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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I think they screwed it up by going with grey helmets and pants. Red/white/red would look worlds better and would flow better with the jersey.
  2. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Sorry for the extended absence. I've been trying to get caught back up on school and so the designs took a backburner to that. Anyways, I'm back with the Angels. For starters, since their design is a little bit more complex, I got rid of all the beveling in the logos to simplify it. I also changed the halo color to yellow. With that said, red pinstripes on the home uniform. On the road uniform, I went with red/white cuff stripes. C&C welcome!
  3. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Here's another route. Used the B from the Baltimore script in place of the O's. C&C welcome!
  4. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Hopefully I'm still doing this right. Up next is the Orioles. I tried to go with orange pinstripes, but it ended up being too overwhelming and I went with black which balanced it out more. I used the O's logo for the home and the helmet/caps. On the road greys, I used the Baltimore script, since there wasn't a block version. C&C welcome! I'll try not be away so long moving forward, provided I don't have another random injury
  5. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Alive and sore. I got home yesterday morning, and have been taking it easy the last day and today. Hopefully tomorrow I can return to some normalcy and hopefully by Thursday, I'll be back to school at work. Today is the first day I've had my computer out since my last post, so I've got nothing done since. Hopefully i'll be back to "work" soon.
  6. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Coming to you semi-live from the St. Alphonsus Hospital in Nampa, ID. Current status is that my lung is reinflating but slower than expected so at least one more night in the hospital for me. But I am feeling better and breathing has gotten easier. Up next, the Atlanta Braves: Not a large departure from what is currently worn. I used the cream as the base for the home uniform and used the A-tomahawk logo on the chest and the hat/batting helmet. For the road uniform, I used the ATLANTA script minus the tomahawk and kept the same sleeve striping. I think that's about it for these ones. C&C welcome!
  7. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what's been going on recently and why there hasn't been a team posted yet. I went to hockey practice Tuesday night and couldn't catch my breath. I went into the doctor the next day and they found that my left lung was partially collapsed, which was rather incorrect as the x-rays then showed it was 99% collapsed. So I'm currently sitting in a hospital bed with a tube in my side trying to reinflate my lung. Hope you guys still hang around for the thread. I hope to be discharged tomorrow and resting at home so hopefully I can get back to designing soon. Hope to be back soon!
  8. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Quick project-wide note, there will be no NOB's going forward. I played with it on the first few teams and the consensus became apparent to me that it's been okay but would look better without the names. Anyway that aside, Cincy is up next. First note is that I dropped the black from the scheme. It might cause similarity issues between them and Philly, but I've never liked black in the Reds look so I took the chance to get rid of it. That being said, home uniform is very Yankees looking. I took the sleeve stripes on the road from Cleveland because it fits the Reds too. C&C welcome!
  9. Reviving an old UConn Huskies logo

    I think this is a great revival of an old logo. My only criticism is the thumb on the off hand looks funny to me. Maybe make it look like its flush with the rest of the hand? Other than that, it is an amazing logo.
  10. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    It does look a little bit jarring at first with the light blue hat, but I think that as a whole it looks way more unified between the light blue hats and the socks. I also lightened the grey a touch so it didn't look so dark against the lighter color hat. I also added an outline which while it is very un-Yankee like, I think it adds to the look, plus look at it on the greys. It just pops. Let me know what you guys think!
  11. NFL Throwback Thursdays

    I'd been mulling over starting a thread like this but these have been phenomenal! I can't wait for the rest.
  12. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Not bad, but I feel like it could use red more than just the O at the base of the collar
  13. Going Full Yankee: An MLB Series

    Tampa Bay's identity could be so much better. If they had a better balance of navy and light blue, they'd look ten times better IMO. However that is not the discussion we're having here. Nope, now we're gonna see how the Yankees treatment hits them. Rather than navy pinstripes, I went light blue, thinking that it would be more unique. Also went with light blue socks and shoes for the unique factor. Same with the away sleeve stripes, where I tried to work in some yellow. C&C welcome!
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Even if it is "unnecessary", this is a good once a year look for tOSU.