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  1. This is really awesome, thanks a bunch for sharing it!
  2. Majestic Athletic, the former official uniform supplier of Major League Baseball, was too quiet. So someone louder grabbed the mic. In 2019 Under Armour takes over the official MLB uniform contract, an honor they (probably rightfully) stole from Majestic Athletic. How could a smaller brand like Majestic have competed with a sports manufacturing behemoth? Well, I'd have started with one of my favorite dumb marketing buzzwords -- brand extension. One way Majestic could extend their brand is by aligning with a partner who can help elevate their brand. In this case, New Balance -- a rising player in the MLB cleat game -- would be a great partner to help create a custom cleat that leverages Majestic's proprietary FlexBase mesh material, which is what all official on-field MLB uniforms are made of. Not only would this give Majestic and their uniform technology more exposure, but it creates something new, unique, and tangible for fans to care about -- and is a huge revenue opportunity in the process. To view the rest of the concepts, visit my Behance profile.
  3. Appreciate that, Mark. Am a big fan of your work.
  4. Thanks! Yeah, that played a part in my decision. I ultimately decided to stay true to the Senators inspiration and do all the hats in the same exact style. Only the Braves hat deviates from that, I discussed why a little up the thread.
  5. Not really sure that fits with the time period I'm working in, here. Cool idea, though.
  6. I’ll fax you a hard copy, what’s your number?
  7. Thanks, that was the intention!
  8. That’s a really great catch on the Atlanta cap — good eye and good bit of feedback. I struggled with that one cap sticking out, because I really did want to faithfully stick to the design of the original Senators cap — one-color hat with matching letter and squatchee. I tried it both ways, and in the end decided to have Atlanta be the sole outlier because their red-brimmed navy hat is just so iconic that I worried a white A on an all-navy cap would not feel like a Braves hat upon first look. Appreciate your kind words, as well as the feedback!
  9. I absolutely loved what New Era started in Minnesota at the 2014 MLB All Star Game by designing special All Star caps that honored the host team. The potential was set up for new caps every year on All Star night to tell a different story about a host team's uniform history or local culture, while also allowing the game a rare chance to have some fun and get creative with their usually sacrosanct brands -- not to mention increasing merchandise sales in the process. Unfortunately, that was a trend that only lasted two seasons. So in an effort to show what could have been, each season I take it upon myself to continue what New Era once started and design my own city-centric concept caps for the MLB All Star Game. For the 2018 ASG in Washington D.C., I dipped into the city's baseball past to help inspire the cap design, while also taking cues from that time period and D.C.'s world-famous cherry blossoms to create a campaign that celebrates the nation's capital as well as the national pastime. To view the entire cap collection along with additional merchandise, plus a look inside the design process and inspiration, visit my website.
  10. Thought you guys might get a kick outta this:
  11. Thanks! The shirts have gotten some nice buzz today, very awesome. If anyone is interested in buying one, shoot me a note and I'll send you a promo code!
  12. Thanks, but I believe in this case the plural and singular are the same.
  13. I love the idea behind MLB's Hispanic Heritage promotion, although at times the jersey executions leave a lot to be desired. So I thought MLB could benefit from reaching out to another segment of excited foreign fans and embrace the history Asian players have brought to the league, as well as show off some cool jersey designs on the field. I wrote a pretty in-depth piece on Medium which explores some Asian baseball history and some reasons why this promotion would be a good idea for the game. You can read it here: Major League Baseball Should Have an Asian Heritage Month -- And They Should Hire a White Guy (Me) to Design It In the meantime, to build some more buzz around this project and hopefully get the attention of MLB, I released a run of t-shirts of my initial designs. They're now available for purchase here: The Asian Heritage Baseball Collection @ Represent Below are some highlights from the project: You can view the entire collection on my Behance profile.