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  1. Minnesota is wearing Maroon/Gold/Maroon vs Colorado St. in Green/White/Green, but Minnesota has "MINNESOTA" on the nameplates rather than the player names.
  2. nhl

    As much as I hate the tapered stripe on the real life set, which is why mine doesnt taper, but I think I'm going to leave the taper on the alternate soley for historical purposes Went back and changed the name and number to yellow. Last words for Pittsburgh welcome, and Washington will be up soon.
  3. I normally can try and defend Oregon's uniform choice for a particular week, but this is too much. Just.... why? Is Nike really this far out of ideas?
  4. nhl

    Philadelphia's in-state rival, Pittsburgh I love the decision to go back to black and gold for Pittsburgh. The edge jerseys were honestly among the worst in the league. However, I think tweaking them to not be direct throwbacks may have been a better way to go. -heavily inspired by the 88-92 set. -home uniform really doesn't change a whole lot, just added Robo-Penguin to the shoulders -away uniform changes a bit more. Sleeve stripe changes a little from the home, the hem matches the home. -Pant stripe no longer tapers -socks have a stripe more befitting to the uniform Alternate: Heritage uniforms are all the rage nowadays it seems. -font comes from the first uniform set ('67-'68) -stripes come from the second uniform set ('68-'70) -sleeve thing the stripes are in (?) comes from the '77-'80 set -socks from the second set -pants from 77-80 C&C welcome as always
  5. Ok, makes sense now. I like the addition of gold to the scheme.
  6. nhl

    So to fix that, I made the keystone white and gave it an outline to keep some orange on it. C&C welcome.
  7. nfl

    Minnesota is wearing an Inaugural Season patch tonight and it looks big and gaudy.
  8. Just throwing some more options out
  9. Las Vegas Camels? Las Vegas Camel Knights? Las Vegas Golden Camels?
  10. The Ducks Facebook page posted a few pictures of the travel gear for this week: Not sure this is the best way to read into something, but maybe we get to see school colors return?
  11. The problem IMO here is that the helmet was the lighter blue, while the jersey and pants used the darker navy blue. Combined with the white numbers and this version was a fiasco. I think the Color Rush version was done better, and I wouldn't mind seeing it replace the greys in the future. Maybe unpopular opinion, but the Jets looked much better in a white facemask, and the socks needed stripes.
  12. nhl

    So I think I tried too hard to mix eras with the Flyers and it looked a lot better on paper than it did in Illustrator. So I went back to pretty much what they wear now. Few minor changes: -the sleeve stripe no longer inexplicably shrinks meaning the numbers now fit inside the stripe. -also I didn't notice that the anniversary logo was on different sides on the original post so I fixed that so it would line up on the same shoulder. -Anniversary jersey stays the same C&C on these and Pittsburgh will be up soon.
  13. nhl

    Alright, moving into the Keystone State with the Flyers: So I tried to go in a more modern direction with the Flyers, but just looking at it right now, I think I'll need to rework it a little -THE NAMEPLATES ARE STAYING -kept the sleeve design, but added in a Northwestern Stripe to the end -NW stripe on the hem -Anniv. Logo on the shoulder because thats the cool thing to do it seems -C and A patches are now in the keystone logo like on the Winter Classic Jerseys -pants have the logo -Socks have NW stripe Alternate: Heritage uniform, not really a whole lot to explain here. Tried vintage white, but it looked awful that way. C&C welcome.
  14. nhl

    Update for the Rangers: I gave the sleeve and hem stripes a little bit more space and made them bigger. Final C&C here and the Pennsylvania teams will be up soon.