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  1. I don't agree with that. Basketball tanktops were developed out of functionality and had been worn for, like, a hundred years by teams above junior high level. A shoe company trotted out sleeved jerseys a few years back to drum up sales. Just their presence is an affront to the sport. Of course, baseball vests have been around for probably 100 years, so they don't seem out of the ordinary to me. I agree that sleeved jerseys are ideal for most teams, but certain teams, like the Pirates and Reds, looked good to me wearing traditional vests. Nobody looks good in modern Majestic sleeveless jerseys, however.
  2. Great googily-moogily!
  3. He sounds like a drunk castmember at a renaissance fair. And that was possibly the single worst thing I've ever watched.
  4. The Steelers wore a patch.
  5. Personally, I'd love to see you shut your mouth. Seriously, I'd hate to see them go navy and yellow. That's the worst possible outcome. At least with the current drab crap, it could be justified with the fact that they've worn it for 16 years. Royal blue and yellow look much better together than navy and yellow, and the Rams obviously have an extensive history in those colors. Navy and yellow might look better than their current stuff, but it would look worse than they *could* look. And what's more, it would elicit a Sabres-esque masturbatory "we're going back to our roots by wearing something we've never worn before and keeping a current color which is considerably less popular than the classic one it's replacing."
  6. "Well, I've always been a huge fan of Memorial Day, and my favorite player is Juan Nicasio..."
  7. Because the Yankees are the only team that deeply cares about how it looks. They previously resisted the template dugout jackets and the crappy S&S caps as long as baseball allowed. The Yankees are surely paying extra to have the side panels removed (as well as the manufacturer logo), but it's worth it. The rest of the teams in sports say, "Eh, close enough" when given designs which are altered due to either manufacturer laziness (Jets, Colts) or specifically to highlight a manufacturer's template (Saints' collars, Grizzlies' numbers).
  8. Yep. That looks awful and cheap.
  9. It's a new Pac Man logo, though, and it's in a different color scheme. The throwback merchandise for the original Hornets is still a top seller, and the team ended up going back to basically the same colors, so the league wasn't going to let them limit sales by reproducing gear that's already for sale. A better example would be the Sixers. They went back to the old logo, then tweaked it. But I don't think the Sixers had huge throwback sales to begin with, and also the jerseys are "honoring their past" by wearing uniforms they've never worn before. Plus, the Sixers are the actual franchise that used the logo previously, while the Hornets aren't.
  10. Legitimate competition would help them. But more specifically, the threat of extinction will lead them to take chances. WCW was going to put them out of business, so they fundamentally changed the product. These days, there's probably never going to be any real competition again, so most of the people who love wrestling are always going to somewhat follow the product no matter how bad it gets. But if they're disgusted enough with the product, the regular audience could start tuning out. Most of us bitch and continue watching. Two years from now, if Ambrose, Owens and Cesaro are still held down, and Reigns wins the Royal Rumble for the third time in four years, fans might actually be at a breaking point. Right now, Vince thinks the fans will eventually love Roman, and taking any dramatic risks could, of course, lead directly to the extinction the company hoped to avoid. So the company is underachieving, but until fans hit that breaking point and the company starts losing money, they'll keep underachieving and pushing Reigns. Also, let's take a moment to remember when Vince "lost 60% of his fortune" on the WWE Network. They had early issues and weren't broadcasting outside of the US. Well, within a year, Vince had made back the money he lost and more. He's going to keep doing his thing.
  11. Eh. Purchasing the Impact Zone probably costs little more than purchasing McDonald's franchise. With $115 million, he can almost buy an NHL team.
  12. I think it's just the lighting. His suit is a few different shades of gray and red. Also:
  13. In the story I read about the new Venom movie, it mentioned how the symbiote was stuck to Parker's shoe in outer space and made its way back to earth with him. Well, considering the Infinity Wars will be waged against Thanos, with space being involved, that would be the perfect time to have Parker step in it without noticing, setting up Venom in a future movie. The new Spidey movie is in 2017, then Infinity Wars in '18 and '19. That would set up perfectly to introduce a proper Venom in the Spider-Man sequel. Also, since I didn't mention it yet, I love the new spider suit. My favorite part is that it's much lighter than the past two series' suits. I could do without the random black stripes on the biceps, but that's about t.
  14. Thanks. On a Spider-Man related note, there's a report that Sony is once again trying to do a Venom movie. This time around, though, Venom will not be in Spider-Man's universe (MCU), he'll be in his own world for films. That sounds so incredibly dumb, it's bound to happen, Marvel is basically bailing out Sony for them botching Spider-Man twice already, and they're going to go and do the same stuff that lead them to ruin before.
  15. Thanks. I never read the comics. If it was something which was worn for only a short period of time and explanation was given for why he abandoned it, it wouldn't be bad in the movies. But I also don't think Spidey's first appearance is the time to bust it out, either. Even if it's the most logical point relating to the other issues in the universe.