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  1. People in charge of the graphics for score bugs better get their s*** together for this season. If this is gonna happen I would think they'd NEED to reflect the jersey color and not just the team's main color
  2. So my understanding is that now a team can designate any jersey to be their "Home", and then the "Away" is just which jersey the other team wants to wear that contrasts. So if The Celtics chose green as their "Home" jersey, Chicago could go with either red or white when visiting Boston. If the Celtics chose white as their "Home", Chicago could go with either red or black. As a fan of color matchups, I really hope teams pick a color jersey as their "Home".
  3. Maybe Millsap personally requested it? It would be odd if they were like "Here buddy we just went with the rainbow jersey for ya. Hold it up and smile!"
  4. I've read in the past that RW and B colored jerseys tend to sell the best. It's like appealing to the lowest common denominator of jersey-buyers. MLB is by far the biggest culprit for this.
  5. I didn't realize the current Suns set was so hated. The heavy use of black sucks, sure. But I think they're one of the better looking teams in the league. I'll head over to Unpopular Opinions now
  6. Idk, I like the left one a lot more (hints at previous Raptors jerseys). If you're gonna minimalize it that much, why not just remove everything on the sides?
  7. This wasn't a look I thought I wanted for the Nuggets until just now. I would love it if they went this direction and kept the design consistent across all uniforms. A great balance of old and new, while still looking modern imo
  8. Is it vastly different from the current, other than the font?
  9. It's clearly so you can get a better view as you look down into Vince Lombardi's gold-encrusted tomb
  10. I think you're in the minority on this one. Nike hasn't executed it well and it looks pretty awful on television
  11. One should go Kelly green and one should go Michigan State-esque flat forest green. I think both teams could pull of either look, but both need to move away from what they're currently doing asap
  12. Can you clarify for those of us not familiar with the Brooklyn bridge? It just looks like odd striping to me, but I'm unfamiliar
  13. IMO they improved slightly. The double-digit sleeve numbers are now fully within the stripe (as long as it translate to the on-ice versions)
  14. Everyone's like "I hate to say it but I kind of like that Vegas jersey". Don't hate, that's a nice lookin jersey. Despite everything, the overall product isn't AS much as a disaster as people were making it out to potentially be
  15. I'm just imagining players onscreen with this jersey patch, while in the corner the ESPN on ABC logo is showing. It's a Disney-sponsored team on a Disney-owned station playing on a second Disney-owned station