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  1. Thought - was this the first time that two alternate jerseys were worn in the same World Series game? Not counting the Marlins wearing their sleeveless alternates in 1997. I'm thinking it is, baring maybe some Pirates foolishness in '79.
  2. So, the Cubs are wearing their horrendous alternates against the Indians' navy alternates. The :censored:ing World Series is looking like a spring training game. Good job, you guys.
  3. The Cubs' blue alts are some of the worst in baseball. Like you said, they look like BP jerseys (and are basically the exact BP jersey the team has worn for the last 20 year). My biggest issue is that the logo is so, so awful. It's an absolute garbage logo, and it's used in place of their iconic primary. There's nothing wrong with their primary logo. They need to use it more. It's akin to the Red Sox coming out with an alternate jersey with the socks on the chest, taking the place of other iconic marks, except their sock logo is merely underwhelming and not awful. Put the primary logo on the chest and throw some kind of striping/piping on it. And they really should replace the alt logo with something more similar to the ones they wore in the '60s though '95. And yes, the road grays are bad, but not "I can't believe a franchise that's 140 years old is wearing this crap" bad. Go to something similar to what they wore in the '60s, make a blue alt with the primary logo, and wear it no more than once a week. As for the Indians, their uniforms were perfect in the '90s. Thanks to the admiral, I now notice that the C in Cleveland was too small, and I can't unsee that. However, the set was great other than that. The Indians, like the Marlins, should turn the clocks back to 1995 and take the batteries out. It's good that the Indians found their way back to a respectable look after the awful silver era and the slightly less bad era which followed. But their homes and alts are still worse versions of the '90s set. Just go back to that and admit you made a mistake.
  4. I don't know if the pants are made by Ripon or not. The Packers normal game pants have had the sublimated stripe insert amidst the dazzle material since at least the second year of Nike. The Cowboy do the same thing - sublimated insert with the rest shiny.
  5. Speaking of Next Level Talk, has a message board taken its place? I was on Jersey Talk (or something like that), then followed the mass to NLT when that shut down, but then I forgot about that site and it was gone when I visited again.
  6. Maybe not that season, but their jerseys had Wilson logos the season before. So I would assume the Wilson-produced jerseys originally had Wilson branding, but it was taken off and covered with Reebok logos.
  7. That makes sense, but at least from the pictures posted, the players with the thicker font are all wearing Reebok. I wonder if they ripped off the Wilson logos and sewed the Reebok logos on.
  8. I remember noticing it at the time. In retrospect, one of the first signs I'd end up on this board. I have no idea why it happened, but it's a shame they switched from the thick font, which the Jaguars used up until their Nike-gasm. Like the great Champion font, this isn't for every team. But it's a great, unique way to do a standard block font. I wish one or two teams would have used that over the last decade instead of coming up with an awful, contrived custom font. And I also wish the Bengals and Bills could bring back the Champion font and wear it forever.
  9. Maybe, but the pants also look 1,000x better with white, making braiser stripes. Literally 1,000x better. So, since no team would return 100% to an old look in this day and age, they might as well find a way to work white into the blue jerseys. I think they'd look great either 1) keeping their current shoulder slash things, in white and yellow, in lieu of the horns; or 2) keep the horns yellow and make the numbers white.
  10. Well, yes. That would be fine by me, but it defeats the point from New Era's perspective. It's less exposure. Even with HDTV, it's something most fans wouldn't notice in 90% of the close-up shots. NE definitely gave MLB a bunch of extra millions to include that logo on the hats, so they're going to get their money's worth.
  11. I've tried taking the NE logo off two different hats. The logo is too small with too many turns. It doesn't work out well. Even if you don't end up poking a hole in it, there's a distinctive fraying of the material and ghosting behind the logo.
  12. That's a trash uniform honoring a franchise nobody watching today cares about and most weren't alive to see. It would be adding yet another color scheme to the Padres' history, and once again promising the fans what they want and delivering something that will displease both people who like current stuff and classic stuff. So, that's gotta be it. Switching to that uniform would be the most Padres thing ever.
  13. I don't agree with that. Basketball tanktops were developed out of functionality and had been worn for, like, a hundred years by teams above junior high level. A shoe company trotted out sleeved jerseys a few years back to drum up sales. Just their presence is an affront to the sport. Of course, baseball vests have been around for probably 100 years, so they don't seem out of the ordinary to me. I agree that sleeved jerseys are ideal for most teams, but certain teams, like the Pirates and Reds, looked good to me wearing traditional vests. Nobody looks good in modern Majestic sleeveless jerseys, however.
  14. Great googily-moogily!
  15. He sounds like a drunk castmember at a renaissance fair. And that was possibly the single worst thing I've ever watched.