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  1. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    They lost me in the explanation video when they showed the "French helmet" I believe it was. That aside, these are quite fantastic for one-offs.
  2. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Okay, scratched off the numbers helmet idea. First helmet has one change: both C's have a white outline now. I figured if one had it, the other probably should. Second just has the now outlined C. both the fronts now have the state flag on the front bumper and the back of the Ram helmet no longer has Cam the Ram.
  3. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Honestly not sure. I don't think CU has ever done something like that uniformwise, outside a patch or anything. I'm not sure at the moment where CU falls on my list of teams, so I'll have some time to consider how that would work for the Buffaloes or if I even want to attempt that route with them. I hadn't considered that when I designed them, mostly because I didn't think I'd add them at all BUT here we are presented with this problem. Ignore the front and back views for now, I didn't change a thing on them yet. First helmet has a backwards C, which I can tell you I don't like just by looking at it. Second has the flag colored Cam the Ram logo on the side, same size as the flag C Third has a red/yellow colored number on the other side.
  4. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Took a little longer than I wanted to, but I'm not going away with this anytime soon ? I believe the "chopped up" looking Ram horn is referred to as the "bone horns". I could be wrong about that but I could have sworn I saw it called that. Either way. I freaking love it! There's not a whole lot of different ways to do a Rams identity, but having a different style of Ram horn certainly helps. Football - the most recent uniform release for CSU has itty bitty ram horns on the sleeves and that just doesn't look good to me. So to fix that, we're going bone horns across the board. On the green helmet, gold and white horns, and the white helmet is the obvious inverse of that with green and gold horns. For the home and away uniforms, bone horns that wrap around the shoulder and finish on the sleeve caps. I like the new font for CSU so I kept it on the chest and as the number font. Pants have a bone horn inspired pants stripe that tapers toward the back of the leg. in the interest of space, I didn't include white pants, but they would have them and they will be on the uniform picker site. Now for the alternates, i never liked the look of CSU in a gold jersey. So the Ag Day orange alt sticks around with the addition of a Northwestern stripe on the sleeves. And I really liked the State Pride unis they unveiled last year so I kept those around too with a slightly different helmet. Hockey - I gotta say that the CSU club hockey teams have really good uniforms, which can't be said for a fair bit of ACHA teams. Okay that said, the hockey Rams adapt to the new look which isn't a huge deal. Ram horns on the shoulders, adapted bone stripe on the socks and the sleeves/hems. Cam the Ram front and center. they also get an Ag Day uniform, with Aggies done in a Rangers' style treatment, with the Block A on the shoulders. Also they get a state pride uniform where everything is white, minus the pants. the Leafs Stadium Series uniforms showed why that remains a bad idea. Baseball - Baseball is also a club sport and is stuck in logo limbo, using much of the older iconography from the pre-UA days. There wasn't much I could salvage from that, so it's a pretty new look overall. One hat, green/gold with Cam the Ram front and center. I like the font but not for the use on baseball uniforms, so it's smaller Cam the Ram and a number on the front. Pants have the adapted bone stripe. Ag Day uniform has NW stripes on the sleeves. I could have sworn there was a scripty logo that UA puts on apparel for the Rams for Ag Day, but I couldn't find it so I built one. State Pride uniforms are all white with the same flag elements. Basketball - Basketball sees a slight deviation. with the way the arm holes work, I wasn't going to be able to put the bone horn on the jerseys. so I did the adapted bone stripe around the arm holes and did the horns on the sides of the shorts. Colored in the waist bands on the home and away with CSU on the front of those. There is an Ag day alternate with the bone stripes on the jerseys. I used the new scripty font on the front of the jersey. State Pride uniform as well, with a chest stripe on the jersey C&C welcome! I'll try not to be so long between teams next time
  5. bkknight95

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    I hate that school, but damn is that a nice looking uniform.
  6. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Boise State in White/White/Orange, which I believe is a first for this uniform set.
  7. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Kansas State has a winning look. I was trying to figure out how to word this intro but I found that the simpler the better. I really have no reasonable complaints about the overall look of the Wildcats athletic looks. Actually, I have one: the use of Serpentine as a number font. Football - Football's current look really drove the other sports' looks. The double stripe on the sleeves, the helmet and pants stripe is just so clean its hard to change it. The helmet remains unchanged, save for the now purple facemask. Jerseys don't change at all. Double stripes on the sleeves, TV numbers, Powercat on the base of the collar. Pants is where the most change happens. The silver pants are still the go to, but I added in white and purple pants just so there can be some variety if the team decides on it. Also I added an alternate helmet for Fort Riley Day, which they have done before but not for a while IIRC. Hockey - My internet research found that K-State did have a hockey team, a roller hockey team though it did appear that the team has been inactive for some time now. Well for the team's entrance to the ice, double striped uniforms across the sleeves and the hems. Powercat on the front of all the uniforms, tie down collars as well. Purple pants with the stripe down the side. Socks match the jerseys. Silver and purple helmets, silver would be the main use helmets. Baseball - Baseball actually changes the most, dropping all use of black and drop shadows. Double stripe on the sleeves, k-State on the front of the home and away jerseys. KS interlocking logo on the main hats. Alternate uniform gets CATS on the front with an alternate Powercat hat. Basketball - Finally, the basketball Wildcats stay about as reserved as the rest of the uniforms. Triple stripe piping around the neck and arms. K-State on the home and away uniforms, CATS on the alternate. on the shorts, I like the recent black uniforms that had larger striping on the shorts so I rolled with that idea with the double stripe. Powercat on both sides of the shorts. C&C welcome!
  8. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Well then there's no reason to get rid of it entirely. I did play with some outline colors to make it pop a little more.
  9. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    Tulane has one of the most unique identities in college sports. though the UCSC Banana Slugs might be a close second ?. All that aside, Tulane really has a good look going for them, though IMO they've let their identity get cluttered with unnecessary colors, such as grey, black and a darker blue. Without really much else to complain about, I sought to simply clean up what is already an outstanding identity. Football - Like I said, there wasn't a whole lot wrong with Tulane's identity across the board. So the most I did was re-purpose some striping and clean up some colors. Gone is navy blue/anthracite/black and any other not needed colors. Green, light blue and white are the only colors needed and used now, with the exception of the lighter green in the Wave-T logo that is used only on the Wave-T logo. I liked the Northwestern stripe used on a helmet from a couple years back so that became the stripe used though on the jerseys, i opted for a more uneven approach and I can't explain why, I just liked the look of it. So 3 helmets, two white: both with the same striping, one with the Wave-T and a green facemask, the other with the Angry Wave (favorite logo) and a white facemask, as well as a green helmet with the Wave-T. Like I said, jerseys get the uneven stripes on the sleeves, TULANE on the chest of all three. Pants get the full NW stripe. Hockey - I'm a little upset with you guys (this is all in jest BTW, I'm definitely not mad) but how did you guys let me get 27 teams in before I realized that college kids can't wear visors on their helmets? So I created a a new Bauer template with a cage to make it more college friendly. Anyways, for the hockey jerseys I went with a Flyers Winter Classic uniform approach with the NW stripes on the sleeves and the uneven stripe on the hem. Home and Away get the Wave-T on the chest and the Alternate gets the Angry Wave. Main pants are green with the NW stripe and I added the option for light blue as well. Baseball - Not a super large departure from their existing look. Just now matches their newly established look. all green hats with the Wave-T and a white paneled hat for the Angry Wave. Jerseys have TULANE on the front with the uneven stripe on the sleeves. Pants get the full NW stripe down the pant leg, Green socks for all of them. Basketball - IRL Tulane basketball wears the 2016 Olympic template and that just didn't work for me in any way. Looking back at past uniforms, side stripes have been a part of the Tulane look for a while so I brought those back in the way of NW stripes. Around the arms are the uneven stripe look and the collar gets the NW stripe treatment. Angry Wave on the waistband, Wave T on the shorts leg. C&C welcome!
  10. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think that's what they did. "Hazlet settled on 8-inch front numbers, silver with a black outline so they wouldn't blend in with the maroon stripes and white jersey. The back numbers include a burlap base, just like in the 1930s, with the numbers stitched on." https://gocolgateraiders.com/news/2018/9/18/football-throwback-uniforms-two-years-in-making.aspx
  11. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I understand the front design. but does anyone know why the back number looks like it was printed on a potato sack and stitched to the jersey?
  12. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    something like that? the striping change didn't result in a whole lot of change across the board. Mostly the change happened in the black uniforms. For the baseball hats, I changed the all black hat to the interlocked NI, red to the Huskie-NIU, and added a black and red hat with just the Huskie.
  13. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think they underestimated the speed of the OSU defense. Given that circumstance, I thought they played as good as the situation was.
  14. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I think for both being more modern uniforms, Boise St/Oklahoma St was aesthetically pleasing.
  15. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Should be a good looking game today