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  1. Report: Nike to Take Over MLB Uniforms in 2020

    That's exactly what they did in the NBA. They changed the shape of the jersey back to look like a sports bra. Then they removed the cuff striping from the back of all jerseys. They made the NOB smaller. They also changed the triangle cutout on the shorts for no reason, altering the look of the shorts for teams with accents in that area. The Boston Celtics weren't allowed to keep their classic look. Like I said above, the problem isn't that Nike will force teams to wear garish crap. The problem is that Nike might be allowed to significantly change the template and force teams to change even if they don't want to. Look at the awful side panels Majestic has used the last few years. They look terrible when you notice them, but at least they are fairly thin. So maybe Nike puts thicker side panels in a different material with mesh like an old basketball jersey. Maybe Nike puts in a different panel on the back of the knee (like on football pants) which makes all teams wearing pinstripes look like crap. That is them forcing changes on the Yankees without the Yankees being able to tell them to piss off. And this is what Nike has been all about the last decade. Making awful new proprietary templates for the sole purpose of branding. I'm far more worried about Nike messing up all teams in a small way than butchering some teams in a big way.
  2. NFL 2018 changes

    It wasn't the "Reebok template." It was the "football jersey template." That does sounds good. Or better yet, just go back to the Barry Sanders set and improve over that look in every way.
  3. Yes, this is the biggest issue here. I think the Rams didn't understand how much the fans love royal blue and yellow, as the Rams were doing surveys asking them if they preferred that to blue and white a year ago. But the biggest reason the Rams didn't change to the throwbacks when they moved is that they wanted to maximize their merchandise sales. People bought navy gear, because that was the current stuff. They also bought Mitchell & Ness throwbacks, modern Nike throwback merchandise, and then white/navy jerseys Gurley jerseys along with throwback ones. The Rams wanted to do like the Brewers (fittingly, with the same exact colors on both sets). They wanted people to spend money on two sets of crap. Then they wanted people to have to buy all new stuff in five years with new logos, while also still being able to buy the current throwbacks, which they'll still wear at that time. The only thing that really changed is the Rams finally realized how awful the STL set was with Nike's matte fabrics and then made it worse by changing the helmets and pants. If they would have settled for looking good from day 1, they wouldn't be selling navy crap now or new stuff in a few years.
  4. Here are my thoughts in no particular order, numbered because why not? The 5 year rule isn't a problem. The problem is teams making terrible decisions. The Bills wore their awful mismatched navy crap for a decade. The Bengals have been wearing these awful uniforms for 15 years. Just recently, the Bucs, Browns and Titans made unfathomably awful uniforms. Teams need to stop being dumb. It was dumb for the Rams to pass up the opportunity to switch to the throwbacks with the move. No excusing that. Also, I suspect that was probably the only chance the league would have given them to actually switch back to the throwbacks. I am willing to give the Rams the benefit of the doubt that they didn't know how much LA fans loved the royal and yellow set. But it's REALLY damn troubling to read about them "working with Nike" on the uniforms. The Rams know the fans love the throwbacks. They petitioned to wear the throwbacks more. Yet they're working with Nike on uniforms, instead of just deciding to wear the throwbacks, That's awful. Not sure if that's the Rams' fault or the leagues. I believe the league wouldn't allow them to go back to the throwbacks fulltime if they wanted to. Because fans are still going to love the throwbacks. They'll buy the new jerseys, but also throwbacks for current players. In theory they get to sell twice as many jerseys. I love the Super Bowl set, but I concede that shoulder horns don't make sense (they just look great). So the Rams could go with a "classy update" of the SB set, subtly changing the horns to slashes like the current crappy set. But they won't. They'll wear blue and yellow. But the uniforms will be "Nike Presents the LA Rams." They'll get a horrific custom font, randomly truncated stripes just because, little elements highlighting Nike's newest template, and also probably realistic horns on the helmet. But they'll still wear the throwbacks, so the fans will still clamor for them to wear the throwbacks fulltime. It will be another situation like the 2010 Minnesota Twins.
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    It's cool except for Guaranteed Rate having dimensions it hasn't had since 2000. The difference is that, other than the turf itself, football is less impacted by the location. It's not like you need to run the ball to win in Seattle because you can't throw the ball as far or something crazy. Baseballs are more drastically impacted by conditions such as high elevation, domes, or even just an unexpected side effect of the stadium design creating a wind tunnel. I appreciate it with baseball.
  6. NFL 2018 changes

    I agree (mostly) with the first point. All the Jets need to do is go back to Kelly green and also have Nike fix the shoulder loops. But I absolutely loved the Esiason-era set. I thought black looked great in small doses with Kelly green. The stripes were great, especially on the socks. Also, the road set gave the perfect balance that the Bears, Chiefs and Redskins have: colored helmet, white jersey with striped sleeves, pants matching helmet color, white striped socks matching the jersey. Throw in the Champion font and, hot damn, those were some beauties. They looked so damn good. But the Jets are the Jets, so if they do change, they'll make the worst possible choice - keep the forest green but lose the Namath look and basically wear the Giants unis, but in green.
  7. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    And before the "anything goes" era of the last five years and outside of the '70s which were known for intentionally garish uniforms, how many of those years regularly featured color vs color games? I'm not saying teams shouldn't have colored alternates. But two alternates should never meet on the field, and no teams should wear their alternates more than a quarter of the time, tops.
  8. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    Yeah, it's supposed to look like a meaningful major league game. Not spring training or beer league softball.
  9. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    MLB choosing UnderArmour to appeal to the kids is the ultimate "How do you do, fellow kids?" Totally clueless. Kids wear UA stuff. They'll keep wearing UA stuff, but unless they come out with some MLB-exclusive designs which get big in pop culture And, baseball won't get a huge boost from this. Even if they do sell a lot of compression shirts or whatever, that's not likely to push kids to follow baseball if they don't already. This is a decision made by a bunch of old people clueless about marketing thinking UnderArmour will hypnotize the youngins'. Hopefully the delay is because the deal is falling apart, but it's not likely. It worries me that this deal is delayed because it will be more of a "league wide unveiling" with UA changing everybody's uniform just because they're allowed to. The NHL-Reebok Edge debacle forced all teams to change their uniform collars and hems. The NHL Adidas set made things far worse. The NBA-Nike deal was terrible and destroyed the league's aesthetic even before accounting for the jersey adds. I'm worried UA will be given full control by the league to change/ruin aspects of all uniforms the way the NHL did twice with the collars and hems and the NBA did with the shorts and shoulder trim.
  10. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    MLB has already degraded it uniforms so much. We already have teams who wear alts for 90% of road games, and now we routinely have alt vs alt matchups. We have special use jerseys and caps for every holiday during the season, in which teams are forced to wear colors that aren't their own. UnderArmour is going to make some atrocious uniforms and plenty of garish alternates, but it won't really do much more damage than what MLB has done to itself. That being said, they need to change their minds about the UA chest logos. That :censored: completely is unacceptable. We're in the second season of the NE logo appearing on the caps, and it doesn't look any less awful or out of place. A chest logo would be worse.
  11. MLB changes 2018?

    Agreed on both points. For some reason, both beltway teams have issues with their scripts and angles. The Baltimore road script had this same problem the first year, then the Orioles just tilted it clockwise, putting the letters on an awkward angle. A random message board slob working on a freeware photo editor can fix both of these teams' script issues in about 20 minutes, yet two major league franchises can't fix this. Insane.
  12. MLB changes 2018?

    Yes, and while we're at it, let's bring back the vertical arch to the names. The road hat and terrible alternate jerseys have diluted the Braves, but the NOB change is still a huge downgrade. Especially since the font they use now looks to be half the size of what they used previously. The current homes and roads almost look like knock-offs of the dynasty set from behind. That's how big of a change it was, at least to me.
  13. NFL 2018 changes

    Better yet, the Redskins should just go entirely back to how they looked in the '90s, except wearing red at home. The yellow pants are inferior with both sets. Red over white and white over red. The Bears wore white pants for Cutler's first game with the Bears, in Lambeau. Not sure how many times they were worn that year, but they haven't worn them since 2009. I personally love the blue pants on the road. Dark helmets matching pants color and white striped jerseys matching white striped socks is an incredible look, both for the Bears and Chiefs. The Vikings should get some striped white socks to join in on the fun.
  14. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    It's very easy to overstate it because this new font is actually pretty bad. To the naked eye, it looks like the LA Kings font, but there's no way they'd use that exact font in this age of contrived customs.
  15. The XFL may be making a comeback

    They're taking money, but it's on a micro level. We assume there will be teams in big markets like Chicago, LA and New York. And those cities are big enough that it should be no issue at all to draw 35,000+ five times a year if the product is respectable. There are enough people in those cities that it shouldn't be a problem of discretionary income being split too many ways. The other places they'll put teams are cities which don't have pro franchises, and I would guess most of those aren't already supporting top level college teams. The ticket prices will obviously be a fraction of NFL prices, and they won't have the issue teams like the Jaguars have of needing corporate sponsorship in the form of shelling out over $100,000 a year for luxury boxes, because nobody's paying that to the XFL for a really long time. Most of us don't go to NFL games, and the only money we give to the NFL is through advertising revenue generated by us watching. Ratings will obviously be a fraction of what the NFL pulls, but so will payroll, so the threshold is much lower. If they can get a decent TV contract, they have a puncher's chance of surviving. Like I said, I believe a lot of this hinges on ESPN. There's a good chance they will be dropping their NFL package in 2020, along with possibly NCAA football and NBA eventually. They don't have the subscriber base anymore to pay these astronomical deals to top leagues. So maybe they pick up the XFL dirt cheap to fill time in the spring and give it another pro league to justify it being the "worldwide leader." Put on the XFL and hype it up with even a quarter of the blowjobbing they give to the NFL, If that happens, I think ESPN is plenty powerful enough to get people to care about the product. The XFL is already decently high profile based on the notoriety and infamy which comes with McMahon. Everybody knew about the previous XFL and its failure. I'd guess fewer than 5% of NFL fans have even heard of the UFL. I wouldn't have if one of my high school teammates wasn't playing in it. So obviously, ESPN's interest in buying in/building up a league like that would have been much lower. It's a lot easier for them to make headway with a league like that than the UFL. Also, if Vince is this driven to atone for his past failures, maybe he can draw in ESPN as an investor and give them part of the league. But of course, they have to take the league seriously this time around and put out a decent product.