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  1. Yeah that's pretty disgusting, and the police officer in the press conference said so as well. While looking for some other confirmation that it was real, I saw: "Kobe and three others killed" "Kobe and his four daughters killed" "Kobe and four others killed" "Rick Fox was aboard the helicopter as well" The first three were all on various news broadcasts on television. And the last one somebody decided to make that up on social media I guess, because the was the only place I saw it. And then people ran with it. It's pretty gross that everyone (news-related or not) wanted to just be the first to report anything rather than be accurate in any way. If your first thought when someone dies is to post it anywhere so you can be the first to share a piece of news that someone else doesn't know (because that's all the dead person is to you at that point), then that's sad.
  2. Not saying I agree with this method, but if some voters were certain that Jeter would get voted in, maybe they cast votes for some more downballot guys to keep them on the ballot?
  3. As someone who worked for the Freedom for 3 years and a resident of NKY, I LOVE this change. This had been considered by previous ownership (RIP) almost 8 years ago. I'm happy with it. The colors are nice, too. Hopefully this will end all the local old people calling their stadium the "Freedom Center" which is the shorthand name for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center downtown.
  4. Oh I'm not advocating for the idea. It's a :censored:ty idea. The NBA playoffs are fine. I think most of the people who them changed aren't going to watch them anyway.
  5. If the goal is to get the best two teams in the Finals, just eliminate the playoffs and put the two best teams there. If you're the best team in your conference, prove it, and win the games to get you to the Finals. If you lose, too bad? Earlier last decade we were close to having a Grizzlies/Pacers NBA Finals. I would have loved that.
  6. I'm aware of how it works. But I just want to pretend for a few seconds that all rich people aren't dicks. Let me have my dream! I don't think anyone will have an easier/harder time asking for public funds for a stadium regardless of how much they paid to own a team.
  7. My problem with the $400 million fee is that Cincinnati paid $150 million. If that $150 fee is still the case, that's $250 million leftover for a new team that could go towards a stadium, instead of getting the taxpayers to pay for it.
  8. I don't care who the Bengals draft at this point. I just hope they're bad. Bad enough for everything to come together and the Bengals leave town. That's the dream.
  9. Seeing a lot of stuff about how Joe Burrow never gave up on his dream. He didn't get recruited by his number 1 school out of high school and then transferred when he wasn't the starter at Ohio State. When did everyone flip on "Transferring is for millennial kids who can't wait their turn something something participation trophies" to "transferring is known as never giving up on your dreams"?
  10. I can't name a rivalry I watch every year, where I don't even care who wins. I'd much rather have the worse team win, with the hope that neither of them go to the playoff. So, go Michigan?
  11. March 9, 2000. Kenyon Martin breaks his leg int he Conference USA Tournament. I'm taking a huge step here, but I honestly believe that team was Final Four at worst with him healthy. Instead they lose in the second round to Tulsa, coached by Bill Self. That was my first full year getting into sports. Yikes.
  12. Move Tampa Bay to Montreal and that takes care of two of those! All kidding aside, I would love for the Angels to wear Red/Gold (actual gold, not yellow), or a Darker Red and Gold. I know that doesn't fit with the "Let's 'rebrand' every team to 1982" thing but it's not something currently worn in baseball, and I think that should count for something.
  13. The collar and armholes and Red/White/Red but the waistband is Red/Blue/Red. Ugh. Someone (THE CLIPPERS) really needs to adopt this color scheme full time.
  14. I wasn't really aware how far up the basketball food chain those games go, but even schools like San Diego State or UNLV have them on their schedule. My alma mater has TWO of them on their schedule and have had two for the past few years, which is weird because our first few years at the D1 level we had none. In our first D1 year we didn't play a home game until January 5th.
  15. I think this is why I considered it their best look. I love the Ball in Glove logo. Does it say "This is a team called the Milwaukee Brewers"? Not at all. It's kind of like the Detroit Pistons. There's nothing in their logo that provokes anything about the team name. I get that not all logos have to do that, but sometimes it's nice when it happens. I'm also just a fan of Navy and Gold in general, and am sad that it's pretty much out of sports (I feel like the Pelicans look is muddied up by the bright red). With that said, I'm not a Milwaukee Brewers fan, I see them on TV maybe 15-20 times a year when they play the Reds. My opinion doesn't, and shouldn't, matter to them. Maybe ten years from now we'll just recycle some other design from the team's past.
  16. As someone who works in market research, I have to agree here. But mostly because unless you're mining through the backend social media data, you have no idea the demographic information for any of these people to determine if they really fall into your target (especially on Twitter & Instagram). You can't really run any cross analysis against different subsets if you don't have them. But then again, every research project only includes what's been determined as a representative sample, which in itself is flawed (but mostly accepted). So you could apply to the same "what percentage of people actively participated" in any study.
  17. According to the Fox pregame show, this was the first championship (maybe 7 game series?) in the four major American sports where this happened. It was also the first to have the first six games be won by the road team.
  18. It's probably me interpreting people's ideas wrong when they say "just wear the 1969 uniforms" or "where exactly what they did in 1990" and not modern updates to them. Personally, I don't want the 1969 look because there's already an NL Central team that wear predominantly Red and has no piping or stripes. I definitely agree that pullovers and waistbands were a thing of a specific era, and shouldn't comeback other than a throwback every now and again. I do think it looks weird when the Creds logo has s standard block font but nothing else in the branding has it. I think my "beef" with the removal of black is what's usually a lack of outline on the road uniforms' numbers/wordmark. I think it looks bad with red. But what looks worse is what the Tigers are doing: their home uniforms have one color for the numbers and the roads have THREE colors. The drop shadow the Reds use on both allows for consistency in the numbers. Right now on the Reds website they have a 2020 season tickets image that uses the wider version of the font above at the top of the uniforms voting bracket. On the image the "Reds" script and "2020" are in a darker red. Removing black, but using two shades of red would be my dream.
  19. The Reds have been using that font on the bracket graphic since they hosted the All star Game (it's on all the section markers around the stadium as well) so it make me wonder if they're going to go in that direction soon. I, for one, LOVE the current design. I get that everyone wants a team to trot out the same look they had at some point in their history (usually from when they were a child). But it's not going to happen.
  20. The weird thing about the NHL graphic are that they advertised them as being what you see on TV, when all I've seen are hockey graphics on the top of the screen. Iget that tehy had to change them since they added new, non-NBC announcers, but it looks like some bizarro, late 90s ESPN hockey design
  21. Maybe you can find out this fall on "The Mysery Index" starring Tahani from the Good Place and those guys from that show! Only on TBS!
  22. I might be in the minority, but I don't like new Premier League look. It looks like they just took the default Calibri font and colored some text boxes in PowerPoint. I really like the old font they used.
  23. I was just thinking about starting this thread last week! Specifically, baseball: 0-9 for fielders 10-19 for fielders (15 and 19 sometimes for pitchers) 27 and 29 for pitchers 32, 34-39 for pitchers 44 is for sluggers only Most 50s for pitchers, though 51 for outfielders (Ichiro/Bernie Williams) Most of these were ingrained in my mind based one my team having players in certain positions wear these numbers growing up.
  24. Love what you did with the Bears. (I was planning an NFL redesign thread and that was almost my exact Bears idea!). Also love the amount of color on the Dolphins uniforms. Great job on pretty much all of these.
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