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  1. nhl

    Anaheim updates: Home and away dont change a whole lot, the webbed D on the shoulders matches the alternate jersey one now. Speaking of the alternate: So I went away from one alternate striping pattern to one that more closely resembles another from the past. C&C welcome!
  2. Call me crazy but other than the fact that they're both broncos, I don't see a whole lot of similarites. Maybe in the mouth but that's about it.
  3. Shamless plug. EDIT: didn't see oldschoolvikings beat me to it......
  4. nhl

    Well, we're down to the last division! Oh Anaheim. You changed from something beautiful to something that has become eh. Eggplant and Jade were returning regardless, but how they were going to was still very much up in the air -Eras collide in spectacular fashion here. -The aforementioned eggplant and jade return, with silver as well. -jerseys mix old Mighty Ducks striping with Ducks curvature of the striping. -Old Mighty Ducks logo returns to the forefront, shoulders have a oval logo with the webbed D. -Both jerseys get collar striping now. -Pants are striped -Socks carry over. Alternate: I'm heavily unsure of this one. The Ducks have an ... interesting history with alternate uniforms to say the least. -Jade alternate jersey -Webbed D on the chest, MD logo on the shoulders -Striping comes from the newest alternate C&C welcome!
  5. I actually think 1 or 3 would work great. I think the logo on the second jersey should stay on the HC jerseys or in the 70's.
  6. color rush

    If last week goes down as the best Color Rush game of the year, this one might be the second best. While this particular jersey matchup is probably not doable, gotta love a classic matchup like Bears/Packers -Bears don't change a lot across the board -Packers have a few minor changes: numbers and no more collar striping, oh and sock stripes Also not probably doable because of how close it is to red/green but still fun to look at Oh look, its that one uniform combo in Madden that makes you shudder WHAT TONIGHT SHOULD LOOK LIKE IF ANYTHING!! But seriously, why are the Packers wearing white at home? And last but not least, tonight's oh hell no combo. C&C welcome!
  7. nhl

    Alright, finishing up the Central with Winnipeg To be honest, I'm still undecided on the Jets 2.0 uniforms. I just can't decide on if I really like them or not. -look harkens back to Jets 1.0 -biggest difference is the colors, fonts, logos. -added chevrons to the sleeves to tie into the military idea of the logo -pants have a stripe with chevrons as well Alternate: Not the most creative of alternates, but I was really struggling on this one. C&C welcome on the last few teams!!
  8. nfl

    Different decals on the same helmets.
  9. While the red helmet would be a true throwback look, the black helmet is not bad at all. Only thing that would make this better is if the logo on the helmet had a red outline to match the sleeve logo.
  10. nhl

    So, I'm still hoping for some more feedback on Nashville's updates, but in the meantime, I have St. Louis ready to go: Much like Dallas, I think St. Louis hit a home run on their most recent redesign. If there was a worst-to-first update in the NHL, this would be my nominee. HOWEVER, I still feel a couple things could change a little. -not a whole lot does in fact change from the new uniforms -50th anniversary logo on the shoulders -only difference is now the socks mirror the sleeves. Alternate: So rumor has it the real alternate the Blues currently wear is being phased out? That makes me sad because I hate the Blues, but love that alternate jersey. -again, not too much changes from real life -straightened out the sleeve stripes and made the yellow a bit more prominent. -50 anniversary logo on the sleeves -added some shoulder piping to mimic the home/away yoke piping C&C welcome on these and Nashville!
  11. I'm glad I didn't enter mine because mine would've been blown away. G: 2 S: 16 B: 9
  12. nhl

    Ok, so these are likely more intermediate updates, rather than full on final updates: So I don't want to completely abandon the checkerboard pattern. I think that if done right, it can work. So obviously I did something wrong the first time. This time I made it a bit more subtle on each jersey and socks. As for the alternates, changed the hem colors to yellow and experimented with the colors on the logo. I'm not sure what other logo to use for this jersey. I think they have a great identity but they lack a strong, alternate jersey logo IMHO Let me know what else to change.
  13. nhl

    Moving right through the Central to Nashville: I love the choice of Nashville going yellow at home. Its different and unique. Unfortunately, the actual design of the uniform sucks, although it was an improvement over the previous set. -kept a lot of the new stuff, but the design is based off of the alternate that wasn't around nearly as long as it should be. -yellow at home, white on the road. -double stripes, checkerboard inside the stripes. -guitar pick logo on the shoulders -socks repeat the pattern. Alternate: Here's a wild one. Using the idea of a guitar having 6 strings (most of the time) and the guitar pick logo, and country music, I made this jersey -navy jersey -six stripes all around. -pick logo front and center -socks do the same C&C welcome
  14. color rush

    Getting close to game time and I almost didn't post this weeks matchup: Easily the best match up of the Color Rushes, and no white is necessary -not much changes from the real life versions of these ORRRR: Or you just flipped the colors and get a blue/yellow matchup that doesn't look terribly awful. Just brighter C&C welcome as always.