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  1. Yeesh! Now I'm really hoping that the Reverse Retro program doesn't just devolve into colour rush and that other teams will pair proper equipment with their jerseys.
  2. That Heat jersey needs some white on it. Maybe in the drop shadow.
  3. They really should have stuck to their word. There’s nothing cohesive between that jersey and those pants.
  4. Looks to be the template for their white jersey from 1980 (spaces in the sleeve striping). It would be "reverse" since they've swapped out white for Navy. I'm not saying it's a great choice but it does seem to fit the theme.
  5. I'm not privy to any inside information but given that the teaser has the year '97 I'd say we're just as likely to get a red version of this since that's the year it was introduced. EDIT: Never mind, the teaser obviously shows this isn't the case
  6. Interesting that the Canucks are going with navy. I think that'll make the gradient a little less garish compared to royal.
  7. I know it's just the shoulder patch but I've always liked how the white Flames logo looks on a black background.
  8. I don't hate this one. Although I'd prefer if the dropshadow was consistent between the wordmark and number.
  9. The ‘97 on the Penguins teaser is throwing me off. Based on the leak we know it’s going to be a white diagonal script jersey but the black one was last used during the 96/97 season. Seems odd since most other teasers feature the year the jersey debuted.
  10. Agreed, it's gotta be the gradient. If you piece together other teams/years, it seems as if the year on the teaser indicates the year the given jersey was first introduced. In this case, gradient Canucks came out in 2001.
  11. The Sixers uniform features boathouses not houseboats... Not that it really takes away from your point that it's a silly thing to base a uniform off of.
  12. I think it would just be the number of the player wearing the jersey.
  13. None of the players are giants either. What’s the difference?
  14. @Eastport76 What, you don’t like when people post something that’s already been posted?
  15. Sorry to keep the Canucks train going but the topic of their reverse retro got me thinking... if a lot of teams are leaning towards the 90s, I'd like Vancouver to go full 90s with their third jersey in today's colours. This jersey with red replaced by green, yellow replaced by white, and black replaced by blue would be pretty neat.
  16. I can see why you might say that for on-field garments but the Nike Vapor Untouchable Limited jerseys are hands down my favourite consumer NFL jersey of all time. The fit and quality is way better than any other football jersey I've owned.
  17. Wait, it’s brown??? I thought it looked dark grey.
  18. Agreed. I'm not a fan of the neon green either. My comment was more directed at the objection of the Stars having a "blackout" jersey.
  19. Blackout makes perfect sense for a team named the Stars. A night sky consists of stars, the moon, and the rest is black.
  20. See, that's what I like about it. It follows the same template which ties it into the rest of the brand even though the colours are a bit "out there". I like that they showed some restraint while trying something new. In my eyes it's much better to go this route than a grab-bag of gimmicks all in one uniform like we've seen in the NFL with the Rams redesign and Bucs previous uniforms.
  21. I was thinking the same thing. I'm picturing the Sharks alt but with green instead of teal.
  22. That and don’t have dark blue numbers on a light blue jersey in the first place.
  23. Saints are at home. Their go-to for the past few seasons has been black on black. Why do you need a source for something that's pretty much a foregone conclusion?
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