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  1. via GameInformer -
  2. Are the Bucks planning on making changes to their number color? This could very well just be NBA Live in the early stages, but all the other uniforms in the video look pretty accurate. Really hope this isn't the case, it'd be a big downgrade imo
  3. I want them to go back to this style for their primary. Bird head logos are too common in the NFL
  4. What's different about the Spurs? Just looks like the text was isolated from the rest of the logo
  5. But isn't that kind of the Cavs' "thing" now? Being the Oregon Ducks of the NBA, constantly doing new things and changing styles. There's a different LeBron Cavs jersey for each day of the year it seems
  6. I must be the only one that likes the horse logo (the RWB one to clarify). It wasn't perfect, but it was the only time in their history they came close to having some sort of creative brand identity. When your name is as unique and city-specific as the Pistons, how can you let your logo be so bland?
  7. Ok - it isn't. Moving on..
  8. Imagine a team called the New York Red Bulls or something!
  9. That's why I really think the Trailblazers nailed it on their first try with this logo. I love it and you can see hints of a "b" (and I guess backwards "p"). Your suggestion is probably the logical modern version of it, in a sense that it would be easier to slap that one on merchandise without the open white space of this one.
  10. lol 50 years going strong!
  11. I think you may just be overthinking it. This kind of document doesn't have to be "perfect", as the general public isn't really supposed to see it.
  12. The Cavs won it all in black sleeved jerseys. Anything is fair game now
  13. Anythings better than the training bra jerseys. I get what they were trying to do, but I don't think it was well executed.
  14. I was actually thinking Chinook but as reference to the helicopter. I'm all for unique team names. Seattle Chinooks has my vote
  15. I'm a sucker for the fall-themes ones from 2008-2011 I really disliked "futuristic" style immediately before that from 2004-2007 Not a fan of the past three either