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  1. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    You know, I've tried the stripes on the yellow pants before in a previous concept and it was much maligned which is why the pants stayed blank. And I used the triple stripe on the yellow jersey because it matched the real life yellow hockey jerseys and was closer to the yellow basketball jerseys.
  2. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    it's amazing how far sports uniform technology has advanced since then.
  3. At the very least, the normal navy socks would be a huge boost to the look.
  4. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    As a Michigan State fan, I have very few good things to say about U Athletics, but the uniform fan in me has a few good things to say. The Jordan Brand has taken good care of football and basketball, and the Swoosh has done good on the diamond and pretty good on the ice. So with that in mind, I did make a few minor changes here and there. Football - Not a whole lot of change to made here. The helmet stays the exact same. I don't think I made a single change to it. Jerseys had a couple tweaks made to them. I added double yellow stripes to the sleeves of the navy uniforms and accordingly moved the numbers to the shoulders. On the white uniforms I moved the stripes up onto the sleeves and also moved the numbers to the shoulders. For the maize jersey, which I didn't know had historical relevance as it was worn before gets stripes now, that I borrowed from IRL maize hockey jerseys. Kept the collar navy. All the jerseys now have the block M at the base of the collar. Maize pants remain stripeless and white pants have stripes. Hockey - I'm not quite sure what Nike was doing with the navy hockey jerseys. It just doesn't work for me. So now the double maize stripes get applied here on the sleeves, socks and hem. The white and maize uniforms don't really change from what exists now in real life. The biggest issues I had here was that the current pant stripe doesn't fit with the look. So I kept them blank with the exception of a block M on the front of the pants. Winged helmet because c'mon, this is Michigan. Baseball - Shoutout to @JimmyN64 for the baseball helmet template I ended up using here. I was a little disappointed when I found out that the baseball teams don't use a winged helmet but guess what , they do now! Uniformwise, it's a lot of the same as above. Basketball - Basketball saw a little bit of change, and that was mostly just in the striping patterns. I personally don't like the striping patterns they use and so I changed them to match the rest of the uniforms. Not a lot to say but if you guys have anything to say, I'm all ears!
  5. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    Not really sure where to begin this part of the talk for FAU. They had a good look with Adidas, then made a switch to the more form fitting uniforms, dumped the stripes and haven't gone off the deep end but IMO haven't really found consistency with a look. They've done the Adidas catalog wings, played with stripes on their helmets, but can't quite seem to pull down a concise look. (Again, as always these are just my opinions based on what I see in my research) Football - Back to a more basic look for the Owls. The original plan saw a wing cut out of the stripe but when it was actually put in use, you couldn't tell what the hell it was so that was scrapped pretty quickly. 3 helmets: white, navy and red, all technically with the same stripe, but obviously different colors make a different stripe appear. Owl Eyes logo with FAU across the top on all three helmets. On the jerseys, I moved the stripe from the original position on the shoulders down to the sleeves. It just felt like it fit better there. On the home and away uniforms, FAU is on the chest, alternate has the stacked Florida Atlantic on the chest. Pants are easy to navigate. Stripe down the side of all 3, state of Florida + ATLANTIC on the front opposite the Nike logo. I really liked the red socks/shoes combo from the opening game this season so those stuck around, and can move from uniform to uniform obviously. Hockey - Hockey IRL wears Jets 1.0 uniforms which actually look pretty kick ass, but unfortunately they must go by the wayside for the purposes of this thread. So the uniforms should be pretty easy to figure out. The stripes are on the sleeves and hems. I used the interlocking FAU logo on the shoulders. For the home and away I used the full bodied Owl + FAU across the top as the main logo. Alternate gets just the Owl eyes + FAU. Multiple helmets as well as two colors of pants that are interchangable with the uniforms. Baseball - You can definitely tell where I was taking these uniforms. The real life baseball Owls wear uniforms inspired by the White Sox chest stripe uniforms. this wasn't gonna fly completely but I did like the larger stripes on the sleeves so I kept that around just with the new stripe style. Arched the OWLS on the home and away uniforms with no front number. On the alt, arched the stacked Florida Atlantic. 3 hats/helmets that mirror the football ones pretty closely. Pants I gave two options for, almost went 3 but didn't feel the need for a red out on the diamond. Basketball - Finishing up on the hardwood, I had another tough time figuring out which was the way I was gonna take the basketball uniforms. So I kind of kept them the same as what they wear now, with a few shakeups. Now down the side and on to the shorts is the same stripe as the rest of the uniforms. i also had a really weird thought about the Cleveland Browns pants stripe being applied here and well I tried it and we'll see how it goes. Owl Eyes logo on the shorts near the hem. C&C welcome!
  6. bkknight95

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    i admit Kraken would be unique, but to me it just feels so minor league. that being said, I could get behind a Sockeyes identity with double green, silver and white.
  7. bkknight95

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think if you got rid of the alarm clock font and the mismatching sleeve logos, the Bucs would look 100x better.
  8. bkknight95

    Redeeming Qualities of Bad Uniforms

    If anything should have stayed in the Sabres uniform repertoire from that monstrosity, it should have been those patches.
  9. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    Technically, the RECLAIM THE STRIPE campaign was from way back in 2012 (sidebar, gddamn its been 6 years since UA took over Northwestern and since reclaimed the stripe), so maybe OWN THE STRIPE would have been a better idea, but that's neither here nor there. Northwestern owns the Northwestern Stripe which is the obvious focus here. But there's an obvious air of simplicity that the IRL uniforms across all four of these sports carry and I made it a point to keep those as well. To that point, the Gothic uniforms have been retired. I get the story behind them but I just don't really like them and so they've been retired. Football - At first glance there really isn't much different from what exists now. And that is really the case. The helmets remain without stripes and now there is no more white helmet. Purple and black, both with black facemasks. Purple helmet with the white N, black helmet with an white outlined purple N. Jerseys remain largely the same with the only change is the shoulder numbers moving down to the sleeve. The sleeves felt empty and I thought about adding the stripes to the sleeves, but I love the look with just the chest stripe. I normally disagree with blank pants but in this case I really think that just the logo on the hips and no stripes works really well. Hockey - Finding pictures of NW's club hockey team was harder than I thought it would be, but from the few that I did find, they most definitely make use of the Northwestern stripe. So the thing here was bringing the look together. Which was quite easy, with NW stripes on the chest and on the sleeves. I kept the numbers on the sleeves like the club team wears now. On the alternate, I used Willie the Wildcat's head on the front. No stripes on the pants, same stripes on the socks. Baseball - As it turns out, these were the only home/away uniforms that did not get a full NW stripe on the chest. I liked the arched WILDCATS too much and there wasn't a way to fit it in the stripe and have it look good. But the stripes do continue on the back. Hats/helmets match the football helmets. Pants have no stripes, but the socks do. Basketball - Finishing us off is the basketball team, who's uniforms get a touch simpler. Got rid of any and all trim striping and did a big stripe on the chest with NORTHWESTERN in the stripe with the number underneath it. On the shorts, NW stripe on the waistband and around the bottom of the shorts. C&C welcome!
  10. bkknight95

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    What's the worst that could happen if they did choose to do that? Would they just get fined? Or are there more serious ramifications to that ?
  11. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    Sticking with the C-USA, next up is Rice: My biggest complaint about Rice's uniforms is that, well they're either plain or catalog based. Beyond that, even being an Adidas football school, they haven't really jumped the shark in, well, ever. The biggest change I made was to take grey out of the color scheme. While it seems a large scale change for such a simple team, none of their redesigned logos really make heavy use of the grey, so now its gone. Football - I really can't complain about Rice. They've kept a simple look for a while and I didn't feel the need to go overboard, but I did want to do more than just a plain navy and white jersey set. So I clipped the wings (heh) from the newer Owl logo and put them in the sleeve caps. Used the new Rice wordmark and the new number font as well. On the pants, I used the other side of the logo's wing and stuck it down near the leg opening. Gothic R remains on both helmets as well as on the hip side of the pants. Hockey - This came as a bit of a shock to me but Rice has no hockey teams of any kind. With no historical precedent to build off of, I put the wings on the sleeves in a tapered manner (gets smaller from front to back of the jersey) with a simple stripe on the hem. Gothic R on the front of both, Owl head logo on the shoulders. Pants have the other wing like the football pants. Baseball - Baseball actually has the most fun out of all the uniform sets. Fairly simple, like the rest of them, with the wings on the sleeves. Only difference here is that the pants wing didn't work on the pants, so there's just a stripe down the pants. I gave them a second navy jersey after seeing what I assumed to be a jersey the real life team wears and made it something of a home alternate, if they feel like wearing navy at home. Biggest difference is contrasting sleeves and Owls on the front. Basketball - Despite being the sport that made the most use of grey, there is no more grey uniform. Stuck the wings up on the shoulders by the collar and the pants, in this case shorts wings in their place. C&C welcome! Also, all the teams I've done so far (32/130) are up on the combo picker site which you can get to here or via my signature.
  12. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    meh. Worst part about these is the H-Town on the pants. but otherwise its just meh.
  13. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    I didn't actually know that. It must be super subtle because all the pictures I saw of those uniforms I just thought they were neon green sleeve caps. Anyways: I just took the striping from the pants and and applied it to the sleeve caps because I thought the sleeve caps were blank, so I took that idea and applied to to the rest of the uniform.
  14. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Michigan Wolverines

    I feel like I'm always apologizing for being away for a time I determine to be too long, but it is true. I like this project, this is by far the biggest one I've ever attempted and I really want to see it to completion. That being said I did have a rush of college projects to get through as well as some other design projects to get through as well. Even with the relative youth of a lot of the UAB athletic teams here, they really haven't had a "bad" look. Of course that is subjective between us all, but still. There hasn't been a UAB team that I found that has taken their respective playing surface looking like trash. That being said, it is time to bring them all together under a new-ish look. Football - Back from the dead and kicking teams' asses, the Blazers football team and program as a whole jumped to Under Armour. The football team kept their last Nike look and transferred it in essence to UA with a few changes here and there. So naturally I did the same thing. The helmets are gold and white with the fire breathing dragon on both sides. I contemplated returning the dragon scales pattern back to the helmets but I wasn't sold on the end look so I dropped it. Like I said, the jerseys look very similar to what they wear now and wore previously with Nike IRL. Biggest change to the uniforms is on the white uniforms with the gold numbers becoming green. Scale pattern is now in the sleeve caps. For the pants, I played with the bottom of the dragon logo to create a tail-like stripe. No gold uniform for football. Also staying around are the Children's Harbor uniforms, which are now being extended to the rest of the sports. Hockey - Hockey at UAB is by far the youngest of the 4 sports, but looks good on the ice. For them, I gave them almost Red Wings style uniforms, with the dragon logo on the front of the home and away uniforms and the scale pattern in the sleeve stripes. I gave them a gold uniform that echoes their club hockey uniforms with a chest stripe. To make it different, I added in the scale pattern with a gradient that fades the pattern in where it needs to be seen and takes it out where it doesn't need to be. I felt the design worked well for the Children's uniforms with the appropriate striping. Baseball - Baseball does appear to be the more simpler of the sports, which can be owed to the simpler nature of the sports' uniforms' as a whole. Gave them two hats, one that's all green with the B logo on the front of it and one what's green and gold with the dragon logo on it. Uniforms are simple with UAB on the chest and the sleeves filled in with the scales pattern. Pants have a slightly adapted tail stripe to fit the pants a little big better. Children's uniform gets the baseball treatment. No gold uniform for baseball, given that I didn't find any historical evidence of them wearing gold in the past. Basketball - Basketball has also had pretty simple uniforms in recent years and I kept that going. Down the side of the uniforms is the same stripe from the gold hockey uniforms with the gradient. Of course this time, the scales and gradient are oriented to fit the basketball tops. The shorts have the tail stripe that goes up onto the waistband. UAB on the chests of them all. For the Children's uniforms, I used a chest stripe and on the shorts I put the stripes around the bottom of the legs. C&C welcome!
  15. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    little late to the party, but Boise State wore all-blue with their American flag numbers against Fresno State who broke out the Bulldogs script helmets.