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  1. Darknes

    Driveball Redux (1957 Results)

    Probably through PCL or any number of relocations during that time period. They could get the A's if they don't move out of Philly
  2. Personally I feel the Bills need a little striping on the pants, plus he Home Blues need a White collar to match the jersey
  3. and once again, call me when Boston is in the Victory Bowl until then I have no expectation
  4. Darknes

    Driveball Redux (1957 Results)

    St. Louis
  5. It'd be fun if they rename the street "Krause's' Way"
  6. Darknes

    NFL REDESIGN (Bears 11/16)

    That's a really sharp look for the Pack, it's weird seeing a green and gold uni without the iconic G but it works in the context you gave it.
  7. I think the Coal Fields might end up being a Lambeau sort of field, it'll be a Cathedral for the Game. It should be the the only home of the Miners *no matter how many times they've knocked out my Captains*
  8. I can totally see the Shamrocks encouraging people to wear their Green to make the "Chicago River" in the stands
  9. How was Boston's Offseason, is Fabbro Pittsburgh bound after this year or would he stay with Boston?
  10. That makes two of us
  11. When a Baseball game turns into Stockholm Syndrome
  12. Whoa...that's...that's some sort of look
  13. Regarding NAML Expansion are the 3rd and 4th place teams on the inside track? Are there any other cities jumping out in front of them?
  14. Darknes

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    Just a few Ideas Hockey Bring back Fighting End some of the Failed Sunbelt Teams, move Arizona to Houston, move Florida to Quebec and move Carolina to Halifax (As the Whalers) Give Seattle, the 32nd Expansion Team NFL NFL D-League as already mentioned, Spring Time league with Move the Charges back to San Diego under different Ownership End the Silly NFL in London Experiment with a revived NFL Europa with a focus on cultivating European talent. No more Thursday Night Football No More One Helmet Rule