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  1. Miami Dolphins 80s and 90s two-tone wordmark is missing. Currently only the single-color wordmark is listed.
  2. I think it's best to go with Reggie White #92. Second choice would be Sterling Sharpe #84. I already have a Favre from 2003 and a Rodgers from 2010.
  3. I own a blank 1993 Green Bay Packers jersey that I want to get lettered. However, in 1993 Green Bay used screen printing instead of sewn-on tackle twill. I am curious as to if anyone knows of a company that can apply the lettering in the same way as back then.
  4. They almost nailed it. I'd have made one little tweak...getting rid of the lines in his mane...
  5. Are Outback and Cotton Bowl ones coming? =)
  6. I don't post on here very often anymore, but I recently had a thought that I believed other board members may share. I happen to have more than one favorite team in each sport, and this is primarily because I didn't grow up in just one place. There have been star players who have played for both of my favorite teams, but this doesn't happen often. I'll post those below. My question is, how many other board members also have had star athletes or favorite players whom have donned uniforms of both of your favorite teams? Gary Sheffield - Marlins/Brewers Terrell Buckley - Packers/Dolphins Ray Allen - Bucks/Heat
  7. The issue has finally been resolved...sort of. After leaving a message, I finally spoke to someone at back in January. The rep said if I sent the jersey back with pictures of the correct font, he believed they could fix the error. I sent it back, and four weeks later I received a full refund. I figured this was just an initial refund, and they'd re-charge me once the new jersey was completed. Waited...and waited....finally I called today, and left another message. They called me back (much more timely this time), and I spoke to a new rep. He told me that the old rep had been let go because he wasn't calling back their clients, and he apologized. So, that is why I hadn't heard from anyone. I was also told I was refunded the full price of the jersey because they no longer had my Whalers jersey in size Medium in stock. They might get more by next Christmas. The rep apologized on behalf of the company for jerking me around, and he said that the staff was aware that the Whalers font was incorrect on my original purchase. He assumed someone mistakenly overlooked it. Due to the fact that he felt there was a series of "dropped the ball moments" leading to my experience, gave me a $40 credit for the next time I want to buy something from them. So...right now I have nothing. However, hopefully if they get more of those jerseys in stock, I'll get a correct one for $40 less.
  8. You're incorrect on a few assumptions. First, I posted it to Twitter, at them, as a form of notification. This day and age, companies tend to respond to that faster. I've heard nothing back, and will try e-mail today. Second, "an issue for the boards to fix?" I hope you really didn't think I believed anyone on these boards could help me. That was never the purpose. Finally, I'm not keeping this jersey. PERIOD. I wouldn't want a jersey with incorrect font, so it's going back to IceJerseys, going on eBay, or being given to Goodwill with the tags still on it. The purpose is that the CCSLC is a community based on our love for all things logos, uniforms, fonts, graphics, and anything aesthetic. as related to sports. This is a community that has entire threads devoted to calling out fakes being sold on eBay, calling out "wardrobe malfunctions" if a number falls off of a player during a game, in-game name misspellings, and making sure that team colors are no lighter or darker than they should be. Therefore, when I received a jersey from a reputable supplier that was less than perfect, despite a $200+ price tag, I immediately figured this group of people are the EXACT group of people with whom to share the font gaffe with. I'm actually quite surprised that some people would take this post to be negative in any way whatsoever.
  9. I tried writing to them via Twitter because sometimes companies respond better to that. Haven't heard back. Going to e-mail them today.
  10. Other than the thickness, there's no difference...
  11. I got a beautiful final years jersey of the Hartford Whalers from, and I spent the extra money getting it customized. Look what they did! They botched the font! I hope they'll take it back, and either correct it, or just send me a blank one. For that kind of money, they need to get the font right!
  12. I'm not sure I would do that. Change the uniforms, maybe, but the logo? Depends on how good the logo was in the first place. I think there absolutely is a part of every owner's ego that they want to put their own stamp on the franchise. Make it "Their Era." However, I think some consistency is good. You've seen the Buffalo Sabres and New York Islanders go in a completely different direction, only to have to come back. It just depends on how drastic of a change this rebrand truly is. IMO, the Marlins and Dolphins failed miserably (the Marlins are an entirely different situation when it comes to ego. Jeffrey Loria would have named the team the Miami Lorias, if he could...and all hot dogs would be called Jeffrey's Weiner so that all of Miami could...well). To me, a brand is something you want to stand the test of time. The goal of branding should be to become Coca-Cola, McDonald's, the Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys, Budweiser, etc. I'm sure there are people out there, where if they could become the CEO of Nike, they would change the name to "Hoopty Dooptys," the logo to a fork wearing running shoes, and JUST DO IT would become HASTA LA VISTA BABY because that's what that CEO wants to do. However, Nike has such a strong brand (and shareholders, which is another issue in of itself) that he'd never get away with it. Buy something with a weaker brand, and you can treat it as an expansion team, while just keeping enough of the history to keep a few older fans happy. That's basically what is going on to some degree. I don't necessarily agree because I'm a fan of history, and I don't think you always have to start over. If I owned a team, I would view it as the city's team, and I'm just lucky enough to be the one to steward it for the next 10+ years. I would not want to create the team in my image. Not every owner feels that way, but they would never admit that. Now...who wants to buy some Hoopty Dooptys?
  13. Looks great! Yeah, I was wondering that, too. Especially considering Dale Tallon, the GM came from Chicago. I'm sure he has some input on this. EDIT: I sent this over to George again, and he tweeted back "Pretty Close," so now I know we're on the right track!
  14. My apologies, I seem to have misread the tweet slightly. Rather than the seal not being there he said it'd be a stylized version. The tweet from that is below, the rest of them I combined into one picture. I'm right with you. I'm liking where they're going with the jerseys, but not so much with the primary logo. I hope they surprise me (in a good way) somehow come unveiling time. Thank you! I'm looking forward to hearing what he says, if anything. I got a bit confused on the numbers, and I had to throw the flag on at the last second because I forgot about that too. The font is an absolute shot in the dark. I was originally thinking something sharp and unique, then I realized how old-school the jersey is and muted that quite a bit. no doubt it'll be something wildly different. My question though, is the secondary logo separate from the "stylized" flag? Or are the two incorporated? Two different shoulder patches, an amalgamation, or are they still undecided on the flag? I actually think the stylized flag could work. Red cross, gold ring...if they simplify what's in the state seal, it COULD work, because it's already the right colors It looks like they're still undecided about a lot. What George has been looking at are preliminary stage mock-ups. Nothing is final. I think there will be two shoulder logos, with one being the flag. I just don't know what the other shoulder logo will be. As for a font, I think you're right that it will be more traditional than what you selected because of the way the jersey is. However I expect a modern "tweak." Can you try it with white numbers, and say...the Winnipeg Jets font? It's kind of a modernized twist to a more classic font. Again, just a thought.
  15. My apologies, I seem to have misread the tweet slightly. Rather than the seal not being there he said it'd be a stylized version. The tweet from that is below, the rest of them I combined into one picture. I'm right with you. I'm liking where they're going with the jerseys, but not so much with the primary logo. I hope they surprise me (in a good way) somehow come unveiling time. Looks like he's staying a little bit tight lipped. All I got was... "Not bad" Not bad — George Richards (@GeorgeRichards)