina on 10/1 Here is the inspiration
  3. That was the first time A&M has gone W/W/M I agree. It bugs me when alternates ca user you to match the team you're playing against rather than create a contrast
  4. Does that mean Texas Tech will be wearing their light grey or white uniform at home?
  5. I wish UTSA would stick with the roadrunner logo on the helmet rather than going with the generic texas univeristy look
  6. Agreed. These need to become the permanent uni for ohio st
  7. While I like the SC garnet helmet in a vacuum, my first thought was, "ah crap, not another variant of dark red helmet in the SEC"
  8. apparently the camo pattern in the baylor logo qualifies as appreciation
  9. Baylor will be wearing a military appreciation uniform Saturday against SMU
  10. A&M busting out the patriotic helmets this weekend in remembrance of 9/11. I would expect to see a fair number of schools doing some kind of patriotic uniform play this weekend. It appears they will be wearing special cleats as well featuring the wording from the t-shirt fundraiser A&M students organized for the first game played at A&M after the 9/11 attacks
  11. I believe Notre Dame is wearing an ugly olive green alt when they play Army this year
  12. While I like the logo, to say the current Texans are a spiritual continuation of a WFL team that only played 5 games in Houston is a stretch.
  13. I hate it when a team wears a black alt uniform against a team whose primary uniform is black.
  14. At least with the jets going all white there wont be any issue for the colorblind viewers this time
  15. It'd be one thing if they used the interlocking UT logo, but that is most certainly the Tennessee power T.