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  1. Houston TV Station Logos
  2. I just think of this guy
  3. please stop calling them NASCARS. They are stock cars
  4. it will be the acc logo on the field during the season, but his point still stands.
  5. Kind of. Miami has a baseball-only mascot named the Miami Maniac.
  6. I think I'm in love
  8. Houston Baptist busted out a retro uniform this past weekend.
  9. Adidas's super reflective taped on numbers would match up well with Rutgers silver helmets if they bring those back.
  10. Does the old Texas A&M mid-court stained Texas outline count?
  11. Its the same reason why anyone sponsors anything in an arena. You get visibility and hopefully sales. By being the uniform sponsor, I'm sure GE gets a suite and some extra tickets to take their clients to the games as well. I work for a competitor of GE so hopefully my company will step up their sponsorship game and get me a chance to get some free seats
  12. I prefer that to the unbalanced look the Patriots gave us in Super Bowl XLIX. I still would like to see the conference logos somewhere on the field.
  13. that dull grey just blends in with the rest of the field markings. I didn't even notice it for awhile during the games last week
  14. The Saints painted an endzone for the Rams for the Saints' first ever game
  15. Back when the Texans first brought pro football back to Houston, I think many people were hoping that they would bring in many of the former oilers for appearances and perhaps retire a few of their uniform numbers to embrace the city's football history. Instead, the Texans organization has not even acknowledged that there was a pro team in town for them. I get why. The Texans are Bob McNair's baby and product. While their level of on-field success has been rather lackluster, the city has embraced the team without a need of bringing up the past and the bitter breakup that occurred when Adams moved the Oilers away. Houston basically got a second wife. As good as some of the times were with the ex, theres no need to hang pennants and banners around the stadium reminding you of them. I miss the Oilers and it would be nice to formally recognize their history here, but at the same time there are more people living in Houston that never saw the Oilers play in the dome than there are those that did.