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  1. Here's to hoping that the Dawgs make it back to the Lewis Cup Finals!
  2. Sic'em Boys! Let's win one more for Crowley!
  3. This is just an idea but maybe in the 70s, the Squirrels could use their "Tail Swirl" on the jersey's shoulders almost like the LA Rams did in the same era?
  4. Darknes

    Concept Thread Think Tank

    A Mass Effect League with all sorts of teams by the various Races/Factions in the series?
  5. Some Nice design on the Wings, I think Montreal or Winnipeg
  6. My votes go to the Lakers and the Squirrels I see the Squirrels like the Unicorns, the Flamingos and even something like the Dolphins..it's a silly name yes but it works in a certain way
  7. I'd love to see Vegas, Winnipeg, and Montreal in no particular order
  8. That Chicago one is Sharp! These are pretty interesting to see which direction you'll go for certain teams.
  9. Darknes

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    I know they're a young team...but is dumb of me to think that the Avalanche's Opponent for the Stadium Series could be the Golden Knights?
  10. Darknes

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    2020 Stadium Series will have the Avs going to the Air Force Academy to play in Falcon Stadium. Opponent TBD
  11. Darknes

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    Bettman just confirmed 2020 in the Cotton Bowl, Opponent hasn't been named yet
  12. Darknes

    2018 NFL Season

    So now if Kansas City and Football Clippers both lose, New England would be the 1 seed, Houston would be the 2 and Kansas City would be the 3 Seed and the #FightForLA would be the 5th Seed
  13. Uhh the write up's Final score said that the Hounds beat Philly, but the graphics and the write up say otherwise
  14. I think everyone has forgotten one of the biggest differences between this Miami team and the RL Panthers, the Owner seems to be much more competent at managing a Hockey Team. Plus they've had a Lewis Cup Final appearance. There's also the matter of Tampa, as Hawkfan said in the Expansion Council bid, the Area in this Verse was much more interested in a basketball team. Now I can see Ottawa being as a threat to own teams, but even if the Commissioner is Canadian there's still the issue of the Canadian Dollar and it's struggling state, so if the Raiders would have to move it'd have to be somewhere inland going off the last expansion council, it'd have to be somewhere like Memphis/Nashville, Phoenix or possibly inserting itself into California in like San Diego rather than somewhere like Ottawa or Nova Scotia..so there's a good deal of issues around that.