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  1. Just for :censored:s and giggles, here's what that looks like: For the jersey, I think that's too much orange.
  2. Sometimes too much sense is better than what the Browns ended up with. Anyways, I came up with a few more combos that I think make the most sense and look the best: C&C welcome.
  3. Quick update: Flipped the navy and white on the orange gear and shrank the helmet stripe. C&C welcome!
  4. So, happy holidays, New Year and all that to you guys. I've been stuck behind a designer's block if you will, and haven't been able to figure out a good design to make and post. Then I decided to take a look at who needs new uniforms in the NFL, and the Broncos came to mind. The Broncos Color Rush uniforms were far and away one of the best, and it's too good a look to ignore. The all orange was a little overwhelming, but can be worked with as you see above to create a good looking set. -Basically took the Color Rush and stretched it into a uniform set. -Used the current logo instead of the D logo. -Socks have stripes on them now. -Navy alternate. C&C on these. I might do a few more of these if this takes off.
  5. Remember the Color Rush before the Color Rush?
  6. Can Army win Military Appreciation? Their Army/Navy look was amazing.
  7. I think SDSU would look better with white numbers. not the best picture but I think it pops more.
  8. I would love to see how you could do Boise State with an idaho outline.
  9. We've got 98's in the NHL and I'm a 97 playing ACHA D2 hockey for Boise State.
  10. That was the first logo I wore when I played travel hockey! I loved that logo.
  11. color rush

    Alright. Here we have tonight's eyesore matchup: As a Seahawks fan, I love the action green. Do I love it head to toe? No, not really. Though if the socks were the normal color+white, I wouldn't mind action green socks in the rotation. The Rams however need to find an identity and stick with it. -Seahawks don't change too much. -Rams don't really either. Using the helmet navy and the old yellow kind of works wonders. Throw white in there and it would be really good. Or if the navy and white tickles your fancy Or the Seahawks could be boring and navy overload us. Or we could let the Rams wear their Color Rush too? C&C welcome.
  12. So I finally got around to making one of these filters. This one was approved this morning. Honestly kind of surpised there wasn't a City of Trees filter already for the Boise area. So I went ahead and fixed that. Next I plan on working on where I currently live, about 16 miles west in Nampa.
  13. Cowboys white uni's suck. Just match the navy jersey already.
  14. I like the Anaheim filter. It almost has a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl look to it.