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  1. I like the colors and the name, but given that logo, I think "Beasts" fit more
  2. I can't unsee the Shell logo in the new logo
  3. Now I want them to use this full time
  4. The pink feels forced on the home and away. You should keep it on the alt though
  5. I hope the Hawaiians and Wheels find a way to differentiate their looks more in the future. They look very similar right now except for one using brown and the other black. Yes, I know they did exist.
  6. If a giant swallow went after me with a bat, I'd run too, just saying.
  7. Off topic, but the sleeve and pant stripes are the only thing preventing me from making the Action on Madden
  8. This is nice. I like when teams use light colors other than white
  9. You know, I have no problem about you using the LA Action brand in multiple series, because it. Just. Fits.
  10. I'd want the Generals in army/olive green. It just fits.
  11. I want to see the one with the original design, along with a backstory that Jaguar the car company is actually backing it instead of trying to sue
  12. Better! For LA I don't have any names, but I think they should be the opposite of NY, meaning something light and bright. Probably involving light blue.
  13. Looks too bright to me, why not a darker/more gothic/night-y purple? Maybe also keep the striping consistent, you use different kinds on the helmet, sleeves and pants.
  14. I don't know of any pro league that does this aside from the J-League
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