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  1. nhl

    I didn't expect the Stadium Series reactions to be so positive but I'll take it none the less, but time has come to move on to the All Star Tournament: So with the game being celebrated in LA for 2017, I figured why not use the Kings colors to create 4 distinct jerseys so we have more variety than last year. -4 jersey for the four divisions. -Can't really explain the design. I think it looks reminscent of the 80-88 uniforms while still having some All Star ish qualities. C&C welcome!
  2. nhl

    I'll take that as a compliment
  3. color rush

    Thanksgiving offered a nice break from Color Rush, but I'm back now! This one can't happen, but hey lets have fun. -Used the Cowboys criminally underrated navy uniform as the base design. -Vikings stay mostly the same, white and gold flip places. I would never advocate for the Vikes in yellow. I'll advocate for the Boys in grey/silver though. Can't say the same about this matchup however. Or this one. Although this one is mighty fine. C&C welcome.
  4. nhl

    Okay the WInter Classic was tame compared to what I'm about to show you: I'm normally not one for a templated design, but I caved because I felt that I could make this work here. -Robo-Penguin has it's day. It's a design almost reminiscent of the old asymmetrical alternate. -Big logo on one side of the pants, stripe on the other leg. -Flyers mirrors the Pens, but with their logo -Liberty bell on the pant leg instead of Robo-Pen. I realize how gaudy these look, but you gotta have a little fun every now and again C&C welcome!
  5. nhl

    Winter Classic time! So I pretty much nailed the Blues uniform, nameplate withstanding. The Blackhawks need to get a break from outdoor games, but they need a uniform for this one, so I tried a new avenue. -Blues uniform comes from '67. Only thing different is the white name as opposed to yellow. -Blackhawks is a fauxback. Orignially vintage white, but the white looks so clean. -Stripe pattern comes from the uniforms worn between '26-'34. -Used the skinnier font debuted a couple winter classics ago. C&C welcome!
  6. I'd take one week of awful looking teams over aroundabout 16 weeks where two teams potentially make fools of themselves.
  7. nhl

    Great minds must think alike I actually had these designed in August/September when the only thing we knew about it was the name of the game. I don't think anyone foresaw the Leafs dressing like the Panthers Canadiens or the game being all "future" on us. On the note of the uniforms, quick updates: Took @chcarlson23's advice and dropped the NOB's and made the back numbers just a little bit bigger. C&C welcome on these and I'll have another one of the outdoorsy games up next
  8. nhl

    Hope you've all enjoyed Thanksgiving, or at least the long weekend. Still hoping for more C&C on the Heritage Classic, but for now I'm gonna move onto the Centennial Classic, because I feel that needs to be adressed. So did I miss the part where a 100th anniversary celebration means unveil something that is modern and looks like your biggest rival? -Toronto dresses up in vintage white and blue. Detroit had the vintage white for the last outdoor game so it's Toronto's turn. -blue version of the 1934 away jersey. Besides this one being blue, this one has the name on the back . -Detroit dresses up in the '27-'28 Cougars uniforms. Plain, simple and easy C&C welcome on this Classic and the Heritage above it.
  9. nhl

    Well, we've made it through the teams, now we get to the special events!! Leading us off is the Heritage Classic. I had these designed before they unveiled the real uniforms, which were still awesome by the way. Anyways, I didn't think to go all WHA with the Jets like I did with the Oilers but I think it came out looking good. -Jets 2.0 dressed in the Jets 1.0 '90-'96 uniforms, which IMO are the best uniforms in that team's history. -Their HC patch is on the shoulder. -Oilers wear the matching white to their new orange alternate, which also comes equipped with shoulder numbers. -And their HC patch lands on the sleeve C&C welcome!
  10. nhl

    Are you talking about the 50th anniversary logo? That's why the crown logo is on the chest, because I felt the banner logo and the annivesary patch would look too redundant on the front together.
  11. nhl

    Alright I caved on both of them. Changed the V to a more fitting V, which in this case, came from the Johnny Canuck logo. And flipped the place of white and blue on this guy. Anything else you guys see that needs fixing?
  12. color rush

    Keeping things moving right along to tonight's matchup: I'm actually a big fan of this matchup as it currently exists, and I think it's my 4th favorite so far. -Panthers remain mostly the same overall. -Saints go with the whole throwback look, but use the current shade of gold, just to match the helmet (damn the one helmet rule). If white isn't your fancy: Black on Blue would be a cool matchup IMO This one does scream a little ew to me, but its a color. And because I am contractually obligated (don't believe me) I have to show you the black set for the Panthers. Carry on, hopefully enjoy the game tonight, and C&C welcome!!
  13. nhl

    So, I'm not quite committing to this update, but here's what the Johnny Canuck V looks like on the sleeves. I am not a fan of that. It looks weak compared to the serif'd V in my opinion. After this, I will be posting the Special Events, so Winter Classic, Heritage Classic, All Star Tournament, etc.
  14. Those are all a hard no from me. The bottom jersey is heinous.
  15. Honestly surprised Seahawks-Patriots weren't #1 on the worst list.