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  1. nhl

    Here's (hoping) the final update on Ottawa: You may be asking where the white jersey is. Quick answer: the gold outline actually made things worse. And because the red jersey is now the home, there's now an alternate #2 Litcherally, brought back the Heritage Classic jersey with a major change. Numbers have a double outline to stay with the motif, but the numbers are black this time as opposed to cream like last time. Final C&C for Ottawa and Tampa will be up soon!
  2. nhl

    I did the outline on the white because I didn't think there was enought contrast between the numbers and the stripe, but here's a side by side. Double on the left, single on the right.
  3. nhl

    I like this one more already.
  4. I think it says alumni under the logo.
  5. nhl

    Final thoughts on Ottawa?
  6. "Scarlet is a brilliant red color" .... you know what I meant.
  7. Only complaint for me is the lack of any red on the helmet. Otherwise solid uniform IMO
  8. nhl

    I think it's time to close the door on Montreal and move slightly west to Ottawa: A move I was quick to make the last design I did for them, was to elevate the the current third to home, make an away and then find a new alternate. I wanted to stay away from that but still be unique. Also, I realized that there are a lot of red jerseyed teams in the Eastern Conference. So rather than be a red, black and white team, I've made the the Senators a black, red, gold and white team. -jerseys are inspired by the '99-'07 red uniform. -front facing senator now is the main logo. -swooping chest stripe, similar arm stripes. -socks mirror as best as possible -pants have the Ottawa Senators shield on the pant leg Alternate: Despite what I said, I still like the design of the alternate, and as such just tweaked it a little. -alternate design stays mainly the same, red jersey now as opposed to black -no gold on the socks and jersey C&C welcome as always!
  9. nhl

    I'm not sure how using the design from the late '30s is considered too modern: But I did take your advice and reworked a previous alternate I did for them: The last iteration of this uniform was done in heritage white or whatever that cream color is called. The white here looks so much cleaner. -stripes emulate the old barberpole striping without burning your retinas -single color numbers on the sleeves, blue box on the back because even with multiple outlines, the back number is hard to read. -socks emulate the other stripes -used the new collar from the Winter Classic uniforms. Final comments for Montreal and Ottawa will be up soon
  10. nhl

    Montreal updates: Shrank the chest and arm stripes On the alternate, I got rid of the chest and arm stripes. It feels empty to me, but then again it bears a resemblance to their real life away jerseys. Let me know what you guys think!
  11. They do have a gold pants option.
  12. nhl

    Got a Florida update and ready to unveil Montreal: Pretty simple update, I replaced the old panther head with the new shields on the home and away, and on the alternate, I used the new leaping panther. Shoulder logos also flipped jerseys, Florida flag patches are now on the home and away shoulders and the navy alternate has the shields, Florida on one and Panthers on the other. I also got sick of the yellow alternate so it joined the garbage. Now for Montreal: If you were expecting a huge change, sorry to disappoint. -home doesn't change. -away mimics the Winter Classic jersey, no globe on the sleeve, used the normal font and shade of blue. No team is escaping an alternate jersey: Not a radical departure, but still enough to be different. Basically, I took the '36-'38 uniforms and smashed them together on a blue jersey C&C welcome as always!
  13. Why didn't they go the whole nine yards and add the stripes to the sleeves? or match golds, because it looks half assed as it is.
  14. nhl

    So I was hoping for more criticism on Florida, but in the meantime I have a question for you guys because I need another opinion: So this is obviously the Canadiens home jersey, but I'm not sure what blue I like more. On the left is the Winter Classic blue, the right is the normal blue they've used in my life time. If you could please voice your opinion on Florida and the blues I'm having on Montreal, it would be much appreciated.
  15. nhl

    I did it so the uniforms wouldn't be the exact same as the Canadiens and have a sense of modernity to the uniforms. Plus I thought it looked better than what the real uniforms did with the stripe not continuing onto the back.