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  1. Oh right! Anyone good in the upcoming Draft that Boston could be licking their chops over?
  2. Alright Number 2 Overall, I can dig it.
  3. I think I'll be the Sea Lion's corner until a certain city comes into play.
  4. Concept Thread Think Tank

    If I can chime in, I like the look of the Indoor more than the outdoor. Just seems like it'd fit better.
  5. In no particular order, let's say San Francisco, LA, San Diego Portland
  6. Oh Poor Houston, you came you saw you fell on your face like usual.
  7. You didn't think of the that Pig Squealed?
  8. Ah yes, the second New York team to throw us all off the trail. I really like Indy's throwback look
  9. Earlier in the Thread, he said Buffalo doesn't have a team
  10. Cleveland, Indy, Louisville, Pittsburgh
  11. Cleveland, Cincy, Indy and Pitt
  12. Last Year actually, New York picked Krause with the last overall pic.
  13. Just wanna point out that Miami is in the Pacific Division and the same conference as Fresno Stellar Look though!
  14. I just hope we don't overachieve and let the rebuild progress properly, I don't want a half-assed retooling
  15. Atlantic? Then I'm gonna say Miami, Norfolk, Carolina and DC