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  1. If Providence gets a team, I want the team to go totally weird and maybe base the team of the works of Lovecraft (One of Providence's famous denizens)
  2. How was Boston's offseason?
  3. Well one of the Chicago teams has to go Deep Dish Pizza, I think the Cubbies might work for that, another could go Italian Beef Sandwiches.
  4. Halifax Salt Lake City Milwaukee Sacramento Portland
  5. I think he mentioned it was gonna be a BFBS Jersey
  6. Teams could only lose one player though xD
  7. Curious to why the Racers are the top dogs in the East, not the Royale or the defending champs?
  8. Boston vs Quebec round 1...sounds like it's gonna be a bloody one
  9. Seems like Cincy can't shake off the old Bad Luck either
  10. How about Montreal vs. Boston?
  11. and it appears to be Cosmos in a landslide