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  1. Thats a great question. I didn't notice it the first time. I can't think of any other time that a corporate logo (other than the manufacturer logo) has been on a college football uni outside of a bowl game. The 2013 Red River Shootout Rivalry had a game patch without the game's sponsor logo, but both schools ditched the golden hat inspired uniforms after this one game.
  2. No changes to Texas A&M's standard home uni. No word on what any of the alternates will be this year. 2016 version of the cleats and gloves
  3. I'm glad the blue endzones have returned.
  4. Not a bad design IMO. Wish they would remove "explore" and as I don't like plates being an advertisement for the state's tourism board.
  5. And even he is probably a die hard Michigan Wolverines fan
  6. The NBA rarely has had teams change identities when they move. The Sonics to Thunder might be the only recent case where a team changed its identity solely from relocating. The older examples would be the Buffalo Braves becoming the San Diego Clippers and the the Rochester Royals becoming the Kansas City Kings
  7. Those shoulder wings look a little better than the adidas stock wing they ripped off from oregon and slapped on the shoulder of every school they fitted that had a bird related logo.
  8. YAY more michigan state font!
  9. Italy has been wearing blue since before it was a republic. Blue was the color of the a royal house at the time and they have just kept the tradition going.
  10. Texas A&M has many Brutalist buildings.
  11. I agree. If they could just move the conference and manufacture logos out some it would be better, but those seams run right where you would want to place a conference logo patch
  12. Its as if Stubhub went to a designer and said could you please make us a logo that is as bland as possible so that you cannot tell what our business actually does by looking at our logo.
  13. I feel bad for the equipment managers for schools that use pride stickers as well as multiple helmets
  14. They're technically still on the island. Just on a part of it that doesn't really identify itself as being on the island.
  15. That may partially explain why there are a large number of Yankee fans in New Orleans