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  1. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    So before we go too much further on uniforms, I'd like to nail down logos and fonts before the uniforms get adjusted: I took @MJD7's suggestion of the "purple mountain's majesty" and used that as the basis for the logos identity. The Mountains should remain purple in most if not all applications. I also added a stroke around the letters in the semi-circle. For the C-Mountains, the mountains now get a stroke around them on colored applications. The single color C works well for white and purple backgrounds IMO but the grey needs an outline on the C. The wordmarks don't really change much from the jerseys but I added them here for everyone to see. I wasn't nuts about the idea of a pointed number font but after putting it together, I think that it works much better than not pointed numbers. The 4 doesn't have any points because it didn't look good with the points on it and I couldn't find a usable workaround so at least for the moment, it remains pointless. Comments welcome, suggestions welcome and hopefully these can get nailed down to get the uniforms nailed down.
  2. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Colorado took me a little while to finish, and you'll soon see why: I found the issue with Colorado's logo wasn't in the construction, but in the font. Changing the font went a long way in improving the logo, along with a few changes here and there. Also the big change here is purple and grey become the focus, with black not being phased out completely just minimized compared to how it is now. Hats - One hat, purple on purple, with the new C logo being the focus of the hat. Helmets match the hats. Jerseys - 3 jerseys, white, purple and grey. Each jersey gets a mountain pattern design on the sleeves. New wordmarks on the front of all the jerseys. The matching number font did not look good, so I kept the same number font from the existing jerseys. Also because I know this is gonna get brought up, I kept the mountains purple on the purple jersey because it just looked better than doing it in grey or white. Pants - Pants are by far the most simple of the group. Originally there was gonna be a similar mountain style design, but after working on Arizona's design with the short pants, I went a simpler route with a simple stripe. BP - BP gear is a little wild, but nothing too off the wall. Normal BP hat is black with the big flying ball mountain logo. Jersey really doesn't deviate from the base design. Mountains on the sleeves, logo on the chest, number on the upper left chest. And because all the cool Colorado teams are doing it, (hey Colorado State, 28-3. Love Boise State ), a state pride based BP set based on the new BP hat from this season. Here's the new logos I came up with: For the main logo, I got rid of some of the extemporaneous lines, I kept black in the mountains as I felt it looked better than the grey in this case and I used the new font and built it up very similar. For the hat logos, I tried to go for a CR logo like they have now, but in the end nothing worked in a way I could add a mountain. So as I came to call it the Hiding Mountain logo was just a C with a hiding mountain. I also came up with a symmetrical mountain logo which is what I used for the sleeves. Lot to process, C&C welcome!
  3. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Cal Golden Bears

    Took the bear off the C hats. In regards to the hockey, I'm just doing this as if every FBS team had a D1 football, baseball, hockey and basketball team when in reality most teams have D2 hockey team at best.
  4. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Updates for both Chicago and Cincy: Used the suggested Chicago script on the away uniform. Blue outlined in red was hard to read so I went with blue outlined in white. I added Mr. Red back to the sleeves of all the uniforms. He also is the main attraction of the red BP jersey and got added to the sleeve of the white BP jersey. C&C welcome!
  5. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    The door isn't closed on Chicago, but I had a quick turnaround on Cincy so here they are as well: Black is gone. That was an easy decision for me. Black serves no purpose in their identity and so it's gone. Other than that, can't complain too much about the Reds. They had a bit of a rocky patch of uniforms for a little bit there but now I think that things are looking better but could still look better still and that's where I came in. Hats - Red on red hat. Wishbone C dead center on those and the helmets. BP hat is just a white with red bill and red C. Jerseys - Jerseys don't get too wild. Home jersey keeps the styling pretty close. Placket piping on the fronts, thicker striping on the sleeves. Home uniforms have the C-reds logo on the left chest number on the other side. Away uniforms have the "Cincinnati" script on the front with the number underneath. the sunday alts, are red versions of the home uniforms. BP jerseys are a little crazy with a Canadiens style chest stripe and a chest number. Pants - Red and white pants. Finally gave the Team Formerly Known as The Big Red Machine a chance to look like a big red machine. Single stripes down the side. Socks have the single stripe on them. C&C on Chicago and Cincy appreciated!
  6. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Cal Golden Bears

    I was going to mention it in the post but I ended up not, but Boise State Club Hockey is joining the Pac 8 this year along with SJSU, SDSU, Eastern Wash and Western Wash.
  7. bkknight95

    Terrible names, amazing uniforms

    I think Green Wave is a cool nickname. The uniforms let the nickname down.
  8. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Fresh off ending what is possibly the most well known curse in sports, the Cubs get brand new uniforms! If you're expecting a wholesale change then head elsewhere because I didn't change a whole lot Hats - Hats don't change a whole lot if at all. Blue/Blue and Blue/Red with the red and white C logo make up the normal hats and helmets. The BP hat sees the return of the angry front facing bear mixed with the C logo. Jerseys - this likely counts as unpopular but I hate pinstripes. I hate the idea of them and think they are ugly. That being said, I won't :censored: on tradition and remove all pinstripes from the MLB but they're just so boring that they need something else in my opinion. So for the home uniforms I added stripes to the ends of the sleeves. Also, none of the Chicago scripts fit the uniforms in my opinion, so the road greys get the Cubs circle logo on the chest instead. Sleeve stripes there too as well as the walking bear logo on the sleeves. Alternate doesn't change too much, just the addition of sleeve stripes. BP jersey uses the angry bear, chest number and shortened sleeves. Pants - Pants all have stripes down the side. I also added a non pinstripe white set. That's another pet peeve of mine, when teams wear pinstriped pants with alternate uniforms with no pinstripes. chalk it up to the fact that I hate pinstripes. Socks, there are two socks: solid blue and striped blue. C&C welcome!
  9. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Cal Golden Bears

    I'll give you guys a heads up here but we are now on PAC-12 team 2/3 in a row. Just thought I'd give you guys a warning. First off, just wanna say that UA blew me away with how well they did Cal. The whole package was done so perfectly that it completely blew everything Nike had done in the past. So with that being said, most of these looks remain intact from the UA-back-to-Nike jump. Football - The new look remains largely the same. Matte helmets across the board. Home navy and road white's have the Cal script logo and the yellow helmet has the super cool C Bear logo on the side. The jerseys have the Sather Stripe on the sleeves, and the yellow jersey has navy sleeve caps with the stripe. Pants are simple and all have the Sather Stripe. Also I kept the Joe Roth throwbacks because those are super cool as well. Hockey - The hockey Bears get uniforms to match the rest of the school. Pretty simple across the board. Sather Stripe across the sleeves and hem. The incomplete hem stripe is from a concept I had started that ultimately never saw the boards but I liked the look so I decided to use it here. The yellow alt has the C Bear on the front instead of the Cal script. Baseball - Baseball fits the mold as well. Sather stripe on the sleeves and around the collar. Used the full bodied California script for the road uniform and the Golden Bears script for the home and alt. Sather Stripe down the pant leg. Nothing too fancy here. C Bear logo hat/helmets are the primary, Cal script is the alt. Basketball - With the return to Nike means a return to the Jordan Brand for Cal, which translates to a different manufacturer logo and not a whole lot else. Sather Stripe around the neck and sleeves and the hem and toward the bottom of the shorts. Golden Bears on the home/alt and California on the road. Not much else to say about these. C&C welcome! and don't forget if you want to see all possible football combos, teams 1-12 are up on the website now: https://colinturner95.wixsite.com/1972project
  10. bkknight95

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    The CHL as a whole has a patch problem. No need to have the CCM logo on the front and back of the jerseys. Because that leads to buffoonery like this:
  11. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Hotlanta gets a fresh(ish) look from the past. Even though I have no qualms with the Braves identity, one of my goals was to differentiate the Braves from the Indians. And i didn't have to look any further than the 70's uniforms. Of course I didn't want to go back to royal blue as I think this is one case where the navy blue works better. It creates more contrast in my opinion and makes the look better. Let's get to it. Hats - hats, hats, hats. I gave the Braves 3 different hats: Navy/red with the A, navy/navy with the A and navy/red with the A-Tomahawk. I think that all the hats work with each other and the uniforms and compliment the look as a whole. The BP hat continues the blast from the past, and is the same hat that was being used I believe last year? It's the throwback lowercase A on a navy/red hat. Jerseys - Jerseys have a bit of a throwback feel to them, as they should since they are based off the 70's uniforms. I didn't continue the sleeve color up to the collar just to be different and keep something new about these uniforms. I also did a bit of a Michigan State thing with them. I don't like the Braves in red. So the alternate jersey is the navy jersey with white sleeves and Braves on the front. BP jersey is another blast from the past with the A logo and a striping pattern derived from the feather on the sleeves. Pants - Pants are a lot simpler than they were going to be. Initially, the feather was going to be on the base of the pants but no way I did it made it look good, so I created a stripe based off of the sleeve feathers and applied it to the pants. Socks have the derived stripe. C&C welcome!
  12. bkknight95

    Your least favorite team color combination.

    Navy Blue and Yellow. I don't know why. Maybe I play against too many teams in hockey with that same color scheme but I can't stand it.
  13. bkknight95

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    https://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2018/05/30/nevada-athletic-department-trades-its-nikes-pair-adidas/655704002/ Nevada leaving Nike for Adidas.
  14. bkknight95

    The 1972 Project: Cal Golden Bears

    I'll split the difference with you. I made the AS hat the primary hat above the home jersey but kept the pitchfork hat.
  15. bkknight95

    MLB by NIKE

    Did my best to create a Diamonbacks script that was close enough to the ARIZONA wordmark. I tried the magenta but in the end it didn't look right to me.