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  1. I love the simplicity of these logos. I would love to see the NHL adopt this or something damn close.
  2. Keep the uniform around, but wear it once a season. My bad for the confusion
  3. After a short little break away from doing these, it's nice to be back. LSU in all purple is a little weird to see, but in all honesty, I wouldn't mind it if they brought more purple into the mix. I cheated a little bit on these. Normally I take all traces of white away, however trying to remove it from the tiger looked wrong, so at the end of it all, I left the white in the tiger logo. C&C is always welcome! I do want to say that I'm not sure how much longer I'll be doing these concepts. I do have a couple of new projects I'd like to see get off the ground a little bit, so i might be bringing this thread to an end soon.
  4. My mom is a kindergarten teacher and it bugs me how much she uses Comic Sans, but she says that it actually helps the kids learn the alphabet and they can trace it easier.
  5. I actually like the Webfoots uniforms as a one off type thing. Wouldn't mind seeing those stick around in the future.
  6. march madness

    I personally can't. I'm not well versed enough in Photoshop to do that.
  7. march madness

    Had a busy last couple weeks, but here it is: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9dz1jbcglydoojd/nike+aeroswift.ai Currently the template is an .ai file. Let me know if I need to fix anything.
  8. Hopefully they'll stick with red and yellow and use black as an accent. I didn't think the old logo was too bad. Could've done without the shading in Carl's Jr.
  9. Not a whole lot to regret in asking, it honestly doesn't look too bad Not really too bad IMO. The purple helmet is a little jarring but its not bad overall. C&C welcome!
  10. march madness

    So I didn't get through the Sweet 16 like I wanted to, but oh well. Note to self next year: lets not start this project in the middle of March Madness. But all that aside, lets get to the Final Four: These two you've seen already, not a whole lot more to say about these two. These two you haven't. This might be unpopular, but I think UNC's uniforms could use a make over. The argyle is great. The argyle with the side panels is too much for me. So I pulled the argyle out of the panels, and just made the uniforms simpler and cleaner. Oregon is a little bit more modern. I like the new duds they rolled out, but I hoped the jerseys could have some of the wings on there, so I added the wings to the shoulders. And now to the battle of the #1's: Either way, I think that we get a good uniform matchup here and in real life. Not to mention that it should be a great championship game. Plus I picked these two to make it in both my brackets and UNC wins in one and Zaga in the other, so either way I come out on top C&C welcome on everything and I'll likely have the template link up tomorrow.
  11. I somehow managed to get busier over spring break. But now I'm back and plowing through requests. I tried my best to approximate the stained glass pattern as best I could. On a side note, I actually like the uniforms BC unveiled for this past season. C&C welcome!
  12. march madness

    At the end of the concepts, I'll release the template. I'm using this as a chance to work out any bugs in the template.
  13. I feel like a team has done this in the past, but I can't remember who.
  14. I'm trying to stay as true as I can to what the team currently wears, kind of like the NFL's color rush was for most teams, but there's no reason why a few teams can't have an execption:
  15. march madness

    Quick update, fixed the logo on the shorts for SC. Next up Zaga/WVU Didn't see a whole lot of issues with Gonzaga's uniforms. Just added some trim and the panels to the side. Also didn't see a whole lot wrong with West Virginia, just added and subtracted some paneling. Went yellow on the away to be unique. C&C welcome!