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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    So I guess we did get pant stripes. they just happen to be horizontal, small and not very noticeable.
  2. MLB by NIKE

    Quick update on a couple thing: changed the wordmark on the home jersey to red outlined in navy with a light blue drop shadow and it really does pop now. Also changed the red billed hat and helmet to the TC logos. I'm keeping the M on the BP jersey and hat. C&C welcome!
  3. The 1972 Project

    Don't normally like posting 3 times in a row, but when you have 130(ish) teams you hope to get through, you gotta keep moving forward. Old Dominion: Not normally a team you see in a concept thread or as a concept by itself. Which I think is a shame because I think they have a good identity, but uniform wise, a little too catalog built for my liking. So the story behind this set of designs is not paying attention in class and doing research on Old Dominion uniforms. I used their knockoff Navy helmet as a base for the design, but didn't want to use it because that helmet belongs to Navy. I also wanted to get more of their light blue into their uniforms. Football - The return to Nike brings a more unique look to the gridiron. I took the stripe built off the Navy-knockoffs and slapped it everywhere. A rule I have here is I'm not doing chrome helmets, but chrome facemasks and logos aren't out of the question. All the helmets have a chrome grey facemask. Navy and white have the ODU crown logo and the grey has the shielded lion logo. Jerseys have the stripe applied to the whole sleeve cap, Old Dominion wordmark on the chest. I found a number font that I felt was a good fit to the brand. Pants have the block stripe down them. Hockey - I almost took a Mighty Ducks approach to this but in the end it didn't work out with the way the stripe is built so I used a little of the pre-edge Penguins look as the base for these. Again, navy and white unis get the crown logo, grey gets the shield. Not much more to say about these. Baseball - These got a little crazy. I kept the stripe slanted like on the hockey jerseys and left them slanted so they go all the way up onto the back. A little different for baseball but it's college and we're allowed to have fun in college. However the wordmarks didn't work for the jerseys, so again the crowns go with the home and away and the shield goes with the grey. Pants have the blocky stripe. Basketball - These ended up being my favorite. The home and away felt more reserved in the jerseys but nonetheless scream ODU. Again, the wordmarks didn't fit the jerseys but the ODU sans shield did so all the jerseys ended up with them. the home and away get the stripes down the sides, and get some arm hole striping. The away gets a more angular design on the jerseys. The shorts get an angular design across the board. The home and away get the shield logo on the leg and the wordmark above the stripes. The alt shorts get the state logo where the wordmark was. C&C welcome! I realize I forgot to update the links in the first post. I'll take care of that and update the uniform picker when I can!
  4. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I wonder what this means for the future of the wood grain alternates
  5. MLB by NIKE

    Up next: Minnesota If the mothership is to be trusted, and why shouldn't it be, then the Twins have a lot of uniforms. Too many uniforms for my liking. Also I am not a fan of the gold they use. Yes it separates them from all the other R/W/B teams but I just don't think that gold fits them. As I was designing these, I came across the powder blue era Twins, and that's when I got the idea to use double blue again. Plus in my head it makes sense because they play in Minnesota which is the Land of A Lot of Lakes and blue = water. Thats as close to NikeSpeak as I want to get . Hats - Hats, hats, hats. There's a lot of hats. The main hat is the navy/navy with the TC logo, and so is the matching helmet. The alternate hat is navy/red with the resurrected M-swoosh logo on the front. Matching helmet as well. BP hats are red/navy with TC logo and white front panel with the M logo. I'm not sure if I'd let those into the normal rotation. Jerseys - So I don't like the Twins in pinstripes. That's just me. I don't think it fits them. I like the new non-pinned home jersey and used those as the base. I borrowed the striping from the powder blue era and made them a little bigger. State outline with the two players is on the right sleeve on all jerseys. Drop shadowed numbers and scripts on all jerseys. Pants - White and powder blue pants. I considered a navy blue set, but it didn't fit so they hit the scrap heap. Triple stripe down the side of the pants. Socks have the jersey stripe on them. C&C welcome!
  6. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Miami has cleaned up with Adidas, but has also had the bad alternates as well.
  7. The 1972 Project

    New week, no more homework (for now at least) and a new team: Ah Wazzu. Almost ended up going to school there until I did some research on their club hockey team and decided to stay home. Anyways, story about me aside, I was not a fan of their football team's addition by subtraction uniforms they unveiled for this season. I didn't see anything wrong with their previous uniforms, which were a few tweaks away IMO from being perfect. They had a unique feel to them, even being as simple as they were before they were simplified further, which I hope to extend to multiple sports. Let's dive in: I love the shoulder stripes that Wazzu used to have. Also I loved the use of two shades of grey. However I didn't like how they used it together. I think that if they're going to use both greys, they should stay separate. However that's just my opinion and I could be very wrong. Also, all the uniforms have a memorial patch for Tyler Hilinksi. Much like the Humboldt Broncos tragedy and how it has hurt the hockey world, the news about Tyler hit the college football world hard and nowhere harder than Washington State. It's an incredibly sad situation and I wish the family the best as they move forward. Football - So back to the uniform world, I was not a fan of the regression these uniforms took. However there were aspects I did like from them. For the helmets, nothing really changed a whole lot. The WSU cougar is still on the sides. 3 of the 4 helmets have a red facemask which I think helps with the problem that the new uniforms didn't mesh together. Jerseys get the shoulder stripes back as well as the WASHINGTON STATE and COUGARS scripts back on the front of two jerseys each. I kept the one color numbers because I liked the way it looks on the new jerseys. Pants get the stripe back again, as well as the WSU cougar logo on the front of the pants. Hockey - The club hockey team uses the old AZ Coyotes uniforms with the appropriate colors. That didn't really fit what I was doing here. These uniforms get the Cougar stripe on the sleeves and a single stripe on the hem. The pants were going to get the Cougar stripe but for some reason it just didn't look good. I can't explain it but it just didn't look like the stripe fit there, so the pants are blank with the exception of the WSU cougar on the front of the pants. The dark grey uniform gets the cawlidge hawkey treatment with the arched script and number underneath it and the WSU logo on the shoulders. Baseball - The baseball team has good uniforms as they exist now, but again, that doesn't fit what I'm working on here. I knocked around the idea of doing stripes similar to the football team but in the end it didn't work out. So the stripes ended up on the sleeves, with some collar striping included. I got a little more creative with the grey alts. The light grey has the cougar logo and the darker grey has the arched WSU script. I was just trying something different and I like the way it turned out. Basketball - Finally, for basketball. They have rather simple uniforms and I didn't see the need to change that. The cougar stripe is done around the sleeves and up the shorts. COUGARS graces the front of the home and away uniforms. For the light grey uniforms, I don't care if its "taboo" or "not how basketball uniforms are supposed to look" but I put the cougar logo on the front and for the dark grey uniform, you guessed it, WSU on the chest. C&C welcome as always!
  8. MLB by NIKE

    So here's what the rest of the set looks like with gold added in: Only differences worth mentioning here is all the thin stripes become gold, the drop shadow becomes gold, and the hat logo gets a gold outline as well. C&C welcome!
  9. MLB by NIKE

    An original draft of their uniforms actually did have silver and gold stripes on the sleeves with the big red stripe. It looked something like this:
  10. The 1972 Project

    My basketball career was so short that I forgot that the jerseys get tucked in. All the jerseys except the black one, since the claw was never on the stripe to begin with, get the claw moved to the shorts.
  11. MLB by NIKE

    Sorry for the long delay, the last month of school has been evil and busy Given the number of red/blue teams in the MLB, another goal I had for this thread was to thin that number out a little bit as best I could. The Angels are a team that I think can be red without having blue/navy/periwinkle/any actual shade of blue. Lets dive in: Hats - For the hats/helmets, red on red. I also reworked the logo so there is no more navy and made the halo yellow, which is what color it should be. BP hats are just red with a white bill because anything crazier just didn't work so I could see that had also being in the rotation as well. Jerseys - Again, navy is gone. I also found that the Buffalo Sabres style stripes work well for the Angels so I used that as their jersey and sock stripes. I reworked the ANGELS wordmark for all the jerseys with the new color scheme I'm working toward. Also gave them a grey alternate jersey since grey plays a large part in their color scheme now. Pants - I went a little crazier on the pants, giving them a pant set in all three of their colors. I think that they could make it work to be totally honest. I also used just a single stripe on the pants. It just looked cleaner than the whole stripe set-up on the jerseys. C&C welcome!
  12. Name That Font!

    Alright I did my best online to find it but I couldn't so maybe one of you can help me. What font is used for OPENING DAY?
  13. The 1972 Project

    Well now knowing that I feel like an a--hole for removing neon from the basketball uniforms. So lets change that. So for the non basketball teams, they all get an all green uniform with black and neon accents. All of these uniform bits would stay together and not separated from these uniforms. Neon is worn with neon alone. And because of it's significance to basketball, they get a white version as well as a green, this time with green and neon accents. I get that Baylor basketball is really the only team with any real claim to the color but given the nature of this thread, what I do to one, I do to the rest (within the range of my abilities)
  14. The 1972 Project

    Spring Break no longer means an actual break anymore. Was hoping to have Baylor up sooner than this but oh well. Baylor presented a unique challenge already. They have sports that all use different colors and manufacturers. Football uses Nike and old gold, Baseball uses a brighter gold and Under Armour, Basketball used to be with Adidas and used the brighter gold and now they're with Nike and use neon! And as for hockey, they play North Stars dress up (at least according to google images) so they have the wrong green and gold(s). So now it's time to figure out how to unify all this madness and chaos. So first thing here was what gold to use. I personally prefer the brighter gold than the old gold, but with Iowa State and West Virginia being in the conference and keeping a similar shade of gold/yellow, I thought it best to stay with the old gold. With the gold problem solved, I then moved on to where to go from a design standpoint. I liked the redesign the football team received a few years back and wondered how that could apply to more than one sport. Football - As I said above, I like the current state of Baylor football uniforms, but I still did make a few changes. The gold helmet remains pretty much the same but I gave the stripe the claw at the back of the stripe on the helmet kinda Cal Bears style. Also the green helmet gets stripes as well as the black helmet. Yes I'm keeping Baylor in black. The jerseys don't really change, save for the black jersey which gets more green. I know that the green and black are hard to distinguish, but I thought that the jersey should at least have more of the team colors on it. Hockey - Carrying on the motifs set by the football jerseys, hockey gets the triple stripe with the bear claw in the middle of it. The pants have the same stripe as the football pants. I love that stripe. I don't fully get it but it screams Baylor to me now. Beyond that, nothing too out of the ordinary. Baseball - Baseball comes to Nike now, and fits in quite nicely. Even though the font is usually vertically arched, I liked the way it looked when simply arced so I rolled with that. Sleeve stripes are clawed in the middle. Pants have the same pant striping as everyone else and Baylor becomes the first team in the series to have colored baseball pants. I figured if all the other teams can blackout, why not baseball? Basketball - I'm not quite as sure on these as the rest. I took the stripe and put it on the side, with the claw at the bottom since the middle didn't quite make sense here. As for the shorts, I ran with the same stripe pattern as the rest. C&C welcome! I'll try not to be away as long moving forward
  15. MLB by NIKE

    Good morning/afternoon to you all. Quick update to KC: Nothing major, just changed Royals on the alternate from royal outlined in white to white outlined in royal.