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  1. that dull grey just blends in with the rest of the field markings. I didn't even notice it for awhile during the games last week
  2. The Saints painted an endzone for the Rams for the Saints' first ever game
  3. Back when the Texans first brought pro football back to Houston, I think many people were hoping that they would bring in many of the former oilers for appearances and perhaps retire a few of their uniform numbers to embrace the city's football history. Instead, the Texans organization has not even acknowledged that there was a pro team in town for them. I get why. The Texans are Bob McNair's baby and product. While their level of on-field success has been rather lackluster, the city has embraced the team without a need of bringing up the past and the bitter breakup that occurred when Adams moved the Oilers away. Houston basically got a second wife. As good as some of the times were with the ex, theres no need to hang pennants and banners around the stadium reminding you of them. I miss the Oilers and it would be nice to formally recognize their history here, but at the same time there are more people living in Houston that never saw the Oilers play in the dome than there are those that did.
  4. Having the Titans retire Warren Moon's uniform in nashville was just all sorts of weird.
  5. Yup. We even used to put Texas Aggies in the endzones at Kyle Field. It's a call back to an era when many of the land grant schools were still just A&M colleges. You had Oklahoma Aggies, Colorado Aggies, Mississippi Aggies and so on. It's a bit redundant to say you're Texas Agricultural & Mechanical College Aggies. For once its not an intentional slight toward UT. That's just what people referred to students at A&M as.
  6. Fine, call the female teams the Mares and see just how offended they get then
  7. Texas Bowl field for tonight.
  8. Miller and Coors are marketed and sold by the same company in the US (MillerCoors) so there's technically no conflict for the Miller car to sport a Coors sicker.
  9. a teal color scheme with a horse logo has been done in the NBA before
  10. Monster Beverage Co. is a separate company from Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola does own 17% of Monster and is their distributor, but this isn't a case of Coke using their sponsorship money to slap their brand on the series like with Mello Yello on the NHRA or with Minute Maid on the Astros stadium.
  11. There aren't too many companies since last decade's financial collapse with marketing/advertising budget to throw over $20 million/year at one sport.
  12. its how most uniforms look inside the superdome
  13. I think people just got used to seeing black as part of UL-Lafayette's color scheme. The school traditionally has been a red and white only school so its refreshing for me to see them return to the look that I have associated with ragin cajun football.
  14. Its attendance and tv numbers are down from its peak 15 years ago, but its still bringing in tons of money and decent ratings. All of motorsports are declining in viewers, but NASCAR is still the top league in North America by far when compard to Indycar or sportscar racing. Sprint had a new CEO take over and he decided the company didn't need to sponsor the series anymore so NASCAR had to go out and find a new title sponsor.