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  1. Is it just me or do I see a lot of Quebec in those new Toronto Unis
  2. New York and Rome Georgia are unofficial sisters to Rome
  3. Oh yeah, I had another idea for one of the "Food Night" KC BBQ vs. Texas BBQ
  4. The Penguins-Steelers and the Wild T-Wolves look really good
  5. That was the case I feel for the Captains for like ever, not bad enough for really good picks, or just being able to play good.
  6. Nope, just a total guess from the gut. Will there be an Alt of Silver perhaps?
  7. I think the Silver is gonna come back for Boston, maybe incorporate some of the Chain into their look from the old anchor?
  8. Here's to hoping for a monumental upset.
  9. Let's go with the Coyotes
  10. How was Boston's Draft? Hope they can do some good things this year! Also was there any major Free Agent deals?
  11. If Providence gets a team, I want the team to go totally weird and maybe base the team of the works of Lovecraft (One of Providence's famous denizens)
  12. Well one of the Chicago teams has to go Deep Dish Pizza, I think the Cubbies might work for that, another could go Italian Beef Sandwiches.