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  1. Finally got around to reading that piece. A lot of their business model seems to be stiffing vendors and then arguing the vendors down to rock bottom prices. Where have I seen that play before?
  2. The Leafs need to do exactly one thing with their uniforms wear the correct socks.
  3. I don't remember this being a problem until the mid to late oughts when Nike outfitted teams in the tournament in those jerseys that were almost universally devoid of any extra flourishes or designs, but were supposed to be worn super tight to the body, but because it was 2007 the shorts were still enormous the size and font choice for the wordmarks of those uniforms at the time were irksome, almost like they were designed to be understated and dull and void of any characteristics that'd tie it in with the school.
  4. I think you can excuse the black gear because black is sort of the neutral color for hockey equipment. Skates are black, and pretty much everyone grows up wearing black pants in their learn-to-play classes, mite, squirts, etc. You play for a red jersey team? Black pants and helmets even if there's no black in your jersey. It's only once you get older and get on teams where the uniforms are a bit more expensive that maybe your team uses breezers that are a different color than black, usually color shells pulled over black pants. That's a lot to say that we're all kind of used to black gear being used with jerseys and socks that it doesn't match. Black, as a color of its own is more ignorable too. Blue pants, though, are a much different statement. You have to go out of your way to choose to wear blue pants. And that blue color sticks out a lot more than black. They're okay with the burgundy jerseys (though, they have problems of their own and I think they should wear burgundy helmets instead of blue), but with the white jerseys they are really out of place. One quick change that would tie things together better would be incorporate the other colors into the pants so they feel more cohesive. A gray-burgundy-gray pants stripe down the side would do the trick. If they want to get fancy, maybe a mountain shape at the bottom of the shorts like the 90's Utah Jazz?
  5. Calling the blue pants Jorts is very funny and I will borrow that moving forward.
  6. 99% chance he cheated last year. 1% chance he naturally developed spin at a higher rate than is LIKELY physically possible without enhancements. He got all the money in the world from the Dodgers so good for him, I guess. If he doesn't care that he cheated after talking trash about every other pitcher that cheated then whatever. Bauer can get lost forever. Probably my least favorite Cincinnati Red I've ever watched and I will not miss the feeling of turning a game on, seeing he's the starter, and going "ugh I gotta watch this ahole". It's not even his politics or that he's harassed people on twitter or any of his other behavior, which is all pretty awful, I just find him completely exhausting and I'm glad he's not on my team anymore. It sucks our first Cy Young (that's right, he's the first Cy Young winner in the history of the Cincinnati Reds, if you can believe it.) is such a :censored:.
  7. I've made it personal policy to not engage with obvious trolls. Have a nice life.
  8. FC Cincinnati is the Bizzaro Reds/Bengals. They spend money on facilities and now players and they go out of their way to listen to fans. They're clearly trying to make a splash with the new stadium set to open this year. Hopefully we can actually visit at some point this summer.
  9. My hot take is the Chiefs should've been penalized on those calls. And that's coming from someone who leans heavily into the idea that the league has preferred teams year-to-year and changes how they call things if certain teams find themselves in a large deficit. The Chiefs didn't have an offensive line and they didn't play well enough to overcome it. Like the punt that the long-haired dude shanked or the multiple drops by the receivers. That's the explanation. It's not a conspiracy. Brady is indisputably the best QB ever and that was locked with that Falcons comeback. That he's gone to 3 more Super Bowls since then and won one with the dang ass Tampa Bay Buccaneers is enough for me. This is like if Joe Montana had won with the Chiefs in 93/94 and he was 37/38 at the time and felt ancient. Brady is six years older and actually won it all. It's undeniable at this point and arguing otherwise is silly. Anybody trying to say anything else is being a sour grapes poopy pants.
  10. I always say 2011 is the NFL season that didn't happen. The only things I remember are Rookie Andy Dalton taking a very forgettable Bengals team to the playoffs and losing to someone named TJ Yates who played for some team called the Texans, and that the Super Bowl was a rematch nobody asked for between a humdrum Giants team and the Patriots who were in the middle of their streak of winning in the most boring fashion possible. The only thing I remember from that game was the Giants running back trying to stop himself from scoring and then falling ass first into the endzone.
  11. I wish they would've just played it by the book rather than the "I'm sorry about the wait here's a gift card for your next meal" response because now it opens up for everything the next time. Next time it'll be the Penguins on the bad end and I can't prove this, but I know if this had happened to the Penguins they would've taken the goal off the board. It's like when the Penguins scored a goal in the playoffs while Zach Werenski laid on the ice and bled a lake out of his eyeball and then throughout the rest of that playoffs any time a player went down the refs imediately blew the whistle. The Blue Jackets have this history of being on the bad end of the example scenario used to correct errors or loopholes in officiating judgements.
  12. Weird because they beat Brady both times, but I think they're the 2007 Giants or the 2011 Giants. Defense first, rock solid defensive lines, and offenses that didn't beat themselves and occasionally pop a big play, but there wasn't much advance warning that they'd be tough to beat in the playoffs, especially in 2007. Both those Giants teams made me believe it's not as hard to win a Super Bowl as it seems, which is how I feel after watching the Bucs. Also the 07 Giants lost to their 'unbeatable' Super Bowl opponent earlier in the season and took some lessons from that, which is similar to what happened with the Chiefs and Buccaneers.
  13. I don't think people are really making a big enough deal out of a sports league just making up a rule in the middle of a game. Imagine the NFL acknowledging in-game that a miscommunication led to the misjudgment of a review so they keep the touchdown, but give the team on the bad end a touchback at the 50 instead of the 25 to start the second half. That's what this was. Would never happen!
  14. And I'd like to be done with the John Tortorella Experience please
  15. https://theathletic.com/2374438/2021/02/08/miscommunication-explained-how-chaos-led-to-botched-call-against-blue-jackets/ The Blue Jackets found a way to be on the victim's side of some OITGDNHL nonsense again. This team is the Detroit Lions of hockey, I swear. Here's the series of events: - The Hurricanes score a goal with a 1:15 left in the second period to take a 4-3 lead. - Turns out Vincent Trochek is severely offsides. So offsides this is specifically the reason they gave coaches the ability to challenge offsides with video replay. - To everyone's astonishment the goal stands. Torts looks confused because he saw the same replay we all saw. - Blue Jackets lose the challenge so they go on the penalty kill and the rest of us go on thinking the NHL botched the call in the same way they always botch calls despite replay. The second period ends with the Hurricanes up 4-3 and 40 something seconds left on their power play. - We come back for the third and find out they botched the call in a new, grander way than we realized. - Jackets are told there was a miscommunication on the challenge, that the goal shouldn't have stood, but it can't be removed at that point (WHY THE NOT?), but to make it up to them they will end the Hurricanes powerplay and they'll start the third period five on five. LOL Remarkable. - Max Domi ties the game 4-4 early in the third (PUCK DON'T LIE) but then Carolina scores twice more on some flukey horses*** (PUCK DOES LIE), Laine gets them to within one with about 40 seconds left, Jackets lose 6-5. So what in the name of Colin Campbell happened? Here's what happened: An off-ice video coordinator in training, who isn't supposed to talk during reviews, whose job is to simply make sure the on-ice officials can talk to the warroom, looks at one angle of the replay and says "he's onside that's a good goal". Officials only see that angle because Toronto hadn't shown the other angle yet, mistake the video coordinator for someone in the Toronto war room telling them it's a good goal, take off their headsets, and go to make the call at center ice. Meanwhile the actual warroom guys and Colin Campbell are panicyelling at the off-ice official in the ice level box to get the on-ice officials' attention to make the correct call, but he doesn't hear them screaming at him because he's wiping down the headset with sanitizer due to Covid safety protocols! Why do the on-ice officials and the off-ice officials use the same headset? You tell me. INCREDIBLE. It's honestly….f****** hilarious. And classic OITGDNHL that when presented with a situation with multiple solutions, choose the worst possible route. By my count there's 3 things they could've done - Option 1: you waive off the goal like you would've if the review had gone as it was supposed to, you reset the clock to when Trochek was offside like you would've if the review had gone as it was supposed to, and you replay the last minute whatever of the second period as if the Hurricanes ill-gotten powerplay had never happened. Then you stop the clock at the end of the second period and then play the last 20 minutes of the third period. It's messier, but it's the correct thing to do. Option 2: You tell the Blue Jackets "sorry we blew it, but we have to proceed as the rules are written." It's unfair to the Blue Jackets, but at least it doesn't break any precedents or set any new dumb precedents. Option 3 you leave the goal on the board because "can't break precedent", but then you also make up some bullcrap up in the middle of a game and end a team's powerplay because "whoops sorry" thereby breaking precedent anyway. Option 1 would've been annoying for the Hurricanes and their fans, but the guy was offsides and would've been ruled correctly had a bunch of silliness not happened so what can they really say? Option 2 would've sucked for the Blue Jackets, but at least there's the rationale that they're sticking to the book. Option 3 offends everyone so they went with option 3.
  16. People have Super Bowl halftime show amnesia. Every year we go through the annual excoriation of the halftime show holding it to a crazy standard, as if it was ever that amazing, forgetting that it's pretty much always just slightly better than something you'd see during the American Music Awards. These are the same people who go nuts whenever it in snows in March despite it snowing in March every year I have been alive. Prince's performance in 2007 was the best ever, if we're arguing.
  17. I'm sure you're familiar with what happened with Eugene Robinson and the Broncos the year before too. I wonder if he ever lays in bed at night and thinks "ELWAY".
  18. Stanley Wilson likely cost the Bengals Super Bowl XXIII. They had a meeting the night before the game, Wilson said he had to go get his playbook, when he didn't immediately come back the running backs coach went to look for him and found him face deep in a Tony Montana* style mountain of cocaine. They had to suspend him and the offense, which relied heavily on play action fakes and no-huddles meaning they needed 3 backs to run it properly, didn't have a key contributor. *the game was in Miami, after all.
  19. The Flyers should've been forced to wear these jerseys with cooperalls.
  20. The real crime of our awful Reverse Retro jerseys is that they were too chicken to put Stinger on the shoulders or the pants. Also, it deprived us of a true throwback uniform for our 20th anniversary. Instead we got some weird Capitals cosplay. I'm a little bitter about that. The green made what is an otherwise stale and overused color scheme throughout sports more interesting and set them apart from the other navy blue and red teams in sports. My favorite part was they made sure to work the green onto the gloves of every player. I love the C flag logo they've been using for nearly 18 years now and I've come around on the cannon alternates, but I do have a soft spot for those original uniforms.
  21. Similarly, the Blue Jackets used this logo more than their CJB ribbon logo in marketing around town leading up to the 2000 season. I had a light blue practice jersey with that logo that I wore to school one day and got bullied for it. I was kind of surprised when they finally unveiled the uniforms and this logo was not the main crest. Fun fact: The other finalist for the team name was the Columbus Justice because the arena was built on the site of the state penitentiary. Thankfully we went with the other option because Justice would've been worse than Wild.
  22. I never liked Minnesota Northern Lights. It's a mouthful and doesn't have good abbreviation options, which is important when your name is long. It's kind of the problem with Blue Jackets. We get to call our team the Jackets, they would've been like "let's go Lights!". Who wants to be a light? Do you want your team to be light? Is that better than Wild? I think it's a lateral move. I've grown to appreciate "Wild". It's not so bad if it's thought of as the wilderness. The first time I'd ever heard the name I was 10 or 11 and I was in a hockey equipment store and I saw the name on a hat with this logo I thought first that was their primary logo and I thought they meant wild as in crazy as in Wild and Crazy Kids. I laughed out loud and showed it to my dad because I thought it was stupid and our team's name was a lot better. Interpreting it that way makes one think they might as well have named the team the Minnesota Xtreem or Minnesota Mania or Minnesota Madness. Then I saw the primary logo, got what they were going for, and fell in love with that. It's been 20 years, the primary logo is one of my ten favorite logos in sports, the color scheme is theirs alone. I like the identity on the whole, name included. Never been that in love with the North Stars name or brand and they can keep the fauxbacks if they'd like as an alternate, but I'd hate to see the red and dark green go away so they can pretend full-time that they're still the North Stars.
  23. I'd laugh if Houston fans had to reckon with another D. Carr as Texans quarterback.
  24. I've watched probably 90% of all the games the Columbus Blue Jackets have ever played so this feels like I'm watching a different team. The colors are all there, our old logo is there, our players are all out there wearing them, but it's all in a different order and it feels like I've stumbled into some weird alternate dimension where I'm a Washington Capitals fan. As a fan, I'm not a fan. They look like the inverse of these late 80's Team USA uniforms. and the team is playing like doodoo so maybe don't wear them ever again?
  25. Ty Cobb was just an example for the argument that "Player A was a Bad Person and He Got In So Why Not Schilling?". I'm not editorializing on the goodness of Ty Cobb, only saying that our standards can and should improve over time.
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