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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Maybe a baby blue/navy blue outline(s) of some kind would have been a little throwback to the blue years. 
  2. NFL 2020: NFC South

    Moving on to the Super Bowl runner ups, Carolina.      I think Carolina needs a complete overhaul. I don't mind the logos, wordmarks, etc. But I was really opened up to how honestly bad their uniforms are. I thnk the worst offenders are the white uniforms, which Chromatic summed up by saying "The worst offender is the white uniform. The jersey, pants and socks are all white, black and with a tint of blue, yet the helmet is silver which looks entirely out of place.". I tried to rectify this, but I already failed and you might notice it.    -Helmet stays metallic flake silver. I think that Carolina should use the 3 claw mark motif they use in the new wordmark, this replaces the fugly stripe they currently have.  -Ah, the cap sleeve phenomenon has arrived in the NFL. Jerseys are Blue and white. 3 claw marks present, not a lot going on.  -Pants are metallic silver (if only the really could be), 3 claw marks present.  -Blue shoes and socks.    Throwbacks:      Panthers fall into the Raven's situation being that even in 2020, they aren't that old. Nevertheless, threw it back to the first uniform set they ever wore. It was nice to see the old Panther return to the field.    C and C welcome. 
  3. Back to red white and blue!!!

    I actually didn't mind the All Gold Everything year we just experienced. Going back to red, white and blue won't be so hard, but probably seeing neon green vs neon orange will be an eyesore again. That being said, I actually like the Pro Bowl uniforms this year. Maybe that belongs in the Unpopular Opinions thread. 
  4. Super Bowl Shuffle

    "NFL commissioner Marshawn Lynch"   Wild.    So, will this be like the Logoylmpiad, with this being the main thread and each Super Bowl up for redesign has its own thread? I'm just trying to make sure I'm understanding. 
  5. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

      So we've passed the All-Star game, but I found this floating around the internet. I was under the impression that the ASG uniorms were black/grey/yellow/white, but this almost looks like a slate blue and a navy blue. Anyone have info on this? 
  6. NFL 2020: NFC South

    nother day, nother bump
  7. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Dump the name/number font, go block and its a winner. 
  8. College Lacrosse Uniforms: 2016 Season

    That's the way I feel about all lax uniforms. Why do they have to be all templated and can't have any uniqueness? 
  9. My threads have been blacklisted. :huh:

  10. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    So, they go all out checkerboard on the jersey, but can't manage to do the same on the pants?
  11. Toronto Maple Leafs New Jersey Exploration

    It's definitely unique in a good way. I think the blue jersey needs a hem stripe like the white. I also agree that the sleeves look rather bare. Great work!
  12. NFL 2020: NFC South

    If there is a rule about triple posting, I'm about to break it.   It's time for the NFC South, beginning with Atlanta:     Given their current state of uniform, they need a change.    -helmet doesnt change a whole lot. Silver does give way to gold throughout the uniform.  -Uniforms have a stripe that is similarly shaped to the head of the falcon logo.  -Kept the current font. I'm a sucker for custom fonts.  -Pants have the same stripe. Black pants return for the first time since '08.  -Red socks, red shoes.   Throwbacks:     The Falcons were founded in 1966, I went with uniforms from 1968. Still get the red helmet, in all that glory, but also jersey stripes. Just wanted the uniforms to have some life.    C&C welcome.   
  13. MLB 2016 Changes

    Fair enough. They probably could have left them off the retail versions though? 
  14. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yikes. Here I was thinking the Nike sweatboxes were bad. The mesh on that jersey just seems wildly unnecessary. 
  15. NFL 2020: NFC South

    So, with the Pro Bowl being today, I am almost to the halfway point of the series. I actually don't have too many updates from the AFC North.    Ravens:  not quite an update, but I was doubting that a matte helmet could fade, but then I found:      If this can do this, I imagine the helmet I designed could function.    Bengals, Browns:    nothing changes.    Steelers.      I removed the Steelers logo from the chest so I could put the Nike swoosh back where it was. Got rid of the colored collars. I left the Home namplate white, I think it looks better.    NFC South up next.