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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much.
  2. These are awesome. Is there any chance I could use them in my worldbuilding project Hoenn, please, as it's set on an alternate Earth?
  3. I have Asperger's as well.
  4. Could you perhaps redesign the logo of either Pine Ridge or Deltona High School (both FL), please?
  5. Please put one in Orlando so there's one less day out of the year that the Citrus Bowl is empty.
  6. This thread is obsolete; please refer to its replacement over here.
  7. This thread will be the non-sports graphical design repository for my concountry Safiria. It's a very very large ongoing project with no definite end, so stuff could pop up here at any time. Flag The flag is a 2:1 horizontal tricolor of green, white, and blue. The three bands of the flag come from the three major countries on the Safirian subcontinent in the centuries preceding Unification: Green for the Union of the Royal City of Qalani, in the north and northwestWhite for the Queendom of Umaront, in the northeast and centerBlue for the City of Aňira and its territories, in the south Coat of arms The coat of arms depicts a dragon coiled around a compass rose (representing the expansive Safirian star empire), topped with the Imperial Crown and supported by two safir angels. Map This map shows the Safirian mainland on the planet Daia, approximately 7,500 light-years from Earth. The Empire as a whole has a population of approximately two billion; of these, 225 million live on the mainland, which comprises 8.9 million square kilometres.
  8. Hey, could you rehost the pictures on Imgur or something? Because they're already starting to decay
  9. Notice: Due to a reboot of Safiria's continuity etc., expect things — mainly the states of Safiria — to change upthread in the coming days. I will post a notification when said retcon has been fully effected.
  10. I haven't given much thought to basketball in Safiria yet. And I'll make sure to keep your offer in mind.
  11. Oh, thank you
  12. Safiria* And no, it's fine as is. Though I may tap you for sigs for the other SBA teams in the future.
  13. Yup! No problem. Working on it now. I just noticed, the championships on the bottom run 87, 02, 26, 10. Is that the correct chronological order and there's a 123-year gap between their first and last, the order is wrong, or is it a typo and it's meant to be 26? Sorry, I missed this originally. The order is correct: 1887, 1902, 1926, 2010.
  14. Can I get my Earthly-sports sig updated to include the Bolts' 2014-15 Eastern Conference championship, please?