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  1. I agree on the Nuggets but I think the other change will come out of left field..maybe the Stingers?
  2. Maybe combine the two, the Pistols on the Hat?
  3. Maybe some Crossed Revolvers for Dallas
  4. Yeah those Stars Jerseys are beautiful
  5. I notice we have a first round match up with an old rival, the back and forth battles between the Mustangs and the Bulldogs
  6. Yes that looks much better for the Kodiaks, but Miami's sword should perhaps be more Cutlass like? That sorta Swords screams more Gladiator than Maruader
  7. I think the Bear Logo needs a little work, it looks like he's gonna sneeze or something
  8. I hope Wilson and Pukki help us delve deeper into the playoffs
  9. Let's see First Czech Player of the league..so we can expect Vana to remain in the league until today xD Otherwise, I'm throwing my hat in with the Jacks.
  10. team reveal

    The Herd have a very wonderful, almost timeless look to them
  11. Denver: Kodiaks, Pioneers LA: I like the sound of the Reds Atlanta: Phoenix, Lions, Dallas: Marshalls, Copperheads Seattle: Sasquatch, Trappers Miami: Tides, Marauders
  12. Connor Wolfe, Head Coach of the Michigan State Basketball program and architect of the 3 time National Championship winning Spartans of the late 40's. His indirect approach to scouting, leaving his scouts to find and recruit the best players possible and for him to find a system that works with the talent around him is much different compared to cross country rival, Adrian von Groute of Kansas. Wolfe's Midwest connections and dominance of College Basketball led to his position on the expansion council. Connor is voting for 1. Dallas: It's no secret that Texans like their sports and he feels the Dallas area could lead itself to quite a following if successful. 2. Los Angeles: Too big of a market to ignore and easily one of the stronger bids in the current group. 3. Seattle: Giving LA a travel partner is critical, as well as opening new regions to the ABL should be seen as a priority in Connor's mind 4. Denver: Once again it's a new market, travel partner with the other two possible west coast teams and helps open the gap between the midwest roots of the league 5. Atlanta: Connor has gone down to play Georgia Tech and admits the city is a passionate sports town, it's also quite segregated and could be problematic with some of the teams given their makeup. 6. Miami: Helps expand the footprint of the league while leading to plenty of chances in the surrounding area. He is not voting for Washington DC: The East coast is already crowded and with the Admirals there, the DC area will have to wait Buffalo: Connor isn't sure how the area would react, but given it's promixity to Syracuse, he thinks it could work with the right people.
  13. Why do we keep taking D-men, don't we need forwards?
  14. Oh Come on Boston..this is depressing me