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  1. [whoops -- sorry!]
  2. MLB Asian Heritage

    Thought you guys might get a kick outta this:
  3. MLB Asian Heritage

    Thanks! The shirts have gotten some nice buzz today, very awesome. If anyone is interested in buying one, shoot me a note and I'll send you a promo code!
  4. MLB Asian Heritage

    Thanks, but I believe in this case the plural and singular are the same.
  5. MLB Asian Heritage

    I love the idea behind MLB's Hispanic Heritage promotion, although at times the jersey executions leave a lot to be desired. So I thought MLB could benefit from reaching out to another segment of excited foreign fans and embrace the history Asian players have brought to the league, as well as show off some cool jersey designs on the field. I wrote a pretty in-depth piece on Medium which explores some Asian baseball history and some reasons why this promotion would be a good idea for the game. You can read it here: Major League Baseball Should Have an Asian Heritage Month -- And They Should Hire a White Guy (Me) to Design It In the meantime, to build some more buzz around this project and hopefully get the attention of MLB, I released a run of t-shirts of my initial designs. They're now available for purchase here: The Asian Heritage Baseball Collection @ Represent Below are some highlights from the project: You can view the entire collection on my Behance profile.
  6. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    I found the template online. Can't remember where, though, so you should probably just try Binging it for a little while and see if you can find it.
  7. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    "It's called" you're a leeching detriment to this community and part of the reason it will never be taken seriously by professional designers.
  8. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    That all you care about?
  9. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    Hey guys, overhauled this project a bit. First post features new products as well as a new campaign logo.
  10. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

  11. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    In terms of looks, I really like some of that, it's just that the thought behind it rings a little hollow to me.
  12. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    Well, maybe you're right. I was really just looking for another Army base to balance out the set and chose Fort McCoy because they have a great patch.
  13. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    Royals = 509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base outside of Kansas City, MO. Cardinals = Maneuver Support Center of Excellence at Fort Leonard Wood Army base in central Missouri. Padres = San Diego Naval Base Reds = 88th Air Base Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, OH. Brewers = Fort McCoy Army base near Tomah, WI Marlins = U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command at the Mayport Naval Station near Jacksonville, FL. Rockies = 460th Space Wing at Buckley Air Force Base outside of Denver, CO. Dodgers = California Air National Guard at Ventura County Naval Base outside Oxnard, CA. Yankees = West Point Military Academy in New York. Army hats were given the new Army Combat Uniform pattern, the Air Force got the Airman Battle Uniform or Tiger Stripe pattern, and I went with digital Battle Dress Uniform for the Navy. If the base itself had a patch and it looked cool, I'd use that, but in most cases I used the patch from the base's host unit. That made sense to me, because for many teams the host unit of a nearby base handled flyover duties at the stadium, which made the partnership feel right. In some cases, like the Dodgers, I kinda picked a patch that only semi-made sense simply because it just looked real cool, with the caveat that this was simply a proof of concept.
  14. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    Thats an awesome thing to say, thanks a bunch!
  15. MLB Military Home Base Salute Hats

    That pattern is referred to as "Tiger Stripe" and is a popular pattern used by the Air Force. Would be nice if these "fakes" turned into the real thing eventually!