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  1. How would it look in a shade closer to teal? I'm also thinking of flipping and rotating it to form a J but it probably won't look right.
  2. For the Stars, wonder how it would look if they wore yellow on the road (red pants to avoid mono yellow) For the Generals, they seem too plain, how about the five star symbol on the shoulders like you see on real army generals? And maybe more use of the gold (striping, trim, however you interpret it)
  3. Noice. Might wanna change the helmet and pants striping though, they form a Thai flag, and nothing against Thais but this is an American themed team
  4. All I say is if you're doing the Generals,I'm thinking olive green, and if you use the Sentinels, the Shane Falco colors are good (you don't have to copy them 100%). These are just suggestions of course.
  5. I don't want the numbers to go there. Why fix what wasn't broke. But say they've always been there, these are fine concepts.
  6. That's a YES from me, dawg. Even the unis look much meaner.
  7. For the Action I agree that the white helmet looks better but I think they'll eventually switch to purple when they modernize their unis in the "future". For the Maulers I feel the mauler guy needs to look meaner. (different eyes and head shape?) Also how would a black home uni with orange number and stripes look?
  8. Too bad Miller left. The blue version would be a good home jersey and the white would be the away
  9. You should go with purple/yellow/red/blue like your RHL version of the Action and change Oakland to something else
  10. I'm interested in seeing how you'll deal with the very colorful cars of Kyle Busch
  11. These look to me like old school soccer concepts (ya know, without the sponsors) Also you can desaturate the shorts (Ctrl+Shift+U in Photoshop, don't remember GIMP) so they won't show up blue
  12. I assume it represents their six SB wins
  13. With the Grunge focusing on black, I guess this one should focus on green.
  14. Or why not replace the dark teal with pink? Isn't that also one of Miku's colors?
  15. The best one yet. Love moving to just black and green. Only problem is the Moondogs identity also featuring a guitar in it.