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  1. I assume Linemen is in reference to electricians, not big hogmollies
  2. Well...RIP to Connecticut's cartoon tiger...you were too good for this trend-chasing world. May the Norwich Narwhals swim in the ocean, causing a commotion cause they are so awesome
  3. I recall reading something about Laurent Duvernay-Tardif of the Chiefs, and it mentioned that it'd taken him most of his rookie year to adjust to the more narrow neutral zone after being used to Canada's wider one. Which now has me thinking of how dominant Cam Wake was in his two years with BC.
  4. Oakland's basically the West Coast version of St. Paul, so their blood feud's with San Francisco. A pity the Giants won't give up San Jose, but Sacramento would likely be much better received than Vegas at this point.
  5. I wonder how that got justified. It's not like St. Thomas has been doing this to anywhere near as long as Mount Union.
  6. They were orange and brown? I thought they've always been orange and black.
  7. If you ever watch one of cookieboy's Madden Top 10 videos, you've seen something like Steelers-Raiders on the Lions' field or the like. That's what Iowa State's black and white uniforms look like here.
  8. So the Earned jerseys aren't being done this year? That sucks, I liked what the Bucks got.
  9. I figure if it was anyone but Burfict, they would've stopped at an ejection, because that wasn't tackling, that was headhunting. That said...he has earned his rep as the NFL's dirtiest active player, and is probably the most idiotically reckless player I know of, if the long list of people calling for him to be banned from the league for life are any indication. So yeah, this is of Burfict's own making. That he's currently a Raider has jack all to do with it. This suspension is long overdue.
  10. Not alone there, I had similar thoughts. Also still had that QB from Virginia on my mind...maybe if dude stays under the radar enough, I'd like to see the Bears use a 2nd rounder on Bryce Perkins, and it either lights a fire under Trubisky's behind, or Chicago gets treated to Russell Wilson II.
  11. How about Patrick Mahomes existing?
  12. I also hate the Rams in just blue/white. Blue/gold just fits them far better IMO. The white horns have always looked lifeless to me in comparison to gold horns.
  13. I wonder why I haven't heard much about this Perkins cat from UVa. First time I've seen Virginia this year, and he's impressed me so far.
  14. So we have to call Wentz his Highness now?
  15. Well, I hear golfing's a nice way to spend October. I wouldn't know, I'm more of a bowler.