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  1. That's an amazing look for the Dragoons, I can't wait to see some more of the American teams!
  2. This is a really interesting looking League, my favorite look of the bunch has been Texas. The Row seem like they're begging for something on those first two jerseys..maybe the tail of the Seahorse?
  3. I hope Boston has a chance to get some more talent somehow, just felt like we couldn't match up against any of the final 4
  4. I noticed we had our first Slovakian player selected, plus there was a Brit in the top 10 picks. Also what's the feeling on Boston's pick?
  5. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    The Color scheme actually kinda reminds me of the Capitals in the Jagr years but this has been a great series
  6. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    Buffalo looks outstanding, I'm hoping personally for some smaller area New England Teams but I ain't holding out hope.
  7. Uhh the Graphics are conflicting it says San Diego won by 3 on the Playoff Tree but the Scoreboard said Detroit won by 17
  8. Habs'ing the NHL (Montreal added)

    Boston looks really good in a weird way..and this is come from a Bruins fan
  9. I feel the Generals are gonna go BFBS, and I agree with Burmy on the Corsairs
  10. Yay a Division Title, Shame we have to go against the Guardians. I just hope Majors pulls a rabbit out of his hat. Who is Boston's Owner actually?
  11. Interesting things are happening now. Captains making big moves..Portland maybe on the way out?
  12. Well seems like Boston's window is already slammed shut
  13. Their Best Current players I think
  14. I really like this look for Boston even though it reminds me alot like the Jets. The sleeve stripes look..a little weird with the white/silver look to them. Could I maybe get an updated Jersey Signature with some more modern players and the new logo on it?
  15. Is it just me or do I see a lot of Quebec in those new Toronto Unis