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  1. In a quest to use every color combination possible, the White Sox wore royal blue and white in 1969 and 1970. They missed the red the Cubs use, but it was still horribly inappropriate to take a primary color associated with an in-town rival, without at very least using a noticeably different secondary color.
  2. I hope so, but I fear that died with George. In the past few years, we've seen the Yankees wear BP caps during games, wearing red hats with stars and stripes on the logo and wearing jerseys with camouflage numbers. George would have told the league to blow it out their asses and paid whatever fine they gave him.
  3. The UA chest logo is bad. It's HORRIBLE. There's no excusing it. It doesn't matter if they do it at college. It looks bad and it's awful for the major leagues. The fact that "it happens elsewhere" is not reason enough to pretend it looks decent. The NFL, which has effectively whored itself out better than any other league, has refused to allow manufacturer logos on the fronts. And it would at least be a more natural place on a football jersey, by a seam instead of just awkwardly placed in the middle of the chest. Also, you'll notice that the single color logo gets lost against the Yankees pinstripes. I'm guessing that against pinstripes, the logo will have a colored outline to make it stand out. It'll probably just be a white outline on the Yankees jersey, maybe silver on the White Sox'.
  4. The marketing team is a bunch of dopes. They said they want to emphasize "the Sox brand." Apparently, they felt that people would see a Chicago jersey in black and gray, with a white sock on the sleeve, and assume it was a Cubs jersey. "Our primary logo doesn't appear anywhere on the road jersey." So? The only team with an iconic look who features their primary mark on the roads is the Cardinals, and that's dumb of them. Basically, their marketing team is a bunch of George Constanzas, and every two or three years the high-ups catch them tossing pencils into the drop ceiling and ask, "What the hell have you guys been doing for the last year?" So, they did something like this, backed by no sound reasoning or evidence it would improve the brand. Just as stupid, the next year they suddenly changed the road pants to piping after 20 seasons, despite the fact that it drops a unique element (in which the team won a world championship) and creates an awful mismatch with the jersey.
  5. I agree, and at the risk of being attacked by a mob, I don't particularly care for either the Yankees or Tigers home uniforms. Bother are iconic and should never be changed, but if either were an expansion team starting fresh, I'd consider the designs and the lack of a tertiary color underwhelming.
  6. Yep. When the Jays switched to the neoclassic set, I wished they moved the patch to the sleeve. It would probably work well on the sleeve and be more natural on the sleeve. However, it works on the body specifically because it's the Blue Jays and it's what they did for several years in which they were great, including two titles. If any other team tried to do it, it would look awful.
  7. I don't think it's really that popular on this board. I made that mistake a while back, commenting on how there were so many people who inexplicably loved that set. Then, after talking it through with others, we determined that like 99% of the posts in favor of that set were from Infrared.
  8. Had anybody seen this year's 5950s (without the NE logo) go on clearance yet online? I want to buy a few Sox hats as back ups and just wear these until I die. I won't be too enthused about buying caps with the manufacturer logo, and even with the Sox slowly chipping away at and destroying their aesthetics, they haven't messed with the hat yet. If the Sox can give me another 40-50 years out of the current logo, I'll be good.
  9. Thanks. I never really left, I just rarely come on anymore. I was mostly on this board during work hours, and that wasn't a problem because I was grossly underemployed and could usually do all my work for the day in 4-5 hours. I got a new job several months back, and with great power comes great responsibility. Basically, the work is more advanced and I generally have to do a lot more of it, so I don't have time to screw around on the company dime. I usually check back a time or two over the weekend. And since I'd miss high comment threads like WWE or MLB season, I just gave up looking in those because there was too much to read to get up to pace That's why I haven't posted much outside of the main section. Also, I never read the comics, so the idea of the different universes with the same set of characters with slight differences is just a bridge too far for me. I love comic movies when they're more sci-fi like in many ways, but I get more disinterested when they get way too comicy, in terms of everybody coming back from the dead and overly convenient loopholes that allow them to turn back time and undo a writer's screw up, Like I said, I really enjoyed Doctor Strange, but I fear that's going to lead them to more absurdity. Marvel Studios' president mentioned in an interview that this opens up new universes, such as a one where Steve Rogers didn't become Captain America and where Strange became Iron-Man. Could Amazing Spider-Ham be heading to the MCU? I will be disappointed if they use the time stone and the Infinity Wars to kill people off and then resurrect younger versions of the characters with different actors. And if they ever get to the point where there are different movie series with alternate versions of the characters, I think I'll check out.
  10. Also, on Spider-Man, I rewatched the trilogy this summer, and I forgot how good those movies were. They were incredible. The third one was obviously a cluster:censored:, and that was largely against the will of the director. Still, it had some good parts. I would have much rather they brought everybody back and patched things up than rebooted the series. The Garfield set was good, but ultimately nothing special.
  11. Yep. I have for the most part liked the X-Men movies, and I still agree with IceCap that the X-Men don't make sense in the same universe as the other Marvel heroes, especially in the MCU. Then again, we are starting to see in the movies (and in particular in Agents of Shield, which has been great the last two years) that many people are sick of enhanced humans. It would make sense to introduce them to the MCU. I'd prefer they didn't, but after the events of Doctor Strange (which was great!), it looks like they're about to take things off the rails in terms of alternate dimensions and parallel universes, so I guess why not? Anyway, I think the X-Men property is just like Spider-Man, except I think the Spider-Man movies were better at every step. Started out great Solid follow-up (or incredible, in the case of SM) Third movie takes it off the rails. Reboot is promising Movie(s) later, the reboot was a failure, and they're looking at rebooting it again. We know that Sony had to take a hard look in the mirror, then bit their lip and let Marvel take over rather than sinking more money into something they messed up twice. The only promising thing Fox has going for them is Deadpool, and while I loved the first movie, I imagine it'll be one of those things that the follow-up will have much less of an impact in terms of pop culture and tickets sold. Fox just needs to do what Sony did - let Marvel make them money. Sell them Fantastic Four for pennies on the dollar, because they not only killed that, but salted the earth as far as F4 movies go. Keep the X-Men rights, but let Marvel make the movies with little Fox input. Deadpool can mostly do his own thing, but can of course crack jokes about how the X-Men look different than he remembered, and how it's a shame he never got to work with Fassbender, etc. Just get it over with at this point, because nobody wants a second reboot done by the same people who don't understand how they messed up the first two series.
  12. The purple Ravens pants were incredible, and would look great with the white jerseys. The gold stripe *made* them, and they would have looked worse with just black stripes. I really liked the look of the gold numbers, also, but I don't think they should change to those because it wouldn't look right paired with the white pants.
  13. The Red Sox were the first team to add gold for opening day in 2005 (and again in '08, I think). The Cardinals did it in 2007. Prototype jerseys were made for the White Sox in 2006 with gold replacing the silver outlines, but they were never worn.