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  1. The Browns’ color rush is actually the same brown as their standard brown jersey, which is the same shade of brown as their previous uniforms, pre-2015. The orange was tweaked in 2015, the brown was not. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/12374006/cleveland-browns-tweak-helmet-color-unveil-new-dawg-pound-logo
  2. Facebook used to have a rule for brand pages that said no more than 20% of a cover photo could be text. It’ll never happen, but I wish the NBA would adopt a similar percentage rule for jersey ads. Theoretically, all jersey ads fit within the same 2x2 space. But there is a huge difference for how intrusive various teams’ patches are depending on the logo design. Compare Miami’s Ultimate Software and Cleveland’s Goodyear patches vs Indy’s Motorola and Boston’s GE, for example.
  3. I thought this passage from that article was interesting: Teams try to avoid wearing jerseys that are the same shade as huge portions of the court; players become harder to spot as they traverse the paint. (David Stern, the league's former commissioner, threw a fit when he flipped to a Rockets game in the mid-1990s and struggled to spot players wearing blue jerseys flitting through the blue portions of Houston's infamous floor from that regrettable design era.) Seems like this philosophy is mostly out the window with teams wearing color uniforms at home as often as their white uniforms now, no?
  4. I’m a little surprised the Cavs went with two “wave” motif jerseys that are a callback to their mid-90s uniforms this year. Not only is next year their 50th season, it’s also the 25th anniversary of their move back into downtown Cleveland when the then-Gund Arena opened. Next year will also mark the completion of the arena’s big renovation that is currently in progress. All of that would point to next year being a perfect time for a throwback to the 1994-95 jerseys and a City uniform that pays tribute to the team moving back from Richfield.
  5. Number font is staying the same, yes. That font that @msu shared looks a lot like what the Indians use on the signage around Progressive Field though. Kinda surprised it has never been used on the uniforms.
  6. That new navy jersey is a dud. The ultra-traditional wordmark doesn’t work with an alt, and why no trim? Big fan of the red jersey and new hat, though. Also not mentioned here, but confirmed elsewhere: The all red/navy C hat is done. Too bad. I thought that worked with the home white jersey.
  7. I’ve never understood the love for that ’70s C. It might not be as generic as the Block C, but that doesn’t also mean it’s actually any good.
  8. While the Indians are in the business of making tweaks to their uniforms, it would be nice for them to change the trim on their navy uniforms to either white or red. Gray isn’t a team color, and the navy alternate hasn’t been used for just road games in years. The gray trim looks really out of place at home.
  9. No white stripes is my preference, but either way, just pick one and be consistent.
  10. The Packers having a thin white stripe separating the green from the gold on their white jersey sleeves, but not on their white pants drives me nuts. Either option works, but pick one.
  11. So, the Packers can go with their Color Rush because it’s an all-white uniform, but this got me wondering: Are color vs color games on TNF no more this year now that teams have the option of wearing their Color Rush for any game?
  12. Can’t find images to corroborate it now, but when the Cavs had floor designs with both Quicken Loans Arena logos on near the hard camera, they had to switch it so that one was on the far side of the floor for national TV games. It was bizarre. Local TV games: | | Logo | Logo National TV games: Logo | | | Logo
  13. 100% agree. Thick one-color trim has become a staple of NBA uniform designs in recent years, and I don’t know why. It just looks so low-rent, like a bottom-tier replica. It’s not even a Nike thing, either. The Bucks, for example, went in that direction with their latest set, and that was when adidas was still making NBA uniforms.
  14. Really didn’t not need to see THAT. ?
  15. At least in the case of franchises with classic uniforms, it would be nice if Nike would use its modern fabrics in a way that doesn’t wreck timeless designs. For example, there’s no reason the trim on the back of the shoulders of the Celtics’ uniforms needs to be abruptly cut off other than for Nike to make its jersey cut more noticeable.
  16. Are those lane lines from pavement? So, is the implication here that everyone drives all over them every day?
  17. So, those Cavs shorts: Current logo, city tourism division script, 90s uniform design, 80s colors. A lot happening here...
  18. I just want to see a number font on the uniforms that fits with the rest of the Marlins’ aesthetic. What they’ve had since moving into their new stadium has just never looked right.
  19. Dumb question here, but please bear with me: How are you guys seeing these shooting shirts, accessories, etc on the LockerVision site? Everything I see on there that hasn’t been released yet is “coming soon.”
  20. So, between the Statement and City jerseys, they’re wearing purple at home more than gold. That’s bizarre.
  21. It’s weird to me that people on here regularly call for white strokes to be removed from uniforms (“It’s not needed anymore! We have HD TVs!”), and yet it’s the exact opposite for the Indians’ Block C hats.
  22. I know there was a report the Indians are working on a new secondary logo for 2020, but I’m curious to see what they do for 2019. Are they just taking Wahoo off the sleeves of the current uniforms and sticking with the two Block C hats, or are they rolling out anything new? Maybe a new Block C hat with a navy crown and a red brim?
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