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  1. Don't want your team to be mistaken for a psychopathic, murderous Argentinian, after all.
  2. TIL...that the Flames' horse had a name.
  3. The Browns would look 100x better if their numbers were white/brown instead of orange. Then again, common sense seems to be in short supply at Nikeworld.
  4. One thing has been clear to me for years: if the 90s alt with the big buck had been purple, I doubt it is looked at as nostalgically as it is.
  5. I think Manziel might have been better off waiting for the XFL, but it is what it is. Let the show begin.
  6. The real question is is BYU still trying to pass navy off as "very dark royal blue?"
  7. So basically what the Cubs did after Carlos Zambrano left, where the blues haven't been worn at home in years.
  8. My guess is VGK goes black. Not sure why, just throwing it out there.
  9. As far as the Canuckleheads go, if they had any sense, they'd have gone with Johnny years ago and been done with it. But then, this is the Canucks. Common sense? What the :censored: is that?
  10. You'd likely need to darken the blue a bit, maybe 60s Chargers darker. Could work though.
  11. Appropriately enough, though, the two Purgolders use different mascots: Washington's is a husky (take a wild guess why) while East uses a puma.
  12. Your Knick friends are smart. Listen to em more often. I might have made the token slightly smaller, and the front number a bit larger, but overall, I like this.
  13. And after all this time, I foolishly thought Phoenix had quietly gone under. They live up to their name, I guess.
  14. Not sure if Durham's big enough for big league ball, but on the flip side, the Durham Bulls name would have far more cache than anything else they could think of.