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  1. WWE Fastlane 2016

    So, rumors going around the interwebs that he wanted his release because WWE wouldn't let him wrestle. They refused, so he's officially retiring and will return elsewhere when his no-compete contract expires.   DREAM BOOKING: It's a work. Bryan comes out and states this fact. WWE wouldn't let him wrestle because of his injuries and worries that he'll kill himself. Says the company lied and tarnished his name; took a year of his life while he was healthy and ready to compete. Says he loves the fans but won't have anything to do with the company going forward; apologizes to the fans that they don't have better ownership.   Triple H comes out visibly furious. Says that they put the title on Bryan and gave him a chance. He got injured. Then when he came back, they gave him a chance to return the IC belt to greatness, and he got injured again. For all the whining Bryan has done, he hasn't been able to back it up. They can't trust him to carry the company and they can't even trust him to not die in the ring. Says Bryan would be wrestling in high school gyms while working days at Trader Joe's if not for his company.   Bryan says they're pissed he happened organically. They're angry the fans love him despite their best efforts, and furious that the fans root for Bryan but don't care for "the guys they keep pushing down their throats." Triple H starts screaming that Bryan's an ungrateful son-of-a-bitch, says, "You want to die in the ring? Okay. You're going to die in the ring." Bryan vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania.
  2. Looking at ESPN's front page, the primary story is on the Super Bowl - specifically Cam Newton's struggles. The stories featured at the top are Riley Cooper being released, Delmon Young being a thug again, Johnny Manziel being a thug again, college basketball rankings, the Knicks firing their coach, and LeSean McCoy. You have to scroll down past literally a dozen videos and other stories, plus stories on the side (what an awful website), before you get to any mention of Lynch. He didn't steal attention from anything.
  3. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      That's why this outcome was such a shame. Now the Broncos won't wear their orange jerseys in the Super Bowl again, and the Panthers are going to be bitches and never wear their black jerseys again in the playoffs. In a perfect world, the Broncos would have beaten the Seahawks wearing orange, then lost to the Panthers while they wore black. But if the Broncos won 48 in orange, they wouldn't have worn white this time so whatever I'm talking out my ass.
  4. WWE Fastlane 2016

      It's the strangest thing I've experiences in wrestling. I'm a huge Bryan fan now, but I HATED him when he first came up and in his feud with the Miz. I saw nothing in the character and, I suppose, didn't give his in-ring skills a close enough look. Something clicked for me one time watching Smackdown. It was during his heel phase. Bryan came out to the crowd chanting "yes" to mock him. He, with a really pissed off look, yelled "no" and emphatically motioned with his arms like an incompletion. I "got" him at that point. I laughed and appreciated how much he was into his character. His time in Hell No put me over the top for him.   The whole Wyatt-Bryan angle had potential but was wrong-place-wrong-time (like pretty much all Wyatt feuds). The feud gave us one of my biggest memories in wrestling. The Raw when, after losing and having to join the Wyatts, Bryan turned on them in a cage match. It was incredible to watch because I don't know if I've ever seen a crowd pop so loud.
  5. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    From the start of the season, the Bears were picked as Super Bowl favorites by a bunch of people. Then the season started and they destroyed everybody until the Arizona game. When the offense started struggling, the media jumped ship and said "Rex Grossman can't get you to the Super Bowl," and that was when we first heard that they might make the Super Bowl only because the conference was bad. When the defense struggled after Tommie Harris's injury, that's when the national media decided the Saints would rebuild New Orleans via a championship that year. And the conference wasn't totally stacked, but it wasn't that bad, either. Regardless of that, they were a great team that was the class of the NFC, as that team would have been a year earlier or a year later.
  6. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

      The Bears didn't have that soft of a schedule in 2006. They played the defending NFC champs in the playoffs and then the Saints, who everybody thought would win.   And keep in mind, in December the Bears lost Tommie Harris, at the time the best DT in football, to an injury which would eventually end his career. They also lost Mike Brown, who would be in the hall of fame if he hadn't been constantly injured. But he was always injured, so they couldn't have really expected him to get through a healthy season at that point.   If the Bears defense had been healthy, they might have put up a performance like the Broncos did last night. But anyway, come game time, Lovie refused to deviate from the cover two, and they got shredded by two crappy RB without Manning having to do too much. Then Cedric Benson got injured and tapped out of the game, and Thomas Jones was too slow to pick up the slack. The old, patchwork offensive line which had held up so well all year looked awful on a wet field, where you'd expect they'd have an advantage over speed rushers.   But I agree that Lovie was completely outcoached. The team had problems at receiver, OL, and obviously QB, but they had enough talent to beat the Colts that night, IMO.
  7. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      I was coming to post the Steelers' road uni, but I was beaten to it.   The orange pants do look strange, but that's just because we haven't seen them yet. We'd get used to them. It's pretty much the exact inverse of the home look. After a year or so, that wouldn't look at all strange.   But like I said before, the road look has too much blue. The easiest solution would be to just use orange numbers with a navy outline, leaving the pants and side stripes the same. The only other look I can think of in which the team's primary color only appears as an accent on the helmet and on outlines is the old Raiders' roads with silver numbers. And yes, the current Raiders' roads are better. These Broncos roads were bad before they went to orange primaries, but it's certainly highlighted now.
  8. WWE Fastlane 2016

    I've shared this story before, but my sister-in-law briefly dated a guy who was good friends with Punk. I believe the guy was also from Lockport, and was practically family with Punk. I think Punk referred to his mother as "mom" because they were so close. My sister-in-law doesn't watch wrestling, so she didn't know him or care about who he was. She met Punk two or three times. Each time, he was just an awful, miserable person. Even among his friends/family, he gave one word answers to things and acted like he didn't want to be there. My sister-in-law, who's very outgoing, tried talking with him and got the same thing. She tried laughing and joking with him, and got nothing. He's basically the guy who goes to the same bar every night with his friends (while not drinking), complaining the whole time, and can't wait to leave.   He might turn the dial up a little bit in public on the miserableness, but it's genuine.
  9. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      Well, like I said, the blue and orange jerseys both use side panels in a different color than the numbers. So it would look better with either orange side panels or orange numbers. Or, alternatively, they could seamlessly introduce orange pants, which would be great if not for them inevitably being paired with the orange jersey.   And like I said, they're "meh". That doesn't mean that they're terrible, but I think they're far from being great.
  10. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      What is meh? They're barely passable relics from 20 years ago. They are far better than all the trends which spawned from them, but they're almost dated themselves. The stripes are broken up on most players by Nike's hip padding, the stripes rarely line up between the pants and jerseys. Everything is navy with an orange outline, while the home jerseys have always featured side panels that were different color from the numbers. Also, they are far worse than the previous set.   Amazing white uniforms? Bears, Packers, 49ers, Giants, Jets, Steelers, Chiefs, Raiders, and I guess the Colts. Good white uniforms which could be great with a few tweaks? Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Vikings, Panthers, and the Bills.
  11. Super Bowl 50 Aesthetics

      Definitely. No monochrome, no yoga pants look with matching pants and socks, AND we get to see the incredible black jersey from the Panthers? The "meh" of the Broncos jerseys are what keep this from being among the best SB uniform matchups ever.
  12. MLB 2016 Changes

    Yep, that's new. And I'm not a fan, at least of how they chose to do it. The accent mark is too vertical.
  13. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    Wow. That first picture of Kezar Stadium is incredible. I can't believe the people are sitting on the gabled roof. That's got to be a 45 degree angle.
  14. WWE Fastlane 2016

    Being that she was already inducted into the Hall of Fame, I don't think there was much bridge left to burn. Her entire appeal was sexiness, not her character. So unlike the grotesque and flabby Ric Flair who bled from a strong breeze, fans wouldn't want to see a 50 year-old Sunny in any on screen capacity (unless she looked *great* for her age, which she decidedly doesn't). Other than her showing up at future HOF inductions and waving at the camera at Wresltemania, I don't think they would have anything for her to do. The HOF induction was her last WWE payday.   But especially considering Triple H's comments on Chyna, that they don't want her back because kids who don't know her would do a Google search and find out that she did porn, I think it's 100% certain Sunny never is seen in WWE again.