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  1. If the Rangers want the Padres to essentially give up, then just end the game. I don't think the Rangers were going to take a 3-0 pitch their next time at-bat. I have no problem with sportsmanship and not running up the score, but I think a lot of these rules should apply to amateurs and children where the gap in talent level can be quite large. But these are arguably the top 1% of baseball players in the world. If you don't want to get embarrassed out there, then play better. I really hate that these kinda things devolve into some sort of commentary about millennials, considering these "rules" have been around since before most millennials parents were born
  2. I'm aware of zero plays in football where someone on the offense can start behind the defense. I know that in soccer the referee doesn't blow the whistle before anyone kicks the ball, the way the ball is dead before the snap in football. I was trying to find an apt comparison in football, and usually that one works. It's the closest the thing between the two sports. If you view the kick of the soccer ball like a snap in football, then it's pretty clear that these are close. There's like three rules in soccer and this is one of them. It's a just a part of the overall strategy, however weird it may be. Instead of everyone just running all around, you have to time it perfectly. Football would be pretty different if the defense got to line up six people in the offense's backfield. Baseball would be pretty different if there were eleven guys in the field. But those aren't part of the rules.
  3. I've always likened it to football offsides like you did. Imagine the kick of the ball in soccer is the snap of the ball in football, the start of the play. You can't be behind the defense in football, and you can't in soccer either.
  4. Thought I'd bring this back to get the LA teams in here. First up are the Rams. A lot of people like the Rams in royal blue and yellow because that's what they grew up with. Well I grew up with mostly a navy/gold Rams team, and I've always really liked that color combo. However, I liked how the yellow/royal blue set didn't use outlines, so I kept that. I'm usually against hitting the fill tool on sleeves but I felt like I needed it on the away uniforms. Putting a ram horn on the pants seemed a little ridiculous, so I thought a solid stripe matched what was going on on the helmet and sleeves. I wanted a font closer to what the Navy/Gold era had. Not much different happening for the Chargers. I didn't feel the need for blue pants, or numbers on the helmets. I couldn't find a lightning bolt graphic out there for the pants, so I made my own. I think the shoulder bolts can stand on their own, so I didn't add a shape outside of them on the shoulders. I wanted something resembling a block font, but I wanted it to be thinner than a standard block.
  5. It' Opening Day (Night) and the Reds are good again. I've had this idea for a bit and decided to put it together yesterday. Batesina Athletica has been all over the stadium since Cincinnati hosted the All Star Game and all over the team's social media as well. I thought it was only a matter of time before it made its way to the team's uniforms. First I replaced the font in the logo. I dropped the drop shadow and removed any traces of black. I've always been more of a fan of the Big Red Machine uniforms than the 1990 ones. The major difference being the stripe on the sleeve being red/white/red ('90) vs. red/white ('75) I tried to mimic that idea here. The neck piping and pants stripes matched in 1990, but not 1975, so I took out the neck piping and replicated the sleeve stripes on the pants. I also removed the waistband stripes. I added the new font for numbers and wordmarks, and again removed drop shadows. The alternate away uniform exists for two reasons: I'm not sure if the white stripes on the sleeve looks good on the away uniform, and I've never seen the Reds use the wishbone C on the away uniforms, so I wanted to give that a try.
  6. I LOVE the colors they used, very happy it's not red and black. The logos are nice. The name? It's fine. We've grandfathered in weirder names (in all sports) because they've been around for 50+ years. I can't really talk crap about the name since my two teams are called the Avalanche and the Blue Jackets.
  7. I feel like the sport equivalent of this is Manchester City. That's exactly what this new logo looks like.
  8. With legends now appearing in almost all sports games, the list is not only super long, but we'll see guys who skipped generations (or two, or three) of consoles. I think Ichiro might have appeared on Playstations 1 through 4 in terms of just his playing career.
  9. Don't worry, it's half-over. Next up are two Florida teams, with double outlined numbers. First, is Jacksonville. While their current set is an improvement over the last, I don't like the removal of gold from everything but the helmet. I didn't have a problem from the Bortles AFC championship-era number font either, so I kept it here. With Tampa, I wanted to emulate the Super Bowl era set, but not just copy it. I think a darker red works as a base, and I wanted black to still be there. But, to me, there was no reason to keep both the orange and pewter. I ditched the pewter, but kept the orange as an outline-only color. I took the pants stripe design from the the Super Bowl set and added to the sleeves. With the removal of the pewter, I made the helmets white again. I wanted to keep a black alternate. I'm aware the double outline creates a 3D effect but I wanted all colors to be present on the numbers since they're all present on the stripes.
  10. Texans and Colts up today. They're boring because they don't have a lot of changes. For Houston I matched the pants stripe to the one on the shoulders. The pants are two-color because there's not outlines on the stripe on the shoulders. I opted for Navy and white for all sets of pants rather than keep changing it up as I think it works best for each uniform. For Indy I updated the helmet stripe to match the jersey/pants. I added a rounder font to somewhat match the rather non-block horseshoe logo. I didn't add black as I think it's nice when a team can pull of white and one color.
  11. Under Armour seemed like they were on top of the sports world just five years ago. Three of their athletes - Cam Newton, Steph Curry, Jordan Spieth - were arguably the top athletes in their respective sports. This is absolutely wild.
  12. I think that happens a lot, but I'd argue WKU is a mid-major program, with a coach in Rick Stansbury, who has coached at larger universities. And they're in C-USA.
  13. Cincinnati would be happy to help with that.
  14. I find it weird, in a era of shoe money influencing recruits, that Howard head coach Kenny Blakeney retired from coaching to work for Under Armour, then got back into coaching, take over the Howard program (a UA school at the time of his hiring), and convince a 5 star recruit to go there. I hope there's nothing fishy going on as I want more of this to happen. Also, this team would have been scary had RJ Cole not left for UConn before last season.
  15. Here's both of Joe Montana's teams. San Francisco was one of a handful of teams that I really struggled with. I knew I wanted to remove the black outlines/shadows from the logo (something I did again with KC below) and I knew I wanted to update the lack of gold on the uniforms. I went back to the stripes from the Jeff Garcia era set, with "drop shadows" on the three stripes. They were tough to see if there were just gold, so the addition of the shadow underneath each strip makes them more visible. The shadows are slightly smaller than the stripes themselves. Where it gets weird is the pants. I'm ok with pants that are not symmetrical shape wise or color wise. But I thought three stripes that all have shadows that are smaller would look weird on the pants. What I did was take one of the stripes and enlarge them on the pants. But I wasn't sure how that same stripe would look on the helmet, so I left it stripeless. I think an all gold helmet can work? When I was editing the logo, the outside oval was gold, but I thought that looked odd on a gold helmet, so it's red here instead. I edited the Chiefs logo as well, not only replacing the black with yellow, but also the shadowing around the "KC" with just an outline. In addition to that I moved the cuff stripes to the sleeves. I also, matched up the pants stripes to the sleeve stripes. Two more of the more boring AFC South teams will be up next.
  16. Those last few laps of the Xfinity race were really fun. Seemd like every lap another car entered the fray and had a chance for the win until Cindric and Allmendinger got together. This is a very specific memory but Justin Allgaier's car looked a lot like Casey Atwood's Muppets car from '03
  17. I remember the promo for that season's championship race showed to other three celebrating in Victory Lane and Ryan Newman just.....getting in his car
  18. In the first post I mentioned gray pants returning and this is the team I meant it most for. I love the Giants' gray pants, but kept white as an option, too. I'm a fan of both wordmarks the team uses, so I kept the "Giants" one and moved it to the sleeve. The red and blue shades are deeper to distinguish this from Buffalo. NFC East is complete! (outside of updates)
  19. Would it look better if I just swapped the Eagle head and wings? Or is wings in both locations too much? That's why I asked when I posted as I was unsure.
  20. Washington is up today. I changed their logo a bit to get rid of the face, and just replace it with an a "R" (An admitted small step, I know). I moved the cuff stripes to the sleeve, and repeated those same stripes on the pants and helmet. Color-wise, the helmet not symmetrical, but I think that's ok. Bonus Green Bay here too, as the changes are minimal. I used the stripes from the sleeves now on the helmet and pants. As with Pittsburgh, the white pants would be worn as alternates. The yellow pants would remain the primary pants.
  21. Finishing up Pennsylvania with the Steelers Probably in the minority, but I like the current Steelers number font. I actually thinkn they have one of the best looks in the NFL, so I made minimal changes. I widened the stripe on the helmet and included a sublimated bumblebee-esque stripe design on each uniform. The yellow pants would be worn most regularly with both sets, so the white pants are included as alternates (I did the same thing with Green Bay)
  22. I've always been a fan of everything about the late 90s Avs look, but, wow. Everything about the Colorado set is fantastic.
  23. My concern for not stretching the sleeve stripe to the front is I felt like it would just end abruptly (I've never been a fan of design that look like they're design around the cut of a uniform). I wanted to make it resemble the Bills logo, the diagonal ending. Also working on the Cowboys helmet when I have a minute. Here's Philadelphia. They've remained teal because I like them that way. To me it's a far more interesting color than kelly green. I wanted to know how the wings would look on the sleeves. I don't mind the look of them there, but I'm not the switch on the helmet works. But I didn't know if wings on the sleeves and helmet would be overkill. If it's too much, the idea is just to swap the wings and helmet logo, and that'd be that. This is going to sound like I'm contradicting myself, but I wanted silver so show up somewhere other than the numbers, so I brought back the silver pants. But then I removed the silver part of the double number outlines. There wouldn't be any white or teal pants. There's only one stripe on the pants to match the cuff stripes. I kept that stripe teal on all pants, as it's the main color.
  24. Don't forget..........Highland Heights, Kentucky! Though we pretty much claim to be in Cincinnati anyway, since we're just as close, if not closer, to the airport than the actual city.
  25. I present: the Buffalo Bills. The easy thing for me to do here is some minor adjustments to the current striping scheme, but I wanted to do something different. As a big fan of the Bills red helmets, I brought them back. The striping on the sleeves is meant to mimic the logo. I tried using this same stripe on the pants but it didn't work. The stripes on the pants/helmet take the striping widths of the narrower part of the sleeve stripe. Philadelphia will be up next. I tried something with them that I'm not sure works, but we'll see.
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