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5 hours ago, RichO said:


Was this the one? March Madness by Avalon Hill


I had this.


A good chunk of paper route money went to various Avalon Hill sports games. Statis Pro Baseball, Superstar Baseball, Statis Pro Basketball, and Bowl Bound.


That was the one.

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On 11/6/2017 at 10:36 AM, leopard88 said:

I spent many days playing Statis Pro Baseball back in the early 80s.


It always felt like an added bonus that it was a local Baltimore company.

I remember back in my younger days halfway wondering why their baseball games' box art always had at least one Orioles pic...and never made the connection until much later in my life :D  Oh well, there are far worse choices than the O's.

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About a year or so ago, I came across a site selling 12 sided dice...that are billed as a replacement for the classic 6 sided variety.  Having rolled many dice in my life, I gotta say they have a point: cubes don't roll all that well, though the versions with the round corners are somewhat better in this regard.  The d20 that is the only thing I still have from my days of buying MLB Showdown has always rolled pretty well, and I have a good amount of cardstock, and am myself, so I reasoned I could modify an existing d12 template to design some doublesixes of my own.  I sort of succeeded (and also printed a Bears-themed normal d12), except I made the dice too large.  I'll probably post some of my dice designs in the concepts section in the coming week, but this weekend has been the first time I rolled them in game action.


First, Friday afternoon saw me bring out Heroes & Rallies Football to pre-play tomorrow's Packers game vs Tampa Bay.  What followed was one of the sloppiest beginnings I've had the honor (or dishonor) of playing, and it never really got better for the Pack.  Suffice to say Jameis, Evans and Jackson killed the Packer secondary while if the Packers weren't fumbling, Hundley was probably ready to get sacked or picked off.

Buccaneers 7-10-7-3---27...Elite players: Jameis Winston (QB), Mike Evans (WR)

Packers------7-0--3-2---12...Elite players: Jordy Nelson (WR), Mason Crosby (K), Mike Daniels (DT)* (working on the assumptions that Clay won't play, and has fallen off anyway)

*for those wondering why anybody's elite...on certain color-coded results, elite players can make the difference between a loss/short gain and a huge pickup...or between giving up good yardage and huge stops.  An example being a roll that would've been a pass for about 15 or so yards, but it's highlighted in orange and the Packers are on defense.  On these results, if the defense has an elite DL, he sacks the QB for an 8 yard loss.  Another example would be a dark green result that would ordinarily be a 4 yard gain, but it's now 4th and 6.  An elite QB, however, turns this into a 20 yard gain.


Then, while the early CCGs were on, I decided to put an idea I'd had recently onto the field: a certain star's debut lineup vs the lineup from his final game.  The star in question was A-Rod...and let's just say this seemed like a better idea in my head than it ended up being, but I went through with it anyway.

The 2016 Yankees head back into time to play the 94 Mariners, with CC Sabathia taking the hill for the Bombers.  You'd expect Randy Johnson to be the opposite hurler, no?  Nope...some guy named Dave Fleming.  Matter of fact, while the Yankees had their starters in the game, that M's lineup was basically Junior surrounded by baby A-Rod and mostly backups.  Given that on one side was an A-Rod who wasn't great yet, and on the other, an A-Rod who was no longer great...yeah, honestly both were given a deficiency: Kid-Rod had no power, Old-Rod had lost his bat.  Mariner A-Rod went 0-4 with a K, while Yanks A-Rod was 2-5 with a double and an RBI.  I'd rolled a result on Old-Rod's last AB that would've given him a shot at a homer...except, his poor hitter rating kicked in, and he instead struck out.

  The first inning was pretty eventful, as Didi Gregorius robbed Brian Turang of a hit to start the game...and then Aaron Hicks dropped a routine fly ball, enabling Felix Fermin to reach third.  Not to be left out of the error party, Brett Gardner had his own botching of a routine fly off Junior's bat, and he reached second while Fermin scored.  CC mostly settled down after that, though his outfielders' letdowns would contribute to his early exit via fatigue, as he left after 4 1/3, having allowed 6 runs, 4 of them unearned...and the two earned runs reaching on a home run the Yanks' first reliever, Adam Warren, gave up to Mike Blowers.

Fleming, meanwhile, couldn't keep the Yanks off the scoreboard for long, giving up single runs in the third and fourth, the latter off a Texiera solo shot.  Entering the 6th, the M's led 7-3....and then had an epic meltdown, as Fleming exited after giving up a pair of singles, giving way to aging Goose Gossage, who had the inning from hell: the first five batters he faced all reached via either singles or walks...and then after consecutive strikeouts made it look like he'd settled down, Brian McCann smacked a grand slam into the stands.  A Didi gregorius triple later, and Goose was taking an early shower, relieved by Tim Davis.  Davis would shut the door, but while Mariners would score one further run off of Warren, but would get no closer, and the Yankees won 11-8.

WP: Warren; LP: Gossage; SV: Betances

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Last week, I finally got around to playing Techno Bowl, with Phil Manly leading the Bighorns onto Discrim Tabletop against Joey Mean's Put Bulls.  Since it was my first game, I did make a few mistakes, though I wound up with a close game.

The Pits had the ball first, but surrendered a safety on the second play.  Already with a 2-0 lead, Manly was able to connect with his TE two plays later to put the Horns ahead 9-0. 

Little did I know how huge the next play would wind up being, though...needing to at least get close enough to score with just two plays left in the half, the Pits were able to launch a pass down field, and it looked like a sure TD, but the Bighorns' own speedster was able to catch up, and not only make a touchdown saving tackle, but he also jarred the ball loose, another Bighorn recovering.

The second half saw the Put Bulls finally get on the board with a safety of their own, and their offense quickly tied things up at 9 all.  The next play, however, saw the Bighorns' strike again to go up 16-9.

Needing to score to force OT but having both time outs, the Pits were able to reach midfield, but their last gasp ended with the OL being blown up, and a game-ending sack.

On the whole, I think it took about an hour to play, though I didn't really keep track.  Might go a bit faster head to head (I played solo, picking all offensive plays and randomizing the defensive call, except for a "wild card" player, an idea a BGG poster had).  I'm really looking forward to putting my "real" and custom teams in action after that.  That and seeing if my idea for interchangeable midfields and end zones will even work.

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On 12/5/2015 at 6:39 PM, neo_prankster said:

Did that basketball game you describe look something like this?


Fun fact.  This is based on an arcade game manufactured by Service Games (Sega) in the 1960s.


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Found this at my local Five Below.  Couldn't resist picking it up.


There's better quality pinball-style baseball games if you're willing to spend some money on one, but this is incredibly good for $5.  The swing mechanic is even better than some of the more expensive versions I've played. 

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I figure I'd show off some custom Techno Bowl stuff I've been working on...problem is, BGG's down for maintenance :D so you guys'll have to do.  These guys are my first custom team, the Eggbreakers, shown in both home brown and traveling cream jerseys, the guys up front being resident strongman Pete Freezema (#30) and speedy wideout Shay Mars (#7...explanation time: 60s and 70s are better when it comes to speed and dexterity, while 30s and 40s are better when it comes to tackling and blocking).  I have replica pixel block sheets saved, but wanted to try standees, hence these self-standing players (and you can tell some of these guys aren't in regular season shape, lol).  On my first attempt at a printed field, which I intend to redo at some point.



Big Freeze making a pancake during practice...some of you may recognize the logo on the knocked down player's base from my old Zeeland Chix concepts.



Largely because I don't feel like buying more ink right now, I got some construction paper and a chalk marker.  With those plus the dimensions I've devised for Arena and Canadian variant fields, I set about making an Arena board.  Here is half of it while it was a WIP.


After completing the other half, I brought out the Eggbreakers to run a play on it (5 on 5).  Not pictured: the QB who managed to get rid of it while cornered in the end zone.  Also not pictured: the fact that 56 initially bobbled it before making the catch.  And then Big Freeze got to him.



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