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  1. Why do we keep taking D-men, don't we need forwards?
  2. Oh Come on Boston..this is depressing me
  3. Jeez, the Militia loaded up. I wish the Brotherhood will do some good things soon.
  4. The Dogs can still have some bite
  5. I hope that means the Bulldogs beat Long Island *ehehe*
  6. Only problem with that is then they look too much like the Houston Hurricanes, I'd go and claim the Blue and Charcoal as their own scheme early on.
  7. On another note, why do I feel an Asymmetrical jersey is on it's way?
  8. P: Drew Krull P: Derrick Dotson P Gary Aiken LF: Mark Westlung CF Justin Albertson RF Brad Holtson 3B Steve Dyment SS Matthew Woods 2B Phil Scrimshawe 1B James Helmuth C Chris Bronshvag
  9. What about Leatherbacks, after the giant turtles? You can use the Turtle Shells to make a sorta Art Deco-y looking uniform to match Miami too. Teal, Green and Yellow, like the old Seals perhaps?
  10. Aengus Lynch is the 27 year old son of Magnus Lynch, the man who built Boston Park. Magnus worked with the landfill that helped Back Bay come to be. He owns the plot of land that borders Mass Ave and Beacon Street with Center field having a view of the Charles River. He now works with the Brotherhood to do maintenance work on the wooden frames of the stadium. He is also looking ahead to better things for the Brotherhood as a team.
  11. Bruins-Habs BC-Notre Dame Celtics-Heat Patriots-Seahawks
  12. and that Clown isn't creepy. That's down right terrifying, even though I get the Bucs vibe from it.
  13. I kinda feel like the Winged helmet needs a thicker Yellow outline, it feels too small to me. The new jester look is..kinda creepy to me. I like the first helmet too, but I'd think the helmet numbers would need to be bigger. I would love to see a purple shell too.
  14. Congrats to Kansas City and Miami! I seriously wonder how the Expansion draft is gonna go