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  1. I miss those florida state uniforms
  2. I always preferred this design for the Florida endzone. I get why they switched it to the official team lettering, but it takes up so little space in the endzone compared to the old design.
  3. New court design for the Louisiana Ragin Cajuns.
  4. ewww. that game should be exciting on tv with it being purple vs orange, and both schools decide to go for their bland looks.
  5. is that techfit without the techfit stretch pattern?
  6. NRG Stadium has corporate sponsored entry gates as well. the only thing without a corporate name in the Texans game day experience is the parking lots. The local transit authority still has the train station stop labeled as Reliant Stadium as they weren't willing to pay to rebrand the stop just because the stadium sponsorship name changed.
  7. It was a preseason exhibition game against the Shanghai Sharks. They were the team Yao Ming played for before coming to the NBA. He is now their current owner. The Rockets are going to keep tapping into that Chinese market for as long as they can.
  8. Sorry if I missed it earlier, but the Rockets have changed their court design. The key and out of bounds areas are now painted red. The lane marks are black instead of white which may be a sign that black will be a more prominent feature of the rockets look going forward. They also removed the full team logo from the 3-point area as well as did away with the 2-tone wood stain New: Old:
  9. They put Starkvegas on the court? thats kind of sad
  10. Texas A&M will be wearing 1956 throwbacks when they play at South Carolina on 10/1 Here is the inspiration
  11. That was the first time A&M has gone W/W/M I agree. It bugs me when alternates ca user you to match the team you're playing against rather than create a contrast
  12. Does that mean Texas Tech will be wearing their light grey or white uniform at home?
  13. I wish UTSA would stick with the roadrunner logo on the helmet rather than going with the generic texas univeristy look
  14. Agreed. These need to become the permanent uni for ohio st