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  1. Hey guys, sorry for the long wait, I had eye surgery last week which unfortunately means little to no computer time for a little while. I can slowly get back to it now but it might take me some time to finish the off-season post. Thanks for your patience.
  2. I've never really put much into the TV side of things, but it would be the same as the NHL. Games have been shown on CBC in Canada since the 1940s, and more recently on TSN and Sportsnet as well. In the states, in this universe, there is a deal with ESPN, as well as NBC and Fox. The league has done a little better in the USA than the NHL in real-life. As for the copyright disclaimer, I'm sure there would be something similar to the one shown on NHL games.
  3. The final division to unveil new uniforms is the Northeast Division. This is a pretty anticlimactic way to finish off, as the division pretty much stayed the same. I had initially wanted to give Cleveland a new logo but it's not ready yet. A few changes include some updates to the Cosmos, such as the Guitar constellation on the shoulders. Cleveland is also the first team I've done to wear home and away pants. Toronto also made some slight changes to the striping on their jerseys, making them more similar to the classic uniforms from the '50s and '60s.
  4. The "S" shape was actually not intentional, at least for me, but I'll pretend the team subtly made it that way. Good catch! The Civics will probably be one of the teams to go retro by the start of the 2010s, likely returning to something resembling the "Skippy Era" uniforms from the 1950s and '60s, which will not include the drop shadow numbers.
  5. So I made a very small change to Pittsburgh, I removed the drop shadow from the numbers. Like Cardinal pointed out they were a little hard to make out and the look is a little dated for the 2000s. I also changed the player on the black jersey to Roman Novatny, as I believe he will be more of an impact player for the team than Ryan Osborne.
  6. hawkfan89

    Favorite jersey number?

    My old hockey number, 24.
  7. Stingers' New Look, Atlantic Uniforms Unveiled Much like the Denver Bulls, the Pittsburgh Stingers' 90s look became associated with, at best, mediocre hockey. In the midst of a rebuild in 2005, the Stingers decided to take full advantage of the Duke switchover, introducing a brand new set of logos and uniforms. The new primary logo features an insect - in profile view for the first time - in full-on attack mode. The secondary features the head of the insect while another alternate logo - inspired by the 25th anniversary logo from 1994 - features a honeycomb design. Gone is the cartoonish look from 1994-2005, replaced by an all-around sleek, modern look. Besides the major changes in Pittsburgh, changes to the Atlantic Division uniforms were minimal, with most teams not wanting to mess with classic looks. There had been speculation that Boston would return to a black jersey at home, a rumor that proved untrue, though the team confirmed that the black sweater would return as an alternate in 2006-07.
  8. http://imgur.com/gallery/kN7eH1j Captain's patch on arm, also numbers on shoulders.
  9. You know, the more I look at the "ATLANTA" script, the more I actually really hate it. I think I'll end up getting rid of that. I'll miss it too, the eagle logo is actually one of my favorite logos from this entire series, it just got a little too dated to continue at this point (man I miss the 90s, here and in real life!). What makes it easier for me is that I also really loved the Generals classic look so updating that does take a bit of the sting out of losing the eagle. You never know, the eagle may return someday in some form. I'm glad you like Houston, I wasn't sure how they would be recieved but it seems positive so far. As for Washington, I'm pretty confident right now that they will stick with this look until present day at least for the home/road jerseys. I realized as I was working on them that the Generals have actually never had an alternate jersey before. They did have a desert-coloured camo uniform in the works but it was never used. I think you will see this team introduce some kind of third jersey in the near future. The good news concerning the black is that of the ten remaining teams, there is only one black home jersey left. Though black alternates will of course still be popular, you will start to see black disappear from primary jerseys very soon. I have Washington on my shortlist to host a Holiday Classic game very soon, you can bet you'll see the original olive/yellow jersey for that game. Beyond that, I have a few ideas for an alternate jersey for them but I'm not sure if they'll go full-on retro. I am planning to allow up to four jerseys per team by present-day to allow teams to have both modern and retro alternates. At that point I'm sure you'll see the classic Generals unis make a comeback. Don't give me ideas I initially went a little crazy with the piping actually. In fact, almost every team had it at some point except for the old-time classic teams like Chicago and Detroit. I ended up toning it down quite a bit. I also didn't want to end up redesigning most of the teams again within five seasons and wanted some designs that would last. It's all good, I actually sort of created the Bulls overall look to get everyone even more excited about the return to the classic look. I did not create a green version of the logo just because the right now the only application is on the pants. If I ever use secondary logos anywhere else I'll probably add a green version. I've been pretty busy preparing for an upcoming test (first exam of any kind in a decade, should be fun). I hope to get the Atlantic Division up by either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks guys!
  10. Generals Unveil New Logo, South Division Uniforms Unveiled The Washington Generals became the second team to undergo a full rebrand in a busy summer for PHL uniforms. The Generals revisit their past with the new logo, which is an update on the original logo used from 1974 to 1996, featuring a star contained within a circle, similar to a military decal. The popular secondary logo also returns, featuring a five-star general's badge with tributes to DC imagery including the Pentagon, the White House, and the Washington Monument contained inside and forming a "W". One of the key differences in the new look is the colors. The team colors are now simply olive green and white. Gold is removed from the palette for the first time as is black. GM Dawson Robb was the man primarily behind the redesign, and his staff began working with Duke on the new look as early as 2003. "I wanted our look to reflect the great years this franchise had when it first came to DC, while also advancing it as we continue into the 21st Century" said Robb. "I think we've achieved that here. We've taken some beloved old logos and modernized them. I'm excited about this look." The fans were clearly excited about it too, as hats and t-shirts featuring the new logo sold out in minutes. About a week after the Generals unveiled their new logo, their new uniforms were unveiled along with the rest of the South Division. The Generals jerseys have a traditional, timeless feel, while the other much-anticipated uniform, that of the newly relocated Houston Roughnecks, has a much more modern look, featuring oil drops on both sleeves and a 3D effect on the numbers. To the disappointment of some, the Miami Stingrays stuck with black as their home jersey color, but promise of a new third jersey in 2006-07 immediately led to speculation of a teal comeback. Carolina's new jerseys retained the basic design from before but now featured a pirate flag design on the sleeves with the numbers moved to the shoulders. Atlanta, only entering their fifth year of existence, simply carried their previous design to the new template.
  11. The Bulls new logo is meant to be a parody of not only the buffaslug, but other bad logos of the era where the obvious choice was right in front of the team and they still ignored it and came up with something the fans really didn't like. I actually don't mind the primary that much personally, but I will confirm that the Bulls will return to an updated version of the classic buffalo head by decade's end. I forgot to explain, the secondary is meant to be a branding iron. The execution probably could've been better though. I'll play around with it and see if I can come up with something better. Glad you like it! The good news is I don't currently have any plans for the Twisters to ever change their logo. I forgot to include that in the story when the Pacific jerseys were unveiled. The Wizards discarded the pentagram star logo as it proved to be offensive to several religious groups. There may be another secondary logo in the future and there is a strong possibility that the dynasty era jersey will return as an alternate in the near future as well.
  12. Bulls Unveil New Logo, Central Division Uniforms Revealed The Denver Bulls unveiled their new logos on July 15, 2005. The new logo is a nod to the classic Bull's logo, featuring a buffalo head once again, while the red and green color scheme returns with black added as an accent. Overall, the logos and uniforms are a very modern version of the basic look the Bulls had during the 1970s and '80s. While many fans liked the refreshed look, others mocked it, referring to the robotic looking primary logo as the "Robull". "I guess the new uniforms are alright" said one fan, "but what was so wrong with the classic ones from the '80s?" Team owner Jason Kirkpatrick was confident about the new look, yet understood some fans' desire to go retro. "We had some tough years in the 1990s and so when I took over the team I decided I wanted to take our appearance in a new direction, while still paying tribute to the past." said Kirkpatrick. "I love the old '80s look too, that's what I grew up with. Maybe one day it will return in some capacity." The Bulls new uniforms were unveiled alongside the rest of the Central Division uniforms as Duke Sports continued to roll out their league-wide redesign. While Chicago remained unchanged, St. Louis and Dallas made minor changes to the design of their jerseys, while Kansas City introduced striping on their uniforms reminiscent of their original uniforms from 1989.
  13. The Pioneers will probably keep the new "P" for just about a decade or so. After that I can see a return to a modernized version of the original logo. I may adjust the shade of the brown on the Pioneers jerseys too, as it is very dark and seems to be getting confused with black. Calgary will eventually be returning to orange as their primary colour, possibly as soon as 2010, while Edmonton will probably return to blue eventually. Once the retro trend hits full swing by the end of the 2000s, you'll start to see black disappear. Thanks for the feedback guys! Central Division is up next and will be the first division to feature a full rebrand. I should have it up by the end of the day.
  14. Here is the North Division jerseys. The North Division saw some slightly more significant changes than the Pacific. Four out of five teams, Calgary, Edmonton, Minnesota, and Winnipeg made big changes to their jersey designs. Edmonton's new home jersey is now black, while the bear paw logo has been modified. The old Alberta Map logo has been restored on the pants. Calgary is bringing back an updated version of their old horseshoe logo on the shoulders of their new jerseys, while Minnesota returns to a more traditional jersey design while retaining the familiar buzz saw logo. Winnipeg has kept the previous jersey design but will now use the logo from the red alternate uniforms as the primary logo. Milwaukee will keep their design mostly intact, only adding a new bike logo to the pants. New Uniforms Logo Changes Upon seeing initial feedback on the Pacific Division and realizing how much black there is in the rest of the league, I also decided to keep Vancouver in red with the gradient look after all. I've updated the Pacific Division post to reflect the changes.