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  1. Detroit looks awesome Another Idea for Boston could be the Dullahans. (Irish Mythological creature, a Headless Horserider that signals impeding doom)
  2. Titan City Cythera and Cyprus Harmony ONE Europa City
  3. Damn Boston, well who's gonna be the lead candidate for Boston job?
  4. I know he's not from Boston but depending if you wanted to do a sorta New England franchise. Might I suggest an identity based off one of Providence's famous writers, HP Lovecraft. Go with the name Madness or Elders, and go with a Cthulhu theme
  5. Not sure if you wanna dip into the imagery but you could go St. Louis Bushwhackers, the Confederate Raiders that terrorized Missouri
  6. The only problem that I have with the Excelsior Name is that it's the name for the New York Franchise in the Overwatch League
  7. Boston Leviathans (Massive Whale Mythological Creature) Chicago Tempests Las Vegas Atoms (Atomic City, Faux-Retro styling involved) California Conquistadors St. Louis Brauers (German for Brewers) I do like the Texas Bigfoots
  8. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    What about either the Admirals or Sea Devils identity for New England?
  9. Umm you gotta rearrange the standings on the overall standings. You have the Ceres logo next to the Astronauts, the Sparrows next to the Mets etc.
  10. Nashville Bandits (You can make a Raccoon Logo given it's the state animal) Orlando Orbits Denver Bighorns
  11. If I can throw a name into the ring, the Isla Mendez Coatl (Possibly a Red/Green/White Color scheme)
  12. Gianluigi Vanucci, is the CEO of Imperio Gaming (based in Los Angeles) who's taken a keen interest in the game of Dashball having attended many Sabertooths games. He's in the midst of developing a series of Dashball games to release to the common market. Gianluigi votes for Nashville - He is firmly in the camp that the league needs a strong southern presence so starting in Nashville who can certainly get behind and provide an awesome atmosphere Atlanta - Given the Success of Atlanta United, he is firmly in the camp if you bring it to the sports hungry, they will come. Orlando - Strong fan support at Orlando City can lead to a strong team culture and thus it can stay competitive
  13. 1. Jupiter Station 2. Isla Mendez 3. Cythera and Cyprus
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were 12

    Only 17 in a row, they won against the Chargers in week 16 last year.