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  1. Anythings better than the training bra jerseys. I get what they were trying to do, but I don't think it was well executed.
  2. I was actually thinking Chinook but as reference to the helicopter. I'm all for unique team names. Seattle Chinooks has my vote
  3. I'm a sucker for the fall-themes ones from 2008-2011 I really disliked "futuristic" style immediately before that from 2004-2007 Not a fan of the past three either
  4. I don't agree with the idea that all of Seattle's teams should follow the same Navy blue and green color schemes. The Sonics had a great color scheme and if they ever do return I would want them to go back to that. Also, the Mariners should ideally be blue and yellow (my personal opinion). So really that would just make it the Seahawks and Sounders with similar colors, but they also share a stadium so it kind of makes sense.
  5. Oh wow that is light years better
  6. The race back to a green helmet in the NFL has been the slowest race ever. Jets vs Eagles, whoever decides to get there first will look great. But neither seem to be in any rush to do so.
  7. What concerns me is the NIKE logo is right up near the seem of the sleeve. It may look fine when you're posing for pics, but come gametime after a few hits and scuffles, those shoulder areas are going to look all out of whack
  8. Clippers was the most insanity I've seen here. The Bucs had a very extensive thread as well
  9. I remember a reddit comment from a guy who thought the Eagles should make the black jerseys the designated homes, and make black helmets to match. It's not that these people are "wrong" per say, everyone has a right to an opinion. But I think there's something to be said for the opinions of people that study the art of it in-depth. Much like a movie critic has the "eye" that a common moviegoer may not.
  10. I'm getting a 'Mavericks blue-on-blue blandness' vibe too
  11. Fine idea but poor execution. Using a blue moon to contrast the dark blue of the wolf, weird A, wolf attached to the roundel, meh color green. Sorry, but the logo is a miss
  12. I mean let's face it, baseball could theoretically switch to very modern and lightweight jerseys to benefit the players. But the sport is filled with so many traditionalists that it will only get so far. (and I'm just now picturing them playing with visors instead of caps lol )
  13. Agreed, and I also think it's much more natural to say "we" when the teams you root for are located near your home/community. So if it's Eagles gameday, everyone in the area is in that "mode". Whether or not it's technically true, that team is 'ours' and we win and lose with them. It will literally set the mood of the city for the next week. If you're from Seattle and root for Dallas, I could see people looking at you weird when you say it.
  14. I feel like they use this logo to represent the overall history of the Pistons. It would be a little odd to commemorate the past teams (especially from the 80s) with the current logo, so this is their catchall. I don't think they will move to this, personally. And I hope they don't. It's nice from a history perspective but it's pretty boring.
  15. Wow, recently when I've seen the Jets I've asked myself "How did I ever think that was a good look?" Now I realize that it's the execution.