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  1. bkknight95

    College Basketball 2018-19

    What are the odds on a washing machine catching on fire? I get a dryer catching on fire because, you know heat, but a washer?
  2. bkknight95

    MLB x NIKE (1/30 Baltimore Orioles)

    Big fan of the start already! Can't wait for the rest of the teams
  3. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    First things first, I love the new branding for Army. Is it really still new if it took place in 2014? Okay anyways, love the look for Army. I really don't have a lot to ramble on for up here so lets dive in. Oh, I was going to try and do Army-Navy game uniforms but I failed miserably at that so there will be no Army-Navy game looks. At least for now anyways. Maybe I'll do it after the fact. Also, I know football is an Independent and the other sports are in the Patriot League but for all intents and purposes lets pretend all sports are independent. Football - Football doesn't see a lot of radical change. Primary helmet stays gold with a wide black stripe. Home and away jerseys really don't deviate from the current look. Stripes return to the sleeves. On the left sleeve will be the division patch that player is in. (Okay sidebar, IDK if I did that right with the patches across the team uniforms so if I screwed up with that please don't hesitate to tell me). Anyways, American flag and name patch where the conference logo would be. Pants have singular stripe down the side. No real alternate set, just black helmet and black pants. I didn't quite get the whiteout idea and I think the blackout suits Army better. So like i said, no specific Army-Navy uniforms (for now we'll at least say), BUT i did revitalise the Dress Grey set. which is a greyed out version of the normal uniforms and stays as a set and isn't for mix and match. Hockey - I don't really like the IRL hockey uniforms. Something about them just doesn't work for me. So this change I think works for the better. Athena Shield front and center. Flag on the right shoulder, division patch on the opposite shoulder. NW stripes on the sleeves and the hem. Black pants with gold stripe down the side. Gold and black helmets. Dress Grey alternate set. Baseball - Baseball gets the bells and whistles as well. NW stripes on the sleeves and socks. Black and gold helmets and hats. ARMY across the chest of all three. Flag/name patch on the opposite side. Pants have a single stripe down the side, as well as a blackout option with the black pants. Dress Grey option for the diamond as well. Basketball - Finally, on the hardwood, its really not too different than the rest of them. NW stripes on the arm holes, single color on the neckline. ARMY on the home/away uniforms. Shorts have a single color waistband, NW stripes down near the bottom of the shorts. And of course, Dress Grey for the basketballers. This time with West Point on the front. Not a lot to say, but definitely a lot to look at. Let me know what you guys think about these and GT as well!
  4. bkknight95

    2019 MLB Changes

    Out of all the sports celebrating milestones this year, I think they have the best logo. bit bland and boring you could argue, but it's certainly better than the NFL100 logo.
  5. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    A hellishly busy week gives way to a new week, and finally I can finish our ACC double-feature. Originally, the plan was to return GT to a more Calvin Johnson-era look, but then the new look was unveiled. IDK why GT was one of the earliest teams I sketched out, they were one of the least certain teams I had. But then they went and streamlined their look and created a modern look that I think really, really works. So my plan changed, I felt it rude and wrong to completely ignore the new look they've gone to. Football - So football doesn't really change a whole lot from their new look. Mainly the biggest thing is that the helmet loses the stripes. They don't quite fit with the look in my opinion. Otherwise there are two helmets with 3 sticker sets if you will. Gold and white helmet shells, with the white having a gold base sticker set and a navy base sticker set for the alternate look. I kept the WAH look for them. It's their thing but I shaved it down to one white uniform. I also tweaked the "Stinger Stripes" as they're called. Gold serves as the primary clash jersey, with navy set as the alternate look. Pants are simply done with the Stinger Stripes down the side of the pants. Hockey - Hockey down at GT resides in the ACHA D3 levels, but has a really good look to them. In full honesty, check them out, they have an alternate based on the Thrashers old powder blue uniforms with the Ramblin' Wreck logo on the front. It's really cool. But anyways, keeping the similarity to football in mind, these are a bit simpler than the D3 team's uniforms. Stinger Stripes on the sleeves. Stinger on the shoulders, GT on the front. Hem stripes done to mirror the idea of the Stinger Stripes. And as a fmr. hockey player I am well aware of the stigma of light colored pants. Yes they get dirty quicker, but this is college hockey. Let them have fun. Pants have the stinger stripes down the side. Alternate replaces the GT with Stinger and Stinger with the Wreck Logo. Baseball - Baseball is as simple and modern as the rest of them. Gold, white and an added navy helmet/hat set. Jerseys are basically the same as everything else. The wordmarks don't quite lend themselves super well to the front of jerseys, so the GT logo takes their place. Stinger Stripes on the sleeves, Ramblin' Wreck logo on the back collar. Pants have the stinger stripes down the side. Basketball - Basketball carries out all the previously established motifs. Arched Georgia Tech on the home and away uniforms with the number in the middle. The hockey hem stripes get used around the neckline and the armholes with the stinger stripes coming out just underneath them. Shorts have the hem stripage on the waistband and around the bottom of the leg holes with Stinger on the side of the shorts. C&C Welcome as always!
  6. bkknight95

    NHL 2018-19

  7. who greenlit that W, g'ddamn
  8. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    No worries, I love hearing your guys' thoughts on these. So this was a less modern but still modern idea I had after the last update. I'm obviously gonna keep the speed stripe in some way but now it's been formed into a more retro style of uniform.
  9. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    So this is something I came up with looking at the basketball uniforms. After looking at it a little bit longer, I saw a big disconnect from tops to shorts. Added shoulder color as well as waistband stripes. Also I got rid of one of the "steps" going down the sides of the shorts.
  10. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    Syracuse is always a team I felt could use a unique look however the football team took a step forward and then two steps back with their latest redesign. The lack of orange, overemphasis on navy really ruins it for me. And then there's the unnecessary grey that gets thrown in to it. But the sleeves offer something to be desired to me. I'm always a sucker for that style of "speed" striping they use because I find that it can be very versatile which drove the design of these uniforms. Football - It's a return to the simpler with a mix of the modern thrown in. It marks the return of stripes to the helmet, with the new "speed stripe" making its debut. Block S on the side. Navy helmet to serve as the alternate. Jerseys have the speed stripe wrapping around the sleeve caps. Yes I'm keeping the much maligned font. Again, I'm a sucker for custom fonts, and I personally like the look of the font. Block S at the base of the collar. Pants are equally as simple with the stripe down the side of the pants. Hockey - While the women's team is a Division 1 level team, the men do not have the same such luck. So for the imaginary D1 mens team, much of the same comes over from the football uniforms. Speed stripes adorn the sleeves and make their way onto the hem. Pants have the same stripes, socks just have a triple stripe as opposed to the whole speed thing. Baseball - The resurrection of the baseball team commencences with similarly simple look as the previous two sports. Sleeve stripes are speedy in nature, thought the old basketball script would look good on the chests of the home and away uniforms so there it is. Orange and navy hats/helmets for your viewing pleasure. Basketball - I strayed a bit from the source material here on these. I LOVE the shorts the basketball team currently wears, and I like the overall simplicty of the IRL tops. So I strayed a bit from the previous three uniforms and did a little bit of their own thing for basketball. I kept the same wordmarks because everything else looked wrong and didn't work. Under the arms down the sides are a shortened version of the speed stripes. the shorts got wild. basically I combined the short stripes with the speed stripes and BAM, you get what you see. And because I used the basketball script on the baseball uniforms, it felt very wrong to not use it on a basketball uniform, so there are permanent throwbacks in the rotation. Plus I just watched Requiem for the Big East (which is an amazing 30 for 30 if for some reason you haven't seen it by now), and the 'Cuse uniforms from those days look amazing. C&C welcome!
  11. bkknight95

    Non-sports logos that could be good sports logos?

    Cedarpoint Trucking would look good
  12. bkknight95

    MLB officially partners with Nike

    seeing what happened with the 2018 olympics, i'm almost glad they didn't make a pass at the NHL.
  13. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Army Black Knights

    So I'm gonna go halfway with you on this. No other team has a red helmet, hat or other head apparatus and I didn't really like the way a red helmet looked on the red uniform. So it stayed white. however I was intrigued by the idea of the script on the black jersey like baseball's black uniform: And I think it turned out looking awesome.
  14. bkknight95

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    Looks possibly reminiscent of this era of TCU uniforms
  15. bkknight95

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    Black has no place in Boise State's uniform set. It was BFBS at the highest order. Also there was nothing special about their previous uniforms save for the helmet. The new uniforms are more uniform with each other and are a definite upgrade.