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  1. Darknes

    Onward for the Brown & Gold

    I think the big issue here, is that when I see Brown and Gold and college football with a bucking horse, the first thought is the Wyoming Cowboys.
  2. This is just me asking, why Redcoats for Boston when they were famously Anti-British during the war?
  3. I noticed alot of New England area schools are producing Dashball players! How does that work into the potential of a Boston area team? Is there any cities trying to grab the Palms?
  4. We're gonna be treated to a gorgeous game if they both wear their regular jerseys. Let's go Hounds bring the Cup back to Boston!
  5. Darknes

    Major League Hockey: Baseball Crossover (MIA Added!)

    I always thought the Reds were one of those teams who's designs lended themselves to a Hockey team
  6. Okay, so I miss out on Gardenar..but I get Tremble...I'm okay with this. LA looks solid!
  7. Let's Go Hounds! Let's go Upset Philly! I think it narrative wise we're right on pace, but I'd kinda like if there was a little more separation of the teams in the season summary so people could find the team they're rooting for a bit easier.
  8. The Walleye's Look is on point and I'm eager to see what they do in the future. Probably, I like the flag the most of all the visuals. I hope Gardenar likes Green cuz I want him in Boston!
  9. Well then, didn't expect Pamoja of all teams to get the Series win But go Majors! Probably my favorite team in the league so far!
  10. Name: Seamus MacDonough Age:37 Hometown: Charlestown, MA Occupation: Speaker of the MA House of Representives Case for Boston: Boston is a world-class sports city and deserves a chance to show the world how passionate the fans can be. He also firmly believes in the idea of rivalries as he thinks a Boston team could spark something against the Heroes and the Titans.
  11. I think he should avoid that name simply because Hawkfan's PHL uses that nickname for Minnesota.
  12. Umm in the Bracket Graphic, you forgot the Reign and put Kennedy down twice.
  13. One thought for LA is to go straight to the Cinema and name themselves after something film-related. My Suggestion would be Marshals or Sheriffs as the Western Movie was in it's Heyday Minnesota I could see going towards something like Stags, Foresters, Voyageurs, something to capture the natural wonder of Minnesota.