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  1. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    Guys, stop. The B football is one of the worst logos in pro sports. It looks like a half-assed logo Nike designed 15 years ago for Nike-exclusive hats, using parts of the team's identity in a unique but uninspiring way. Like the NE logo with the logo stripes coming off it. Among the reasons it's terrible: It's a B, and it their logo should be a C; The stripes don't extend behind the B (as seen in the loops), but they fill in the triangle on the right side; The football lines curve slightly from the corners, where as the striped lines are a sharp angle. This is inexcusable with these being so close to one another. The stripes should truncate at the same angle as the football. It always drove me nuts; There is much more white space between the football and stripe corners than there is outlining the B. The spacing of white should be the same in both spots; The stripes are of no significance to the Browns. Yes, the current awful uniforms use brown-orange-brown stripes on the pants, and they wore those stripes when they originally messed up the uniforms circa 2003. But that's not the Browns. Their stripes should always be orange-brown-orange. Alternatively, an orange football with B-W-B stripes would have made sense; Seriously, stripes inside a football? It's terrible. A "B" looked bad inside a football surrounded by dead white space, so they crudely threw in the stripes. They're saying "we have to put something in this spot to make this logo interesting. The other oval logos in football fill up the space with letters. But they just had a B, so they had to throw in random crap. A single letter can't fill up a football. It's just bad design. A dog, an elf, or an entirely new logo that isn't a bad attempt at an olde tyme-y football logo would be fine. Just not leave it off the helmets.
  2. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    No. Originally, they were announced as Infinity War pt. 1 and 2. They changed it about a year ago. Avengers 3 is Infinity War and the 4th is still untitled. Marvel said the 4th one is heavily tied to and influenced by Infinity War, but is its own story. They were originally supposed to film the movies together, but they changed the schedule to film them back-to-back, to give the crew time to put the first film together and do CGI before the release. They just finished principle filming of Infinity War this week, and will take a week or two off before starting filming Avengers 4. During that filming, they'll do reshoots for Infinity War. Reshoots can been seen as ominous (like with Suicide Squad), but most of the times they don't alter scenes, it's just the director deciding they need to film something again after seeing the footage they have didn't work. Obviously, there are a bunch of questions surrounding Avengers 4. Is Thanos in it, or does his story end in Infinity War? If he's in it, then it sure seems like it should be considered the second part of Infinity War. How do Captain Marvel and Ant-Man and the Wasp fit in between these two movies? Ant-Man will be in Infinity War, but Captain Marvel and Wasp won't be until they're introduced in their own films. Will any Avengers die at the hands of Thanos in Infinity War, or will they wait for Avengers 4? It was reported that everybody from Infinity War is contracted and will be in the next film, so that would lead us to believe that nobody dies (unless they're shown as part of a flashback, or if Thanos or Dr. Strange turn back time to bring them back to life. Anyway, it doesn't look like we're going to get very much detail-wise before this movie comes out. Thor 3 will feature a lot of cosmic stuff and will lead us right into it, but Black Panther is exclusively on earth and isn't expected to have anything to do with Thanos.
  3. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    It's worth noting that Josh Brolin got jacked to play Cable in Deadpool 2 (which is currently filming). From the photos yesterday, it looked like his arms were bigger than Thor's. There are descriptions online of the trailer. Nothing we wouldn't expect. I still have a feeling there is going to be some huge surprise (other than certain characters dying, which we expect at this point). Marvel hasn't announced the name of Avengers 4 because it's a spoiler for Infinity War. They also haven't announced any of the movies after Avengers 4 (other than Spider-Man and Guardians 3) because things are changing and new characters will be added. I really believe the Fantastic 4 will be added. Their rights aren't owned by Fox, as has been reported. They are actually owned by Constantin Films, which has contracted with Fox to make the movies. Constantin was reportedly liquidating its assets last year. I believe Marvel will go all-out to get them back. It's not just about the F4, but all the great villains that come with them. Bringing in Dr. Doom and Galactus could set up the next two Avengers movies.
  4. MLB Changes 2017

    Yellow touching white, even-numbered piping, city name at home for a team that isn't the Yankees or Tigers I don't have a problem with yellow touching white, but the rest of it applies. Also: Not brown and yellow; Introduced yet another color scheme for a schizophrenic franchise; Copied a DEEPLY UNPOPULAR color scheme from the local football team which symbolized the indifference that team's ownership had for the fans (and that team has since moved). This would be like if the Cleveland Cavaliers switched to purple and black. No swinging Friar patch; Cap logos on jerseys are largely lazy and awful. The Yankees and Tigers are grandfathered (even though both use different logos from the caps). White Sox, too. The cap is a small space that requires 1-2 letters to effectively use the space. The chest, however, is a much larger space that allows the team to expand its identity, especially including the team name. There's no excuse for introducing a reductionist home jersey 50 years after the franchise started and when the team doesn't have an awful name that looks bad spelled out (like Diamondbacks).
  5. MLB Changes 2017

    I agree that this jersey is worlds better than the current awful home set. This is a great look, though the wordmark could stand to be a slight bit bolder, IMO. However, it still uses the same awful number font. The font worked (but wasn't great) with the bevels, but it looks so terrible in two-color form. It's especially awful when the home jersey has a very thin logo on one side being completely overshadowed by the thick, almost square numbers on the opposite side.
  6. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I think it's much less convoluted. Zemo - {knows that Steve Rodgers was best friends with Bucky, and discovered Bucky had killed the Starks. He knows the current geopolitical situation as another Avengers disaster leads the world to unite to essentially outlaw superheroes.} He murders a king and frames Bucky for it, knowing Steve will fight for him (since he's brainwashed) and assuming other Avengers would oppose him. Then when he got them to the Siberian compound, he would show them footage of the Stark murders and split them up for good. Luthor - {knows that public opinion is split on both Superman and Batman.} He discovers Superman's secret identity (not that hard) and somehow discovers Batman's identity. He then assumes Batman would want to kill Superman. He also assumes Superman is inherently good, and would have an issue with Batman's tactics.} He sets up an overly intricate plan in which Batman would somehow find out the "White Portuguese" was bringing in a weapon to kill Superman. Bruce would discover Lex was in contact with a Russian mobster (presumed to be the White Portuguese). After meeting the Russian and cloning his phone in a matter of seconds, Bruce is able to determine the White Portuguese is actually a boat the weapon is arriving on. Batman then conveniently has a nightmare that tells him to kill Superman. After Lex finds a random amputee Wayne worker amidst millions of maimed people, he brainwashes the guy and uses him to blow up the Capitol building and murder Congress (which doesn't really advance the whole Batman/Supes storyline, but maybe turns the public more against Super? Dunno. So Lex uses Zod's corpse to build an unstoppable monster just incase Batman can't kill Superman. And luckily he hadn't, because if Superman was dead, the monster would literally destroyed the earth and killed everybody. That's way more convoluted to me, and far less plausible than Zemo basically taking public knowledge and framing Cap's friend for murder. Despite that all, I agree that BvS was good, but it was such a cluster:censored: that even people who like it can't stop talking about the awful or confusing parts a year later. That movie should have been a lot more than it was.
  7. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    I love it. Totally different feel than the other Spider-Man movies. Stark was in it the perfect amount, as I know a lot of people thought it would be too Stark-heavy. On another note, Guardians 2 was said to be the first Marvel movie that was not in "real time" (ie, three years had not passed between the first and second movie, it was a few months). Well, with Spider-Man, they kinda blew up the whole timeline. The Avengers came out in 2012, but they said Homecoming happened 8 years afterwards. I know there were a few continuity issues in Dr. Strange (his 2016 doctor of the year award, before his several months/years of training to become Sorcerer Supreme), so I guess they just decided to bust it up with this. They have already mentioned that the sequel to Homecoming (2019) will begin minutes after Avengers 4 ends, and it will feature Peter as a junior. The third film, presumably in 2021, will feature Peter as senior. We talked about it for Civil War, but I loved the look of Peter's suit. The black rubber parts are awful and intrusive, but it's still the best of the movie suits so far because it didn't feel the need to make the blue navy. The Iron-Man suit sucked, but it barely mattered.
  8. The Marvel Comics Movie & Television Thread

    My rankings of the Netflix shows: Daredevil - A: Great show. Love the character, the internal struggle with his faith and his work, particularly when Punisher is thrown in to show the opposite opinion. My favorite. Luke Cage- A+: Absolutely loved this show. Other than Cottonmouth's early exit, there isn't anything I would have changed. The actors were great. I loved the tone and the music. Very different feel from the other series, and very refreshing in that way. Although I like Daredevil better overall and am more excited about his upcoming seasons than LC, I think this show was better done. Jessica Jones - B- : I absolutely don't get the love for this show. It was good. I liked it. Kilgrave's powers were really creepy and thought provoking (ie. the awful damage one could do with such powers). The actors were good. The story was mostly good. But the middle episodes (maybe 7-9) were absolute death, dragging on and not advancing the story at all. More so than any of the other shows, this one could have stood to lose 3 episodes. I'm looking forward to the Defenders (and I'm sure Jessica will be advanced in that series) but as of now, I'm not that excited about seeing how she develops next. I haven't read the comics, but seeing as she isn't a "super hero" anymore, it seems like her character arc is about where it's going to be, other than dating and marrying Luke. Iron Fist - B: It was a pretty good show. Like the other characters, I knew nothing about him beforehand. Many out-there elements of the character, but I thought it was good. I didn't hate Finn Jones' acting in the role. I thought the villain was good, and Gao was great again. It wasn't my favorite series, but there was nothing wrong with it, IMO. I am excited to see where he goes in the future, largely because I know he develops more and gets a suit, eventually becoming besties with Luke. While I feel a lot of the over-the-top love for JJ from the media is because they think the show supports their politics, almost all of the over-the-top hate of Iron Fist is because it wasn't altered to support their politics. There are plenty of legitimate criticisms of the show, but "Danny Rand is white" is not one of them. To the TV show critics (which are essentially social media bloggers who get famous for pwning a celeb or politician on Twitter), they were going to destroy the show no matter what. It being underwhelming helped them along. That being said, I'm very pumped about the Defenders and seeing these characters together.
  9. Detroit Tigers alternate jersey

    I don't hold the Tigers (or Yankees) set in high regard. I think both homes are classics that I would never touch if I got the title of uniform czar. However, both are just "meh" in my opinion (especially the Tigers). I really like the Tigers' script jersey they wore for one year in the '50s. Throw an orange outline around the navy and that is a great jersey; much superior to their current homes. But like I said, I'd never change them at this point. However, I do really like both teams' road sets. I agree that the Tigers' roads would look better without the white outline. However, they still look good with the white. Also, I love the white outlines on the Yankees roads. Since they've been wearing it for close to 50 years (and 7 titles), I think it's passed the point of being inappropriate for a storied franchise, and also passed the point of being dated with the 70's cuffs. Also, I feel the white outlines and stripes add a tiny bit of life to an otherwise boring look with no names on the back. Also, no, the Yankees shouldn't add names to their jerseys (but the Red Sox should add names at home).
  10. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    Are you in your early 20's? I rarely ever saw the Cardinals on national TV growing up (because they were terrible), but I seem to remember them wearing white a lot at home in the '90s. Regardless, I'm glad that the franchise left that nonsense in the past. It's stupid in general, but particularly egregious for teams which don't have a long history of doing it (Texans) and play in climate-controlled domes to negate the dark color boogieman (also Texans).
  11. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    I disagree, and I'm someone who generally likes outlines on numbers 9 times out of 10. That set never looked right to me. It looked wrong with the red socks, and the change to the blue socks in its last season made the numbers look like even more of a sore thumb. The blue outlines made the numbers look a little pinkish. The numbers on the current road set look great. They are a bright red, and they only work because they're offset by the sparkling, bright blue helmets. If they changed to a normal blue helmet or, even worse, satin blue, the look would be downgraded greatly.
  12. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    That is correct, but it seemed to me like the Cowboys completely replaced royal blue with navy in all merchandise sometime in the late '90s. Being a kid in the early '90s when the Cowboys were dominant, there were a lot of bandwagon fans wearing Cowboys gear in school, and I remember a lot of royal blue back then.
  13. Dallas Cowboys going dark at home?

    I'd flip the last two (I'm a '90s kid), but I'd throw about five more greater-thans between the first and second pics. The shade of blue, the striping, the matching silver - that Staubach set is perfect. Rather than wearing the crappy navy jerseys and deviating from their traditional, iconic look, they should bring back the dark royal blue jersey which matches their whites and then pick a (bluish) silver, too. It's not just that the navy jersey is bad on its own (and it sure is), but the Dallas Cowboys have always worn royal blue, other than 1-2 times per year on the road the last 35 years. It's stupid that they think they need to go dark and sell navy crap, much less wear navy jerseys. It's not 2000 anymore, and teams are showing that people are not resistant to wearing vibrant colors.
  14. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    I'm fine either way. The new logo is good, but I thought the old one was perfectly effective as just a silhouette, like the Texas Longhorns logo.
  15. Lions New Logo and Uniforms 2017

    The logo should have one white outline. And the helmet stripes should also have white. The facemask should be blue. Basically, the Sanders era helmet is superior in every way. As is everything else from that set.