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  1. nba

    Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about this thread. Golden State just gave me more challenges than I had thought: Ah yes. The team that started this sleeved uniform thing. These definitely feel like Pro Combat uniforms. I like the Warriors uniforms as exist currently, even with all the sleeved uniforms. That being said, here's how this one breaks down: Golden Gate bridge on the right sleeve and short leg. WARRIORS runs down the left side, like on the uniforms of old. Kept the logo the same, I like the look of it and it's uniqueness. C&C welcome!
  2. nhl

    Keeping this thread rolling with Calgary: Oh Calgary, you took care of one thing and left the rest of your problems on the jerseys. Anyways, I used the striping from the current uniforms, which I think worked really well. I kept the italicized font but used a regular block font for the names. Not much else to say about these. C&C welcome. Just a heads up, I will be going on vacation so my posts might be a few days in between.
  3. nhl

    Definitely. I'll 4 stripe them with the alternates when I come back through and do those. And since I have them done, here's the first of the playoff teams, the Stanley Cup runner ups: The Preds Nashville lost the worst out of the whole Adidas switchover. And we haven't even seen the away jerseys yet. Even with the piping, they still didn't look bad. Anyways, end of mini rant. I used the striping on the now old away jerseys for both uniforms. I'm still not 100% sure about the numbers on the home jersey. I personally feel that there is enough contrast, but I could be totally wrong too. I also got rid of the pant stripe. It just feels out of place with the uniforms. C&C welcome!
  4. nhl

    So thanks to Windows and their ever loving updates, I spent most of my friday, saturday and sunday trying to figure out why my GPU compatibility in Illustrator suddenly ceased working when it has been flawless in the 6 months I've had this computer. Anyways, that caused me to reset my computer and as a result, not get a whole lot of designing done. But anyways, I'm back with the last non playoff team, the Islanders: Not really much I have to say about these. Basically just took their current stripe pattern and made it into two stripes and Habs'd them. I went single color on the back numbers for what I felt was the best possible visibility. C&C welcome, and brace yourselves... The playoff teams are coming.
  5. nba

    Traded in the sleeve stripes for collar stripes.
  6. nba

    Sorry for not having posted in a few days, my Illustrator is having sudden and random GPU compatibility issues so I've been trying to figure that out for the last few days. Anyways, after some work and a computer reset, here's Detroit: So after a few off the wall designs, I decided to go a simpler route with the Pistons. I felt a simpler look fit them more, even when the uniform comes with sleeves. Nevertheless, still stuck the stripes on the sleeves and made the red uniform the new away jersey. C&C welcome. I promise not to be gone as long this next time around.
  7. UCLA looks really damn good I think UA wins this offseason.
  8. nba

    Quick update to Denver: Went back to the '80s style script under the mountain and stripes. C&C welcome as I am currently struggling with Detroit
  9. nhl

    I was not a fan when Tampa Bay super simplified their look back in 2011 (has it really been that long?). I thought they had a winning look before the switch, but then again what they were switching from what Reebok originally gave them, I guess it wasn't all that bad. Anyways, did a few things to the Bolts here. I went back to the brighter blue they originally used. I like it more than the darker, dingier blue they use now. Also there's no black anywhere. I thought it made the look cleaner overall and finally, got rid of the "TAMPA BAY" on the white jersey. C&C welcome!
  10. nba

    Moving up North to Denver: Personally, I find the sleeveless version of the yellow ones to be pretty wild as they are, which is why I used them as the base of the uniforms. I extended the pattern from the chest to the sleeves so it runs the length of the shoulders to the sleeves. I used the script from the old navy alternates on the fronts and I switched back to the old font. As for the yellow being the away jersey, I figure if Nashville can do it in the NHL, then someone could do it in the NBA. C&C welcome on Dallas and Denver!
  11. nhl

    I gave it a thought and even tried out red in the striping and it just didn't look as good as the silver does to me. and while i'm here, here's Philly: Philly with no stripe running down the sleeve looks wrong in so many ways, so I gave them their normal sleeve stripe that ends on the new stripe. And on the away jersey I flipped the back number color for legibility C&C welcome!
  12. They could do just a C on the chest like USC and call it good.
  13. nhl

    I personally consider these my best so far and my favorite thus far: Jets 2.0 doesn't see a whole lot of change. I added a stripe in the middle of the double stripe they currently use as a way to unify the stripes across both jerseys. Plus this way the stripes appear more consistent in my opinion. Beyond that, not a whole lot of changes. C&C welcome!
  14. nba

    So I sat around all weekend and struggled with Dallas. They've worn basically two truly distinct uniforms since they started playing in the NBA and they've somehow avoided the sleeve trend. Coupled with designers block and I had no freaking idea what I was gonna do. Until about 10:00 last night and here's what tired me came up with: I like the skyline alternate for the Mavericks, but not the skyline if that makes sense. I like the chest stripe so I kept that, put the star under the point of the collar, and used a double stripe pattern on the sleeves, shorts and the sides of the t-shirts jerseys. Let me know what you guys think!
  15. nhl

    So as of about 11:30 pm mountain time last night, I have decided to come back through at the end of the home and away sets and do alternate jerseys for all the teams. Just thought I'd mention that before I post Carolina: Carolina bringing back the hurricane flag stripe is awesome, even if it is only subliminal. Bringing it back on just the red jersey though? Still makes me sad, since they had some unique uniforms before they decided to simplify things. Anyways, back in concept world, both jerseys have the hurricane flag striping. The socks too. Beyond that, not a whole lot changes. Put the warning flag logo on the shoulders again, where it belongs. C&C welcome as always!