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  1. New Packers Throwbacks

    As much as I love Nike, they sure do have a penchant for botching the easy jobs. Their job was basically already done on this one, they pretty much just had to show up and it could've looked like this:
  2. 2015 MLB Changes

    Anyone know if the ASG caps will be sold without the patches this year? Last year versions with the ASG patch came out first, then later versions without the patch were sold.
  3. 2015 MLB Changes

    Ha! I noticed this, too. Even my ads were better than their ads.
  4. 2015 MLB Changes
  5. NFL Changes 2015

    Gotta agree with the comments that Paul Lukas is touchy, cranky, and cantankerous. I've been a faithful reader since the Page 2 days, but after the way he handled my All-Star Game cap "leak" and then ran the un-true and disparaging "tell-all" story, I lost some respect for him and Phil.
  6. *-*-*-*TEMPLATES*-*-*-*

    I'll bite. But just this once. For the most part, this community strives for the easy way out. The same templates are passed around and around. The work all looks the same. I think part of the reason this culture exists here is because the majority of the people who populate these boards are not working designers. This is a place for design hobbyists. Which, don't get me wrong, that's fine, I think it's a great place for people to learn and hone skills. It's just frustrating for me when the majority of comments I get is people asking for my template. My concepts are original in the sense that no one else is using my same template. That, combined with my advanced design skill, are why my work went viral last week. My work stands out above the rest. It's different. The only way my concepts could have been more original is if I'd paid $60,000 for a studio and shot Adrian Peterson myself. To see my template passed around for anyone and everyone to use would do us both a disservice. First, I don't want people confusing others' work for my own. And people here should want to create something on their own that they can be proud of, something to call their own and to get their own recognition. Maybe I'm expecting too much. Maybe my standards are too high. Maybe all this will fall on deaf ears. But I think people here should be striving for creativity, not monotony.
  7. *-*-*-*TEMPLATES*-*-*-*

    Or make your own from a different source photograph? Whatever happened to being original? Are there any real designers here?
  8. Madden - the San Antonio Rattlers

    He stole it from me. It's a poor imitation.
  9. Jesse Alkire's NFL Redesign

    I agree, they're hideous.
  10. Somebody needs to put an end to this guy's madness.

    You can't ever predict what will go viral and why. I spent over a year putting together a thoughtful redesign set, even got a 2-part feature on, yet mine hardly got any attention. That's just how it goes. He's far from professional, no reason to let his "success" dictate your approach to good design.
  11. New looks for the Bears. Interest is waning considerably in this, so I'll forgo future updates for now and maybe just do one big update when everything is completed. Thanks for everyone's comments and critiques, I appreciate it!
  12. When a major part of a team's brand identity is a large, red stripe, I don't think it would be very diligent to not somehow incorporate that design element into a team's uniform set.
  13. The numbers are meant to an artistic representation of refracted light, which the gradients represent in a more literal way, mimicking the way a raven's wings appear purple when reflecting sunlight. That's an interesting interpretation comparing the numbers to the state flag. Not what I intended, but I can see how you came to your conclusion. Art can be fun like that sometimes. Appreciate the nitpicks, it's been fun seeing other people's points of view.