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  1. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    Like so? I thought about doing this beforehand but I left them off in the end.
  2. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Service Academy alternates are just so damn good
  3. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Probably. Mind if I ask why?
  4. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Happy Sunday to you all. Truth be told, I had SD ready a day after the Pirates but I wasn't sure if I was ready to post them. Something felt wrong about the concept, but nothing looked wrong so here we are. I equate the Padres to the Canucks. They've worn a lot of colors, in a lot of combos with a lot of uniforms in a relatively short time. They've struggled to find an identity for some time now and now it's time to rein them in. The brown and yellow look is definitely the most unique look to pick from, and I really like the wordmarks and the SD monogram. So I did something I believe I've gotten good at: era-smashing. Hats - Two main hats, one is all brown with a yellow SD and the other is a bit closer to the 70's style hat but I chose to just do a front panel color to avoid a straight throwback. Jerseys - Went with the filled in sleeves that connect to the shoulder color. Home jersey is yellow with Padres on the front. Found a font that matches the wordmarks a lot more than the block font. I used a slightly different stripe on the sleeves with one big stripe flanked by a smaller stripe underneath it. The alt jersey is a clash kit if the colors of the home and away don't work out. Pants - White and brown pants. Thought about yellow pants but those were a real eyesore so they got scrapped. Simple triple stripe (hehe) down the side of all the pants. BP - Slightly reserved for the BP gear. Hat is a recolor of the alternate hat. Jerseys are very similar to the normal jerseys, just the sleeve design fills in the Nike template lines. C&C welcome!
  5. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    You may think that me using the silver for the header image for Georgia is weird but you'll understand once my NikeSpeak is spoken. The Bulldogs went through the Nike process and came out with a great looking identity that complimented decades of history. So for me, the goal here was to compliment that compliment but extend it to all the sports and create a look that encompasses all the sports and still screams Georgia. The focal point I used was the football pants stripe (hence the silver background). But I didn't want to use silver on everything because I see Georgia as red,black and white team. So you'll see how I worked with the stripes for everyone. Football - I saw no reason to change the helmet so the normal helmet stays exactly the same. On the jerseys, I used the stripe from the pants with a caveat. I didn't recolor the stripe for each jersey, so in essense the stripe is the same color on all the jerseys, but the jersey color hides one of the stripes on each jersey. UGA mascot logo on the bottom of the collar, captains C on each jersey. Silver britches are the main pants with the full stripe. Alternate jersey is all black. I remember reading about bad luck with the black helmets and pants and the way I see it, luck can change. Hockey - The hockey Bulldogs have used a lot of looks. I believe the current look to be based off the Senators uniforms, which is a no go for me, so they get a nice overhaul. Same striping for the jerseys as football, also did the same striping on the yokes as well as down on the socks. Pants I had to go black across the board because the red didn't work and neither did silver. Alternate has the UGA logo on the chest. Baseball - Baseball really is a lot of the same as the rest. Red hats and helmets are the go-to's. The GEORGIA wordmark works better to me on the chests than the BULLDOGS one does so Georgia is on the front of the home and away jerseys. White pants and silver britches. There is also a black alternate set. Basketball - Finally, the basketball uniforms adopt a lot of the same convention as the rest of them. GEORGIA on the front of the home and away like baseball, the alternate gets BULLDOGS. Single color striping around the collar as well as the hem of the shorts. Triple color striping around the arms, down the sides of the shorts and the jerseys. UGA mascot logo on the waistband. Not quite the most lengthy write up, but nevertheless, let me know what you guys think!
  6. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Made a second BP uniform. I didn't like the pirate with the crossed bats for the black BP jersey, so the P is on the front instead. For the Jolly Roger BP jersey, I dug up the old skull and crossed bats the Pirates used to use and used that instead, which I probably should have done sooner.
  7. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Probably a little too close for my comfort to the design for their divisional counterparts BP uniforms (Reds). The black BP jersey is meant to be mostly black and white. It's based off the Jolly Roger flag, which is black and white. I added some gold to the sleeves just to get some gold on there. The yellow BP jersey and hat would be the go to set for them, the Jolly Roger set would be worn much less frequently.
  8. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Pittsburgh took me longer because my old cleat template had finally pissed me off to the point that I had to do something and as a result, I have a new cleat template for baseball. Which was a long time coming anyways so no time like the present. Anyways, back to the Pirates. No real complaints with their existing look, it's unique but doesn't push the envelope beyond the realm of what looks good. But that's no fun for a concept series so I did make a few changes here and there. Hats - Lots and lots of hats in Pittsburgh. One style of black hat wasn't gonna work so there are two different styles: black/black and black/yellow, both with the double outlined P on the front. Secondary hat is yellow and black with a simpler P on the front. As always, the helmets correspond to their hats. Jerseys - I went with an early 70's inspired style for the uniforms, namely in the double stripes on the sleeves and the collar striping as well. PIRATES on the home whites, PITTSBURGH on the road yellow. Yes, I said road yellow. I get that black would be the logical and obvious choice but I just liked the way that the yellow uniform looked as the road uniform. The alternate uniform is black with the P on the left chest and number on the opposite side. Pants - White and black pants. Double stripe down the sides of both of them. Socks are directly taken from a picture I found of Roberto Clemente and I liked the design rather than the double striping. BP - I had a lot of fun with these. The main BP set are the yellow ones, hat has the pirate over the crossed bats logo on the front. Shortened stripes on the sleeves, chest numbers, the whole works. The second set might be my second favorite behind Milwaukee. I used the Jolly Roger flag as seen in popular culture pirates as heavy inspiration for these. I kept some yellow throughout the two pieces but tried to make the focus to be on the black and white. C&C welcome!
  9. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    Auburn was definitely the easiest team I've designed thus far, thanks to the incredible efforts of @Clintau24. The Auburn Uniform Database was monumental for the Tigers concepts. That being said, the ever traditional Auburn Tigers uniforms well, will stay that way. No reason to get away from a working and winning set of uniforms. That also being said, there are minor changes here and there. Football - There is not a whole lot to say about the football uniforms. The biggest change is the pants stripe which changes to match the helmet and jersey stripes. Also speaking of jerseys, BAM, orange alternate jersey. The other sports have been doing it for a while now, it seemed like it was time to add football to the mix. The numbers were the biggest question mark I had so I just kept them white and added a blue outline to it. For the alternate helmet, its more like an alternate facemask which is an orange option. Hockey - The club team for Auburn is slightly less traditional than most of the teams as they exist now. So that changes a fair bit. Striping matches up with everyone else, single color numbers on the home and away, outlined on the alt jersey. Pants have the stripe down the side. White helmets, like football. Baseball - Again, keeping in with the traditional theme here. Hats and helmets are either navy/orange with the UA logo or navy/navy with the UA logo. White felt very out of place so it didn't make the cut. Jerseys have the NW stripe on the sleeves and as well down the pants. TIGERS on the home, AUBURN on the road, and script AUBURN on the alternate. Basketball - I always seem to get hung up on the basketball uniforms since there are no sleeves here to make transitioning a design easy. Nevertheless I think I came up with a winning look. I like the Under Armour cut off collar striping a strange amount so I kept a variation of it on these Nike uniforms. I took the idea of the throwback uniforms and simply changed out the stripe for the NW stripe. On the shorts, I went a little nikeish and cut the stripes based on the angle of the seam and tucked the UA logo in the cut. C&C welcome!
  10. bkknight95

    Seemed Like A Good Idea On Paper

    I think if the jerseys didn't have the scuffs on the shoulders, it would have been a much better look.
  11. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Easy update for New York, just changed the away uniform script. Slightly more major update for the Phillies. I made an executive decision to cut out the pinstripes with the re-addition of powder blue. So the home uniform becomes the mirror of the away uniform just colored appropriately. Away uniform doesn't change too much, just the addition powder blue. Away uniform becomes powder blue with the liberty bell on the chest. Hat becomes maroon/powder blue with the P + liberty bell logo. C&C welcome!
  12. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    For the New York script dilemma, I found a short lived script that was used only in 1987 but I felt that it matched the METS script on the home uniform. If that doesn't tickle a fancy, I ran back to the NEW YORK lettering they use now. I didn't consider powder blue with the maroon even though they were worn together in the 70s. I'm not sold on abandoning the grey just yet so I gave a couple options. On the left is a slightly lightened grey with the Liberty Bell - P logo on the chest instead. On the right is the slightly different version with the liberty bell only and powder blue rather than grey. Let me know what you guys think!
  13. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    There's a lot of red, white and blue in the MLB. Be it navy blue or royal blue there's a lot of it. Even though the red, white and blue scheme makes a hell of a lot of sense for a team based in Philadelphia, I had another idea for the Phillies. I decided to go back to maroon and white because it gives the Phillies a unique color scheme and eliminates a RWB team in a RWB heavy league. Hats - One hat for all the main uniforms: maroon on maroon with the curly P logo. Helmets are the same way. Not much else to say. Jerseys - Despite my ambivalent feelings on pinstripes, I think that the Phillies look good currently in pinstripes, even if they make the white uniforms look pink. This time the pinstripes are maroon and really doesn't deviate from what they wear now. Kept the sleeve numbers on all the uniforms because it has that uniqueness to it. For the road uniform I went with the maroon for the base, simple triple stripe on the sleeves, number just above them. Alternate wise, I didn't like grey as an alternate. Instead I went with a pinstripe-less white uniform that matches the road uniform, this time with the P logo on the chest instead of a wordmark. Pants - 3 different pants, pinstripe white, maroons and normal whites. For the non pinstriped pants, 3-stripe down the pant legs. Also two different sets of socks, both maroon just one with stripes and one without. BP - For the BP gear, I didn't get too too crazy. For the hat, I used a maroon on grey hat with the Liberty Bell logo dead center. On the BP jerseys I used a concept ish logo I wanted to use on the main jerseys but I decided against it because it just didn't feel right for the main uniforms. Shortened sleeve stripes on the sleeves as well as a solid shoulder stripe as an homage to the racing stripe days. C&C welcome on these as well as on the Mets.
  14. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    The thought did cross my desk. But then I got to thinking about it and the first team I think of when I hear cream and crimson or crimson and cream is Oklahoma, not Indiana, especially now that Oklahoma has the Roughrider alts that use crimson and cream. Something like that? A tweet I once retweeted called maroon "Navy Red"
  15. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Georgia Bulldogs

    Indiana has it rough. Not only do they compete in the Big Ten, they also compete against 6 other teams with some form of red in their color scheme (5 if you don't count Minnesota), so the goal here and for the rest of the Big Ten Reds, is how to make each one unique from the other, especially for teams like Nebraska and Wisconsin down the road, but let's not worry about them right now. right now we get the Hoosiers of Indiana. Uniform wise, I can't scream too much about Indiana. Adidas hasn't mucked up football too much, basketball has a classic look, baseball looks good and hockey isn't an Adidas outfitted sport but even they have great uniforms. The candy striped basketball warm-up pants were the inspiration for the uniforms here. it's uniquely Indiana and now it reaches across multiple sports. Football - The one gripe I have with IU football is the number of helmets they try and wear. You don't need more than 4 helmets IMO. Okay anyways, for football: satin red helmets with the IU logo on the side, along side a glossy white helmet with the IU logo also on the side. Uniforms are based off the candy stripe design from the basketball pants. I also changed the number front slightly to match the thinner serifs of the IU logo. The pants have a single stripe that ends at the base of the IU logo. I didn't give the football team an alternate because I felt there wasn't another good way to use the candy stripe pattern and not look gaudy, but I gave the Hoosiers two alternate helmets instead using the super awesome Indiana script. Hockey - IU hockey takes the candy stripe pattern to another level on their uniforms. However, I felt it necessary to tone it down a touch in the event, such as this one, that they made it to the D1 level. I used a simple four stripe pattern for the home and away jerseys. It just felt a cleaner way to go. No hem stripes, instead I put the Hoosiers wordmark there underneath the logo. The alternate uniform is a damn near close representation of how IU hockey looks IRL, with the addition of another stripe to the sleeves and hem. Baseball - Baseball presented a challenge for me and you'll see why. I used a more subtle candy stripe pattern stripe on the sleeves rather than filling the sleeve caps with it. Red and white hats and helmets for the uniforms. HOOSIERS on the chests of the home and roads and a single stripe on the pants. Now the alternate... I went with a vest with the Indiana script. The sleeves felt very overwhelming with the candy stripe pattern so I did a gradient fade from top to bottom on the sleeves to kind of dull them down a touch so they weren't so out there. Basketball - Another challenge presented here in that I felt very conflicted about changing the Hoosiers basketball uniforms. If my research is correct, the Hoosiers have worn the same base style of uniforms for a long time and it just didn't look right changing that completely. So I made a few minor changes here and there. I put Hoosiers on the home uniform rather than Indiana and I unarched the wordmarks. I changed the font to match across the board as well. For the waistband I made it a solid color rather than the double stripe and placed the candy stripe pattern on the front of the waistband. The alternate let me get a little wild with the candy stripe, with it gracing the trim on pretty much everything. C&C welcome!